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    I like to call myself a "hipneck". Born and bred in rural Tennessee, raised by hippies and rednecks. Real hippies have a hard time finding their path in the bible belt, but they are born here just the same. What makes someone a hippie? I believe it is first and foremost a deep, genuine love of nature. You will surely find hippies surrounded by plants and animals that they nurture. Hippies can't live without music, which they don't just listen to, they feel. They are free-thinkers that don't care much for rules, boundaries, or closed-minds. And what classifies a true redneck? There aren't many rich ones, I'll tell ya that. Rednecks love the simple things in life, like homemade wine, sittin on the porch, fried bologna, and cussing. Ya gotta be country to be RED. When you're redneck you know what hog jowl is, own at least one shotgun, and know someone named Bubba. I love all these things and I'm proud to be...a Hipneck girl from Tennessee.