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Q&A: Why Is My Dog Staggering and Falling Over?

Lara asks Dr. Mark why her dog has started limping and suddenly falling over.


Q&A: Why Is My Dog Taking So Long to Have Her Puppies?

Lotus asks Dr. Mark why her dog has stopped delivering puppies even though there seem to be more.


Q&A: What Is This Sudden Lump Under My Dog's Skin?

Matthew asks Dr. Mark whether he should be worried about a sudden lump under his dog's skin.


Q&A: Why Is My Dog's Skin Tag Oozing, and Is It Infectious?

Robin asks Dr. Mark what to do about her dog's stinky, oozing lesion if a vet visit isn't currently an option.


Q&A: Why Is My Dog Guarding My New Kitten From My Other Dog?

Sarah asks Dr. Mark why one of her dogs is so protective of the new kitten and how she can prevent her from fighting over it with her other dog.


Q&A: What Can You Do for Paw Pad Burns on Dogs?

Kimberly asks Dr. Mark how to help soothe her dog's burned paw pads.


Q&A: Does My Dog Have Mites or Fleas? (And What Can I Do?)

Christina asks Dr. Mark what is biting her pit bull puppy and how to get rid of it so that it doesn't spread to her other dogs or to herself.


Q&A: Will a Dog With IBD Get Sick After Eating Cat Food?

Susan asks Dr. Mark whether her dog's IBD will flare up after eating cat food.


Q&A: Why Is My Dog Scratching Up the Cabinets During Meals?

Joni asks Dr. Mark why her Morkie scratches at the cabinets and doors during meals, but then refuses to eat if she is given kibble.


Q&A: Why Is My Dog's Poop Still Bloody After Giardia Treatment?

Kelly asks Dr. Mark why her puppy is still passing bloody stools after successful treatment for giardia.


Q&A: Why Does My Duck Have a Swollen Chest on One Side?

Jeanne asks Dr. Mark why ducks sometimes have a swollen chest on one side and what to do about it.


Q&A: Why Did the Puppies Die After My Dog's C-Section?

Aimee asks Dr. Mark what went wrong during her dog's c-section.


Q&A: How Can I Stop My Hamster From Eating Her Babies?

Bunso asks Dr. Mark how to keep his hamster from getting stressed and eating her babies.


Q&A: Are There OTC Dog Seizure Treatments or Proven Home Remedies?

Melanie asks Dr. Mark how she can help her epileptic dog if she can no longer afford phenobarbital.


Q&A: What Are the Best Dog Breeds That Can Live Outside?

Doreen asks Dr. Mark if it's possible to keep a dog outside most of the time and leave them with lots of alone time.


Coconut Oil for Dog Constipation: Does It Work, and Is It Safe?

Is coconut oil better than other oils for alleviating constipation in dogs? Yes. Here's why.


How Do I Know If My Dog Is Constipated?

Is your dog straining to poop, passing blood or mucus, or not managing to pass any stool at all? Learn about these signs of constipation.


Q&A: My Dog Hasn't Pooped in 3 Days—What's Wrong?

Maria asks Dr. Mark why her dog has been unable to poop for several days. Is it her tumor, her food, or her new medication?


Q&A: What Can You Do for a Wobbly Pigeon?

Kai asks Dr. Mark how he can help a pigeon who has lost his sense of balance.


Q&A: Why Is My Male Cat Suddenly Aggressive Toward My Other Cat?

Nathaniel asks Dr. Mark why one of his cats is suddenly acting aggressively toward his other cat after a short separation.


Q&A: What Is This White Bump Growing in My Dog's Mouth?

Anna asks Dr. Mark about a white growth on her dog's inner lip.


Q&A: Why Is My Dog Suddenly Aggressive Toward Me?

Rinita asks why her GSD is suddenly growling and biting at her during play.


Q&A: Can a Dog Still Go Into Heat After Being Spayed?

Annie asks Dr. Mark why her recently spayed female still seems to be attracting her male dog.


Q&A: What Treats Can a Dog With Bladder Stones Have?

