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JanMarie Kelly

Author, animal advocate, entrepreneur, and growth specialist pretty much sums up who JanMarie Kelly is in a nutshell.

As a shelter volunteer and animal rescuer, JanMarie has had the opportunity to work closely with both cats and dogs. She quickly became a well-regarded source of insights and know-how on pet care & behavior nationwide and has used this experience and passion for animals, as well as her life-long love of writing, to share her knowledge through articles, books and posts.

Along with her passion for animals JanMarie is passionate about growth both personal and professional and believes that you should create your own path in life and enjoy your journey by continuing to learn, grow & seek out the good.

She has had a strong interest in personal/professional development and growth her entire adult life and is now starting to create content in this area to add her own perspective on such topics as life lessons, productivity, entrepreneurship, life planning, self-improvement, motivation, stress management and more - so stay tuned for articles on these topics.