Ken and Kami: Together We Succeed... We call ourselves the K4family. The reason being is because we are all "Ks". We are Ken, Kami, Kenzie, and Kole Snoeberger. Isn't that interesting? Even our pets names start with a "K". We have 1 dog named "Kassi Kaylor". Believe this or not, we have a "Duck". Yes that is right, a duck. She actually has several names that start with a "K". Each family member calls her something different. Her names are Kuack, Kuacky, Kuacky Jacky, and Daisy Mae Kuack. She is beautiful and very fun and interesting to have. She is not like other ducks. We have had her since she was a tiny baby. We are her pack and she has imprinted on us. She can now not be around other ducks. She enjoys her baths and being outside. She lives with us in the house and even goes on trips with us. She has quit the personality and communicates with us just like the rest of our family. We are very family oriented. Our goal is to keep our family strong, healthy, and bonded. Family time is of great importance to us. Our wonderful family consists of the K4 Family (Ken, Kami, Kenzie, Kole). My husband and myself, our 2 great children, one dog, and one Duck. I am in to Natural Health Care. Working with the #1 Nutrition Company in the USA has enabled us to want to help people Live Longer and Healthier with the Best Products that Science and Nature Have to Offer. We are educated by the Shaklee University so that we can better perform our duties to educate people on what Optimal Health is and on how to achieve it. http://xpectmore4yourhealth.myshaklee.com I am also a Pet Sitter and the owner of XpectMore PetCare. I have been a true animal lover all of my life. Animals have been and always will be a passion of my life. I am a Strong Supporter of animal organizations and a great Supporter of the right to live for the lives of all animals. PetCare For Those Pets You Cherish. PetCare Advice and Tactics⦠Using the Best PetCare Practices. We do our best to make sure that pets have a happy and fulfilled life. We strive to advise pet owners with helpful information at all times. http://www.XpectMorePetCare.com My Husband is the owner of his own AutoMotive Repair Business: XpectMore AutoMotive. Ask the Automotive Expert Automotive Advice, Automotive Questions Answered, and Affordable Automotive Repair. Geared Towards Women, Automotive Advice for Women. http://www.XpectMoreAutoMotive.com