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I've decided to create these pages as a way for Cat Lovers all around the world to get the information they need about their cats and to get the products that best suit their cat's needs. Here I have created, hopefully, the most cat oriented place to come and learn about your cat. I have two cats of my own and I wanted to make all of the information I have experienced, from experts, vets, websites, and cat owners, and compile it in one place as this is not something I have found online. I could have used this information during my search for relationship building and product finding for my cat.

 We want our relationship with our cats to be the best we can and I only wanted to use the best products that would compliment this. I now have this accomplished and thought it would be nice if this information and experience could be shared. It was then that Best Cat Tree became something I decided I could put some time into and share this information with all, so you wouldn't have to go through the time and frustration I've experienced. I hope this helps and most of all I hope you have a lot of fun on your journey through your cat building relationship. Everything here is, for the most part, products I have used and information that I have learned and tested to be sure it truly works. I try my best to say things that I do and not to do things as I say, so yes I have tested most of what is listed on these pages in my own home. I hope this compilation helps and have a great time.

 As a side note I also wanted to mention that I have started creating some different types of pages other than cat product related hubs. I wanted to give you the experiences I have had and learned from to help you with your time as a cat owner. I know how difficult it was to find information in my first year or so of owning a cat so, I thought I would share it here. I will be creating different pages related to cats to explain how different methods worked for me and improve our time with our cats. These methods also helped our cats by increasing their comfortability and giving them the chance to grow and understand that our home is their home. If you have any additional information that you'd like to share please feel free to do so. I am no expert on cats and I only look to share what I know and what makes my cats happy every day. Although I must say that some of the information you will find here has been given to me through a compilation of people including experts and top veterinarians. So even though I myself am not an expert on cats, some of this information has been provided by people who are. I also like to make use of long time cat owners because sometimes experience with cats in the home is the best. I've done these things and they work and felt it would be great to share it all with the world and have it located in one place. I hope most of all that you get what I have gotten out of this and that is a great, happy, and successful relationship with our cats.