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I am a fun loving womyn In my 40's.

I love animals, creating cake toppers, and learning something every day.

I believe almost everyone we meet has something to teach us and can learn something from us. All any of us has to do is take the time to listen to what others have to say.

Most of my friends say that I am eccentric ... I guess that is a nice way to say that I am slightly crazy lol.

I enjoy sharing things I have learnt and things that tweek my interest. For this reason some of my hubs may not be to everyones liking.

My favourite saying follows.

"Ride upon the backs of Dragons - Face your fears and do it anyways"

 In history Dragons were denoted as the sign for facing your fears. I must admitt to having a cute baby dragon tatto - she is setting her own tail on fire. I got it because it often feels like when you face your fears you get burnt. I wear my burn marks with pride and hope to always be willing to get more of them. 

I do go look at the hubs of everyone who follows me. In saying that I only follow people who have written hubs that interests me.

If I comment on one of your hubs then I have voted and chosen what else I found it (interesting funny etc.)