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How Long Does Tapeworm Medication Take to Work in Cats?

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If your cat still has tapeworms three weeks after treatment, they've been reinfected.

If your cat still has tapeworms three weeks after treatment, they've been reinfected.

Many websites will claim that it takes 3 weeks to get rid of tapeworms, while a well-known veterinary site said that it will happen in just a few hours. The most definitive answer is from a group of Turkish researchers who administered an injection to kill tapeworms in dogs and cats and then examined the feces every day both visually and under a microscope. (1)

The results showed that the parasites disappeared after 2 to 3 days of treatment.

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How to Keep Your Cat From Getting Tapeworms

If your cat is still passing tapeworm segments three weeks later, they have become infected again. The first step would be to avoid this problem by making sure that all of the fleas are gone from the home, and then not letting your cat out to an area where they can pick up more fleas.

The next step is to kill those new tapeworms again by deworming your cat a second time. As long as they are not infested with fleas, the worms cannot come back.


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