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Marilyn Alexander

"Two Old Boomers Riding a Beemer through the Baja" - Currently, Marilyn is writing about her travels through the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. She is focusing on her favourite beaches! Balandra in La Paz, Chileno beaches #3 and #5 between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. She can be reached at

Maralexa on HubPages Marilyn's articles range from caring for seniors to caring for endangered animals, from philosophy to romance and 'twilight zone' stories. She writes articles for mobility product providers in the medical and not-for-profit sectors, and contributes articles to newsletters for seniors.

I Love Writing! This is new for me. I'm told I have potential. No one is saying I'm great, or even good. But what they are saying is so motivating. If you read my short stories and wish to critque my efforts, please feel free to do so. I would appreciate it greatly.

Crossing the Threshold is my favourite so far.

As just plain Marilyn, I am an ardent chocolate lover, a lover of kittens, cats, puppies and dogs, synthetic ivory, and cloisonné, Chinese brush paintings and silk paintings.

Writing, boating, gardening and Chinese brush painting are favorite pastimes.

The Art of Chinese Brush Painting - Expressing the Chi

My love for kittens & cats, puppies & dogs is only exceeded by the joy they bring to my life. >^..^<

Goodbye Charlie, You Will Always Be My First Puppy Love

A Furry Little Star is Born

The Renaissance Cat

Blood Brothers - Friends for Life

Giving Up My Beautiful Cat - The Hardest Thing I Have Ever Done

I also have a tremendous love for endangered animals and have an urgent need in helping to protect them and other animals that need attention.

Save That Tiger

African Elephant Ivory or Synthetic Ivory - How to Save These Intelligent Animals

Baby Seal Clubbing: One Canadian Outraged, Angry, Saddened and Ashamed

I absolutely love life and am enjoying getting older! I volunteer at a senior's residential apartment complex and love working with the elder elderly -- they are fascinating.

How to Get Up from a Fall the Correct Way

Guide to Removing Dangerous Fall Risks in Your Favorite Senior's Home

Fear of Falling - a Senior's Worst Nightmare

I Do Not Feel Old

My imagination sometimes runs wild and I stray into the 'twilight' zone of writing about aliens who give up an essential of life to help an 856 year old laborer help them.

This is one of my favourite hubs. I wish more people would read it - but I don't know how to make it more attractive to potential viewers.

853 Years in the Twilight Zone - Walls of Hope

My background is in international business development and international real estate franchising. I have earned an MBA, a diploma in Urban Land Economics and Certification as an Advisor to Seniors. Real estate credentials have included: F.R.I., C.M.R., R.R.A, R.I.(BC).

Wishing you great success and abundant blessings.
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