I havent been writing lately, I must admit. I get done work kind of late and by the time I am settled in I am simply tired and blank! Not to mention the distraction provided by the Marvel alliance game on facebook, which has drawn much mindless button mashing. Currently I'm contemplating an epilogue and prologue for a book already written. its at 85,ooo words or so and just short of where it needs to be. Kind of strange writing the prologue after the book is written and i am torn on how to go about it. Not a writing block, mind you, but an impasse of sorts. Soon, though, after I watch the Hobbit on DVD, I will be feeling extra creative and I think I will get back to doing what I love. See ya soon, my friends, my foes, my associates and confidants, we shall soon break word again.


I Published my re-edited first novel, The Slayarians - Book One; Beyond the Memory of Man, on BOOKRIX and anyone can download it for free or just read it on the site if you like. It was my first venture into writing and I wanted to take the usual suspects of fantasy and do something surprising with them. I also wanted to give my own imaginative take on the question; If there was ever true magic on Earth where did it go? I answer that question by explaining what happens to all things fey, magic or supernatural during the ancient pre history of our world. Its a trilogy so I will be releasing all three periodically as I edit them. Here are the links if you want to check them out. Writing is why I am here after all, folks. 

Make a funny comment on any one of my hubs and recieve one of my infamous Non-prizes! Your heart will leap with joy as you recieve absolutely nothing in return for your awesome wit! This is in honor of the no-prize that Stan Lee used to give out to his readers when they would point out a continuity error in his comics. Enjoy! Or should I say, "Excelsior!"

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Hollie Thomas is Our First Non-Prize Winner! Nice!