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Q&A: What Is the Best OTC Tapeworm Medication for Cats?

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Dr. Mark is a veterinarian. He works with dogs, cats, exotics, and livestock.

There are many good medications that treat tapeworms and don't require a prescription.

There are many good medications that treat tapeworms and don't require a prescription.

What Over-the-Counter Tapeworm Medication Can I Give My Cat?

"We saw tapeworms in our rescue kitty's feces and didn’t think to save it. The samples were brought to the vet and were negative for some reason (we have two cats). I bought the over-the-counter medication and gave it to both. Is there any way to get the Drontal without a prescription?" —Kimberly

Tapeworms Don't Often Show Up in Tests

It is normal for tapeworms not to show up on fecal exams. Unless the owners describe the segments, oftentimes we do not find tapeworms on physical exams either, and the diagnosis will be missed. Finding the eggs may require special testing which many veterinary clinics do not routinely perform. (1)

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Non-Prescription Tapeworm Treatments

Luckily, there are many good over-the-counter medications that treat tapeworms. You can find Drontal on Amazon and purchase it without a prescription. Any of the medications that are sold with praziquantel will treat tapeworms though, and you can find them on Amazon or many pet stores.


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