Jan Kelly

Author, animal advocate, entrepreneur, and crime/mystery buff pretty much sums up who Jan Kelly is in a nutshell.

As a shelter volunteer and animal rescuer, Jan has had the opportunity to work closely with both cats and dogs. She quickly became a well-regarded source of insights and know-how on pet care & behavior nationwide and has used this experience and passion for animals, as well as her life-long love of writing, to share her knowledge through articles, books and posts.

Jan also has always been into mysteries and crime, as well as completely intrigued with the human mind, and when you add to that her love of reading, research and her passion for writing and entertaining others you can see how she has become the founder of a unique Crime Company called True Crime Fiction Inc. (truecrimefictioninc.com)

Here on HubPages she will share both her loves - animals AND mysteries (some of which will include animals) - and invites you all along for the ride. Whether you seek education or entertainment you are sure to find it here. Come back often and check out her new articles.