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Hi all,

My real name is Erinn and I've recently finished school (for the time being) with a somewhat useless degree in Communication Arts. Like most fresh graduates, I am not really diving into the career scene because of thelagging job market. I can, however, safely say that if you need someone who knows about fresh water aquarium fish, I'm your "expert." I am also a ratophile and dog lover, who has worked in a petshop for six years, a dog kennel for three years, a horse barn for a year, and who has volunteered at the zoo and local shelters. I've also volunteered for several rescues and fostered dogs, cats and pocket pets.

After spending some time in Korea, I am happy to say I've survived the kimchi and am enjoying the experience. And I have more respect for my teachers!

I spend my freetime (and spare cash) working on my freshwater aquariums. I also enjoy writing fanfiction, drawing, making crafts, and watching Japanese animation. Oh, and I enjoy reading. You know the person reading the erectile disfunction pamphlet in the doctor's office? That's me.

Yup, that's me in a nutshell.