Abigail May


Born with a hockey stick in one hand and a manure fork in the other, I am surely the all grit, New England breed. Having spent my entire life on a farm in rural Maine I have learned much about the lifestyle and how it has changed significantly over the years. Also working as the full-time business manager of a dog and cat grooming and feed supply shop, as well as a non-profit animal shelter, it is needless to say that I find a certain satisfaction in working with animals. Although my interests cannot easily be reduced to a short list, I am particularly fond of trail riding and working cattle with the horses, boxing, camping, hiking, and getting a little dirt on my hands. Engaged to a soldier of the United States army, my fiancĂ© and I enjoy spending our down time with our lazy bulldog; otherwise referred to as our son.

As far back in my life as I can recall I have had a special interest in writing and literature. Despite the constant demands of life and career I still try to find time to contribute blog posts, small articles, or short stories where I can.