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Will Herbal Tea Help a Puppy With Diarrhea?

Dr. Mark is a veterinarian. He has been working with dogs for more than 40 years.

Herbal tea is not a good option for newborn puppies with diarrhea.

Herbal tea is not a good option for newborn puppies with diarrhea.

Herbal Tea for Dogs With Diarrhea

Herbal tea might help a dog with loose stools or nausea, but it is not appropriate to give to a newborn puppy with diarrhea. Tea may help a dog with dehydration that is too slight to even be noticed (usually less than 5%) but it is probably only helping because it is putting some fluids back into the dog. The same thing could be done with coconut water.

Diarrhea in newborn puppies is usually caused by a proliferation of bacteria or viruses. Bad bacteria and viruses proliferate, eliminating the good bacteria the puppy needs to keep his bowels healthy. Tea is not going to change the bacteria in the puppy's bowels, nor will it make the puppy healthy again.

Yogurt for Puppies With Diarrhea

Instead of just giving fluids, a much better alternative is to give a newborn puppy with diarrhea a probiotic like natural, non-flavored yogurt. (1) Be sure to read the ingredients carefully, as some yogurts are sweetened with artificial chemicals like xylitol that can kill your puppy.

When giving the yogurt, I just put it on the tip of my finger and let the puppies lick it off. No one has worked out an exact dose, so I just give as much as the puppy is interested in eating; the amount also varies depending on how many days old the puppy is.


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