What I Love.. Lil Wayne, Steelers, Adam Sandler, Ghost Hunters, Yellow, Dogs, English, Bread, Taking Pictures, Writing, Singing, Making people laugh, The Rain, Apple Juice, PetSmart, The Movies, Starbucks, Walks, Slip on Shoes, Gum, Reading, Drawing, Listening, The Beach, Chocolate, Petfinder, and Hubpages. Random or what? (:

Im easy to get along with. Im myself, and I love it. I mostly write about relationships, dogs or animals, and the paranormal. I have many different interests, but I also have alot of things I hate. I am a wacky person and love being unpredictable.

My writing has gotten farther then I would ever dream. I actually am writing a book at the moment, and I have had serveral poems and stories in the newspaper. I hope to have more chances in writing.

I love my family, which is a sister, a mother and two male dogs. My grandma is very important to me.

I am a young psychic, so check out some of my paranormal hubs, they are very informative. I have high hopes for myself, and hope to reach them. Yes, I am determined and strong headed, if you call that cocky then so be it!

The most important things to me is not the green in my pocket, or even the roof above my head, or the food in my hand. What matters most to me is my baby, Gunner (the German Shep in the picture) then Yager (the black one in the picture) and I have My grandma, sister and mother as my family. I also have an extending family, Mary, Jerry, Crystal, Johnny, Heather, and Dalton, Plus Tim and Sandy Falls, along with Kristen and Timmy.  Who all I love very much

Then I have those who have passed who I miss greatly, one being my great grandma, Granny. Then my dogs, Nitro and Jozey who is alwasy missed and loved.

My life is dedicated to helping animals, I love that too. I always will help animals, and wish the best for everyone out there. Maybe take a look at my Hub Why to pick a shelter dog.

Check out my hubs, I try to put a new one out every two weeks, but I do fall behind sometimes. Hope you enjoy what I have, and again thanks for reading!