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Im a twenty five year old, having studied Film, Literature and Drama in DBS, I am intent on continuing on my studies in these area's and expandig my knowledge of each, outside of college. One of my favourite things in my Degree was essay writing and analysing, on numerus subjects, it didnt matter which, or whether I liked the concept (postmodernism-ugh), I always enjoyed researching and writing the essays.

So on that note,a lot of my hubs will be a mix of academic, reviews of films and/or books, hopfully a lot of books.

I have also recently become a fan of anime, so will hopefully get to do some hubs on my favourite shows, reviews and whatnot. Along with these I do tend to follow current events and if they spark a note with me I do write about them....

And finally there's Cocoa, my little bunny who's already inspired so many of my hubs.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them