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Donna Sundblad

I'm a baby boomer who lives an active lifestyle and likes to think for herself. I believe life to be a lifelong growing experience and think it important to learn from history and to take the time to research the truth rather than be spoon-fed what others want me to think. Current topics of interest include wedding traditions and their origins, learning Spanish, and writing fantasy.

I was fortunate enough to know my great-grandparents while growing up and as an adult, had a close relationship with my grandparents as well as with my parents. Today, I'm the grandma and cherish close relationships with my children and grandchildren.


I have worked in corporate America, been a small business owner, enjoyed a career in Real Estate, and worked as writer/editor and ghostwriter until I retired in 2019 to focus on my own books.

My novel, The Inheritance, is currently available at Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble. Written within the allegorical tradition of classics like Pilgrim's Progress, The Inheritance offers a literal but symbolic story for today's fantasy enthusiasts. This cleverly devised tale doesn't tell you what to think, but stimulates thought as to why you believe what you believe in your own quest for the Eternal City. The Inheritance is an ideal discussion starter for youth groups, homeschoolers, families who enjoy meaningful discussions as well as discussions with my online friends, or can just be read for fun.

For years I've helped people organize the use of their time to help them get things done. This included everything from saving money at the grocery store to keeping the house clean. I brought this organizational approach to writers when I founded a goal-oriented group that I still facilitate today through Writer's Village University.

I've been a speaker at spiritual retreats for women as well as writing seminars. Other publications include inspirational non-fiction in collections such as Life Savors, Living the Serenity Prayer, and Cup of Comfort Devotionals for Mothers and Daughters.


I love nature and being outdoors. This includes gardening, hiking and wildlife as well as the animals that make their home with me. I also enjoy reading and writing fiction.

Life is also a culinary journey as I strive to find the path that is healthy and tastes good. Of course, I enjoy reading and writing and the creative process. My next fantasy novel, Dragonborn, is due to be published by Each Voice Publishing out of Atlanta later this year. I hope you enjoy my articles.


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