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Eileen Hughes

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We have enjoyed many trips in Australia and have gone right around three times and looking forward to many more trips. If you can veture out on some of the back roads to see more exciting places. Australia may look small on the world map, but there are thousands of miles between towns especially in the North.

If you get the chance, before you are tooooo old, then go and see this beautiful country. Its white beaches in the west, the crocodiles(yuk) up north. The beautiful Murray river in South Australia.  And sunny Qld, And the busy cities of sydney and Melbourne if that is more to your liking.

Myself we missed all the cities and took a long look at the rest of the beautiful country.

I live in Western Australia and love to write on any subject at all no matter what it is, Short Stories, Poems, novel (2) not published and some 16 page booklets on various topics, birds, dogs, earning money, etc. After all variety is the spice of life...  or so they say!!!

The picture is of my wonderful Dog Titan, taken a few years ago

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