Well, where do I begin... I am the Mother of two fabulous Kids and two adorable Scottish Terriers, who make me smile daily.  I love self expression and write about a variety of topics.  I started this journey with Squidoo and have been writing in my spare time for three years.  I look forward to my new Hub Pages family where I can continue to learn and grow.

I own a few restaurants with my Partner/Husband, which keeps me very busy.  So food is a pretty big deal in our family.  Oh, Did I mention, he is a Chef.  Lucky me!

I am a aspiring Metalsmith and I have a severe addiction to tools. Whether they are shiny and new or old and rusty, I do not discriminate.  My new found love is Soapmaking.  I can't stop making cold process soaps.  I have never been a Chemistry fan, but I do like to experiment and see what will happen, as I mix certain types of oils, herbs and butters together in an attempt to create that perfect bar of soap.  At least, I will have the cleanest and most moisturized family in town.