Eric Dockett

I'm a writer doing my best to string together groups of words that make sense. I cover topics that are interesting to me and might be to you too. This includes:

Football: Proud citizen of Steeler Nation since the days of Terry Bradshaw and Mean Joe Greene. In my articles, I share my memories, thoughts, and opinions on Steelers' history, present, and future. I also write about football in general.

Fishkeeping: I have decades of experience with freshwater aquariums. I try to pass on what I know and serve as an advocate for responsible fish keeping. Please remember my advice is limited to my personal experience and knowledge. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to do the necessary research and make the best choices for the fish under your care.

Birding and Nature: I'll admit it; I'm a bird geek. I'm fascinated by their behaviors and love the color they add to the world around us. Birds are often the subject of my photography as well. I consider myself a student of nature and enjoy learning new things.

Other interests include art and photography, sports and fitness, history, science, the paranormal, and life in general. Here on HubPages, I try to share what I know.