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Sindee Palomino

I love what I do and fortunately, I can do what I love! 

I have a background in many things, but prominently, I have a love of learning.  I have always had a love of animals. At present I own a small farm with goats, some chickens, a horse, rabbits, and dogs.  As far as animals go, I have managed a horse facility with well over a hundred head, I am a Certified Gold Professional groomer and Cert. C.A.H. who owned businesses in grooming, both a stationary shop and a mobile grooming service.

I have also worked as a Safety Director; a job I thoroughly enjoyed, as well as serving jobs and other jobs in between.  I always tried to teach my children that any honest job is worthwhile and worth doing your best at.  

Most important are my relationships, with my God, my family and others.

I hope that you find something beneficial to you in my writings.  I plan to do many, on many subjects.  Please, ENJOY!