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Amar Salvi

I am an HR Professional, specializing in Talent Acquisition, an Interviewing Skills Trainer, Life Coach,& a Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor in Mind Mapping.

My 27 years of work experience so far has taken me through various turning points, from starting off in space selling to executive search, volume hiring & managing human resources across tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 locations in India and Philippines. Along this journey, I have been an entrepreneur twice and I cherish the experiences I have had so far from straddling both worlds – the corporate and the entrepreneurial.

I am a passionate aquarium enthusiast, going from a hobbyist to an entrepreneur, starting off my hobby business (hence the name 'TropiCo Aqua), opening a beautiful Aquarium closing it...I have done it all. I am an avid reader, of primarily non-fiction books and a music buff following Rock Legends.

I write on life skills, interview success, and career advice, on the Aquarium hobby, keeping pets, creative thinking, and goal setting.