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Frida Nyberg

My goal in life is to have a private facility for education about animals, domestic and exotic, as well as about wild animals out in the world.

It's only a projects in its infancy yet, and so far I call it a "sanctuary" with the motto/cornerstones "Conservation, Rescue, Education", but I'm not sure yet what the actual definition of it would be, as some folks are rather touchy about what kind of facility can be called a sanctuary.

Anyhow, it would be a place that...
* Rescues animals (of certain species, mainly focusing on parrots/birds)
* Keeps a few animals of other species, that have been bought
* Possibly breeds some animals, but no animal that has been rescued, no species that has been rescued, and not for commercial gain
* All these animals are used in educational projects
* Public access for part of the year, but no visitors let unescorted around the grounds (so it can definitely not be considered a zoo)
* The animals are not there for "display"
* Does not have any anti-agenda towards zoos or private ownership of any animal, when done responsibly

I don't know what such a place could be defined as, but that is my life goal, and I'm only 23 yet so I have some time to figure out how to get land and get started. I don't know the country yet (I've always wanted to move abroad, and in the EU we have quite wide freedom to do that), mostly due to legalities in exotic animals being difficult to figure out. But it will be in Europe.