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I am owned by Sadie, a.k.a The Bird, a 2.5-year-old blue Lacy Dog. She hunts hogs, participates in bay competitions, is training for agility and terrorizes strangers. She supports the National Lacy Dog Association, the Texas Dog Hunters Association and is the State Dog of Texas.

Think you and your family is ready for a Lacy? Do your research! These are working dogs that need real jobs. I got Sadie to be an active pet, to job with me during the week and go on long weekend hikes, but that just wasn't enough mental or physical exercise for her. She became overly protective and developed aggression issues. It was in her genes to hunt wild boar, so despite being a vegetarian, she became a hog dog. Sadie has become exponentially more stable since we started hunting, though she still keeps me plenty busy during the week.

Because of my experience with Sadie and all the wonderful people I've met in the process, I am very passionate about preserving and promoting Lacys as a working breed. If you want a rare blue Texas pet, this is not the dog for you. It isn't fair to the dog, and trust me, it isn't fair to you either. But if you want a driven partner for hunting, herding, baying, treeing, blood trailing, running trap lines, agility, fly ball or any challenging job that requires drive, speed and brains... check out a Lacy Dog!