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I am dedicated to providing information required for the novice aquarist to become successful in this fascinating hobby.

Keep tropical fish alive and thriving in your first aquarium through the critical first six week and beyond. Visit my website devoted to the needs of the novice aquarist: ( Detailed information specifically tailored for the novice aquarist - and the ability to ask your own specific questions as well.  The site has lots of inforamtion for aquarists of all levels.

If you want to see tropical fish on action, be sure to take a look at my video website specifically devoted to tropical fish

I have added some of my content and categorized a lot of the various videos scattered all over the place on aquarium keeping and tropical fish in general.

If you want to meet and interact with others who are interested in all aspects of tropical fish keeping, join the growing social website devoted to tropical fish, .You can get help from other members in a variety of popular forum topics. Don't be shy, contribute your questions and expertise with others interested in keeping your own underwater world