Tim Nichol

Hi everyone;

The word timorous generally implies someone who is shy, timid or fearful. I’m not particularly so, I just chose the name timorous as an extention of my real name, Tim. In spite of being less prolific and a somewhat slower writer than most of my fellow ‘hubbers’..during my 8 years here at Hubpages, I’ve made up for it, with some carefully considered thoughts. I’m always trying to get the message across as clearly as possible, and in a casual, conversational style, which I’m sure you’ll enjoy, once you dig into my wide ranging hub articles and interests.

As you’ll soon discover, I really enjoy taking pictures..particularly closeups of the natural world. It doesn’t stop there though…you’ll find many other interests such as technology, as well as some amusing, oddball stuff, and occasionally some more serious stuff..like what makes people think and behave the way they do. Go ahead..dig in, read on, and feel free to comment. I’m curious to know what you’re thinking. Be sure to come back again soon…