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Rebecca Mikulin

I am a full-time freelancer from Wyoming and enjoy every minute my job allows me to stay home with my husband, two sons and daughter. I have raised tropical fish for about 15 years now and worked with dogs for about 10 years, including volunteering at the local shelter trying to help make those dogs a little more adoptable. I love to write about anything that strikes my fancy including business, investment, personal finance and more, as well as spread the word about various products and services I use.

I'm currently building a retail and production fish house, and intend to publish new hubs and video tutorials regarding the care of the fish and construction of major equipment, as well as aquarium setup. We're building sump systems, aquarium racks, various types of DIY filters and more. It could take a long time to get these published as hubs, but feel free to send me a request with the information that is a priority to you and I will publish it as quickly as possible.

Like my reviews? Check out my new site specifically for reviews of books, movies, music, electronics, services and more at