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Connie Smith

Hi, my name is Connie Smith, aka Grandma Pearl. I have always been interested in the behavior of birds. When I was only 8 years old, I found the remnants of a beautiful blue egg. Asking my grandfather what bird had laid such a colorful egg, he began to tell me about robins.

My brothers and sister and I were very fortunate to have lived in a rural area filled with wildlife. In addition, our house was just up the road from my grandparents' home. The field to and from each property played host to many different kinds of insects, butterflies, bees and birds. You name it, we were able to observe it. We visited our grandparents often as the well-worn path through that field would testify.

My grandfather being a very knowledgeable nature-lover patiently imparted some of his vast wisdom to us. He taught us how to look at plants and bugs through a magnifying glass. Once we saw how intricate and beautiful regular old weeds and insects could be, we were hooked! It was then a natural transition to look at birds with a more discerning eye.

Watching and listening to the birds at my grandmother's feeder, I began to identify their songs and the different color variations between males and females. Grandma fed the birds all year long, so I was able to observe them during all kinds of weather and temperatures. It amazed me that they were so active even on the coldest winter days! (I know now it was a matter of survival.)

Making sure our backyard birds have nutritious food year round, good quality nest boxes and bird houses in which to shelter and raise their young, and a non-toxic environment in which to live is extremely important.

I take great pride in knowing I can make a difference in the survival of our feathered friends. Helping others to understand the benefits and enjoyment of nurturing our backyard birds through my articles extends my grandparents' legacy to me. I'm sure they would be very pleased to see how far their caring kindness has reached!


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