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Dawn Ross

My name is Dawn Ross and I love animals, specifically mammals, and even more specifically... dogs.

My love for animals started when I was young. My mom rescued animals, mostly dogs and cats, so we always had a number of pets. Naturally, one of my first jobs was at an animal shelter. I have also worked at a boarding kennel, volunteered for a wildlife rescue organization, and volunteered for dog rescue organizations and animal shelters. Today, I work part time as a certified dog trainer.

I also love to draw animals. My art website is called When I started this website, I also started More recently, I have created a new website called My blogs are and

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Enough about me... What about Sephi & Maya? I have had both since they were pups. I got Sephi in 2001 and Maya in 2007. Sephi is short for Persephone and she is the black Chow, Shepherd, Lab, Border Collie mix. Maya is the yellow Labrador Retriever. Both are great dogs and I love them dearly.

*Sephi passed away at the beginning of November, 2011. She will be greatly missed. I got a new dog in January 2012. I heard about a Border Collie/Aussie mix that had been living at Pierson Park in KC, KS for at least three weeks. It took me three days, but on the third day someone helped me catch him. I brought him home and named him Pierson after the park. Pierson is a very sweet boy and is fitting in perfectly with our family.