Krista 07

Hello There !!!   Well let's see where should I start.       I'm very athletic from what everyone else has told me. I'm a Scottish pro boxer. Some of you who are interested in womens' boxing might of seen me fight. But I won't tell you my nickname.  (I fight under that.) I just had a bout in Vegas and won on a knock out in the 5th round. Surfing is one of my interests to.  I was born in Europe and now have property in Florida. I'm very warm hearted to all. I have some exotic pets.  And when I say exotic I mean exotic. ( 4 anteaters, 1 wombat, 1 tapir.) And expecting a sloth in 1 week. I also have a craving for bulldogs. (1 french bulldog, 2 american.) Just another animal lover. I have tons of birds. ( 7 parrots, 5 doves, have 2 cockatiels, 6 parakeets and finally a whole coop of pigeons.) Oh, and I almost forgot  I have 2 hamsters and 2 cats, ragdolls.(Anne, and Alley, thats Anne my picture icon.). It's fun yet tiring at the same time, taking care of all these pets. Gosh, when I typed this I realized how crazy I really am. Well time to wrap it up. Hope I hear from you all. Hope you  enjoy my hubs. Oh, and 1 more thing please leave a comment or a thumbs up. Thanks for taking the time to read this. TaTa for now!