Elaine asks Dr. Mark what treats she can give her dog, who just had a struvite stone removed.


Q&A: Is My Dog Depressed, Sick, or Just Getting Old?

Judy asks Dr. Mark why her dog seems more tired than he used to.


Q&A: What Are the Side Effects of the Lepto Vaccine in Dogs?

L.J. asks Dr. Mark why his dog's bark is hoarse and she is breathing heavily after getting the lepto vaccine.


Q&A: How Do I Stop My Cat From Attacking My Other Cat?

Adele asks Dr. Mark how to help her cats stop fighting all the time.


Will Herbal Tea Help a Puppy With Diarrhea?

Is herbal tea a suitable treatment for puppies with diarrhea? No. Here's why, and what to give them instead.


Is It Time to Say Goodbye? Possible Signs Your Cat Is Dying

When presented with the question of whether a cat is nearing death, the first thing to do is figure out if the cat is just sick and in need of health care.


Q&A: Why Is My Dog Losing Hair on the Corners of Her Mouth?

Kristen asks Dr. Mark why her beagle is suddenly losing hair around its mouth.


Q&A: Why Is My Dog's Nose Turning Pink?

Jane asks Dr. Mark why her dog's nose is suddenly turning from brown to pink.


Q&A: What Can I Do If My Puppy Has Parvo and Worms?

Rebeca asks Dr. Mark what to do about her puppy, who is suffering from parvovirus and a case of worms.


Can Dogs Eat Strawberry Yogurt?

Yogurt is a natural and reliable source of probiotics, but flavored yogurts can contain ingredients that are dangerous for dogs.


Can Dogs Drink Pedialyte?

Pedialyte can help dogs with dehydration, but there's a great natural alternative.


Can Dogs Eat Blueberries?

Given in moderation, blueberries can be a great supplement to an active dog's diet.


Can Dogs Eat Apples?

Given in moderation, apples can be a nice treat for your dog. Just be sure not to feed them the core.


Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

A bit of banana makes a great daily treat for your dog. Just make sure they don't eat the peel.


Can Dogs Eat Strawberries?

Strawberries aren't the most practical treat for dogs, but they can be okay in moderation.


Do I Take My Cat to the Vet for Fleas?

While you don't necessarily need to visit the vet for this condition, cats with a flea infestation are really miserable, so it is in their best interest to find a solution as soon as possible.


Muscle Atrophy in Cats: What Causes It?

It is common to see excessively thin older cats suffering from kidney disease and diabetes, but the most common cause of muscular atrophy most of us see is hyperthyroidism.


Cryotherapy for Horses: Is It Worth It?

This type of therapy has been around a long time, and it is worth spending the time using it if your horse is suffering from laminitis, lameness, or other issues.


What Are the Symptoms of Heaves in Horses?

Most horses with heaves are first noticed because they are coughing, but there are other common signs of this problem.


How Long Can a Horse Live With Heaves?

The prognosis for horses with heaves is not good. Most live less than a year after being diagnosed.


Can Cats Get Heartworms From Fleas?

Even though heartworms are spread by blood, and fleas drink blood, they are not able to spread heartworms.


Can Dogs Eat Apple Cores?

No, your dog shouldn't eat apple cores—but not for the reason you might think.


Is Pine-Sol Pet Safe?

Like a lot of things in life, there isn't a yes or no answer to that question. Let's look at both sides of the coin.


Menthol Toxicity: Is Menthol Toxic to Dogs?

Menthol may not be very dangerous for dogs, but it's often paired with things that are.


Why Is the Base of My Cat's Tail Swollen?

There are so many causes for this issue that it is impossible to diagnose without an examination by your veterinarian, but here are a few possibilities.


Why Do Dogs Get Scared of Thunder?

Noise, barometric pressure, and possibly even static charges in the air factor into why your dog is afraid of thunderstorms.


Raccoon Lifespan: How Long Do Raccoons Live?

Wild raccoons have much, much shorter lifespans than pet raccoons.