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Maria Cecilia

Friends call me Maricel and very much identified with a Philippine Local Dog, that I call Mario Peso. combining my three major passions in life (Dogs, Writing and Photography) provided me so much Joy and I thank God for that. I look at love in a very profound manner, and I always listen to my heart... I maybe not so practical in some aspects but I guess it helps me to keep me going.. I got fascinated by the Korean Drama Queen Seon Dok and I found it very interesting to use some of her ways in my everyday life (not easy hahaha), but if I were her, I will not let go of Yushin Rang, Anyway I do believe in doing what you like to enjoy life but just make sure you don't offend your fellowmen while doing it.

Half of year 2016 I made a life changing decision, by retiring early from Government Service and presently working at a private company that has International branches, providing me a good working conditon, that inspires me to go back to writing.

2008 when I submitted my first article to Animal Scene Magazine and my first published story was "My dog has perineal hernia", which was immediately followed by another article discussing the development of my dog's condition. My last article and my 35th was published on April of 2013. Animal Scene Magazine is released monthly and published by The Manila Bulletin", one of the leading newspaper industry here in the Philippines.

I obviously love Animals, specially dogs, I am very proud of my dogs Mario Peso (he died June 2016), Pissie Marie and the naughty MAC, that I want you also to meet them in some or my future hubs.

I consider myself an accidental korean drama enthusiast and I love movies and drama made by Ha Jiwon... I like her acting styles that she inspires me to write about her and her drama.

I love my family and I thank God for them. I grew up in a very loving and peaceful environment that I will not hesitate to turn my back on people and things that will take the peace and harmony away from my life.

I love writing and I admire down to earth and sincere writers.

Writing for hubpages challenges my writing flexibilities and I am enjoying writing here a lot, I can say that my $ earning both from google adsense (not so much yet LOL but I really appreciate it)and hubpages is just additional blessing, because doing your hobby is already a pleasure, to earn from it unconsciously is truly a bliss.

If you still have time, I have a blog that somehow expresses the human me,

If you think you are like one of us who have this "writing itch" don't think twice and join hubpages.