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It's been months since I've been on, but I'm back. I've taken a huge break, and a couple writing classes along the way. I have some new goals for the future:

1) Be more gramatically correct, and make more sense. Read over my writing and edit.

2) Readily accept constructive critisism.

3) Post good-quality hubs more often, and do lots of research.

4) Get involved in the community.

I hope my new hubs meet these standards! Anyways, you probably want to know more about me. I love animals, i have 4 birds, 3 fish tanks, and a dog. Oh, and the newest addition: an appaloosa! I love horseback riding. I ride for pleasure and I am in a drill team.

Other than that, I love science. I love our earth, and strive to know things about it. I like phenomena, geology, and cool places. I love to travel when I get the opportunity.

I've lived in many places in my life, but I'm currently in Colorado- and I love it!

Well, I hope you enjoy my newest hubs!!