Cholee Clay

I am a stay at home mom who enjoys spending time with her children. I have 10 plus years of education in the childcare profession and I love to use what I've learned, in my own home. In my spare time I like to write about what I have learned in this profession in hopes that other families will find the information helpful. I still use many of the ideas and projects that I used in the classroom today.

I enjoy cooking and creating recipes for my family. I have many cookie recipes as these are my favorite to create. After the basic ingredients you can pretty much mix any flavor combination into a melt in your mouth sweet and delectable cookie. I enjoy using the slow cooker as well and you will find recipes abound throughout my articles.

I have a variety of interests and that is reflected in my work. I have articles dealing with criminal justice as I went to college for that many years ago. I also enjoy learning and writing about religion, animals, and family. I dabble in poetry as well, however that is mainly for my own benefit. Although, you can and will find some of my own works here as well.