Top 10 Best Talking Parrots

The best talking parrots include Amazons, African Grey, Quaker, Ring-necked parrots, and budgies.


A Beginner's Guide on Green-Cheeked Conures

Green-cheeked conures are small-sized parrots that are widespread throughout South America. They are little birds with gymnastic skills and clownish personalities to amuse everyone.


My Lovebird Lost His Mate

A lovebird who has lost his/her mate may become puzzled and lonely. This article discusses the ways in which I handled my male lovebird in his grief, including bringing home a new female mate.


How Feral Peacocks Stay Alive in Urban Neighborhoods

Peacocks are thriving in the neighborhood streets of Southern California. How is that possible? They're an Asian bird in the wild. If they're roaming free here, how are they surviving and what makes them different from wild ones?


10 Reasons Toucans Make Excellent Pets

Toucans are not bad pets despite the claims of some; they actually make good pets. Here are ten reasons why.


7 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Pet Bird

Owning a pet bird brings with it a special set of problems and responsibilities quite different from owning a dog or cat. There are certain things you should be aware of before buying a pet bird or you might end up regretting your purchase.


How to Attract Nesting Wild Birds to Your Garden

I had Blue Tits nesting in my garden this year in a bird box I had attached to the wall. In this article, I explain how and when the Blue Tits prepare the nest box and when the eggs are laid and hatch. There are photos of my own wild birds as they rear their family in my garden.


100 Best Names for Lovebirds

If you are having trouble picking an appropriate name for your lovebird or have simply run out of ideas, do not get anxious. This article shows you how to get creative with name selection and offers a diverse list of potential names for your beloved winged companions.


250+ Cool Parrot Names for Your Extraordinary Bird (From Ace to Wingham)

When you have a unique pet, it needs a unique name! Here are over 250 creative parrot names to name your birdie bud!


Caring for Sick Lovebirds

Like other avians, lovebirds are prone to disease. This article discusses some ways in which you can help your sick pet. It also talks about my experience handling respiratory problems in my female lovebird, Lulu.


Your Guide to Your First Pet Albino Budgie

The albino budgie is a beautiful creature. The needs of this pet are not much different from normal coloured budgies, but there are some interesting traits of this type that you should know about. An albino budgie can make a perfect pet for those who love this parakeet.


How to Make a Budgie Live Longer

A budgie's lifespan is influenced by the quality of its environment. This delightful little bird doesn't need a palace or fancy food every night. However, when it lacks a few simple requirements, a budgie's years are drastically shortened.


Everything You Need to Know About Pet Peacocks

A peacock can be kept as a pet, but don't expect it to fetch your slippers. This beautiful bird is often chosen because of its ornamental feathers but comes with special requirements that may not be for everyone. However, when properly kept, a peacock is an unmatched delight.


100+ Cute and Funny Bird Names (From Mr. Beaks to Whistler)

Did you just get a bird or are you thinking about getting one? Here's a list of names for all types of birds. Some are cute, some are funny and there are even some famous ones thrown in.


A Guide to Owning a Scarlet Macaw

Are you thinking about buying a scarlet macaw? There are many things to consider before making that purchase, including housing, feeding, potential problems with other animals and neighbors. Here's advice from someone who has bred and raised many large parrots including the scarlet macaw.


Bathing Tips for Lovebirds

Lovebirds need to be clean to stay healthy. At times, they are scared of bathing. Looking for easy ways to bathe your lovebird? This article discusses ways to bathe your pets.


Do Birds Make Good Pets?

Do birds make good pets? If you want a pet that will not make you overhaul your lifestyle, birds are a good choice. Read on to discover 8 top reasons why birds make good pets.


How to Breed Budgerigars (aka Budgies or Parakeets)

Breeding budgerigars, or budgies, is a very delicate and time-consuming process. Difficulty and hard work aside, breeding parakeets is an experience worth remembering.


Caring for Newborn Lovebirds

Has your lovebird laid an egg? Do you have no idea what to do? This article discusses the signs of hatching, newborn baby lovebird care, and the proper ways to handle the parents.


Feeding and Exercising Your Pionus Parrot

Find out how to take care of your Pionus parrot to help them live as happily and healthfully as possible.


How to Put Lovebirds Back in Their Cage

At times, lovebirds trouble you by not going inside their cage. The following article discusses quick ways to put them inside. It also talks about the reasons why they want to stay outside.


Ideal Beginner Pets for a Bird Lover

A brief summary of 3 types of domestic birds that are perfect for new bird owners, as well as some tips on what to expect if you do decide to purchase one.


How to Care for Your Quaker Parrots

Quaker parrots are great pets and, with proper care, can live for many years. This article will give you advice on buying, bringing home, and caring for your bird.


Lovebird Molting: Symptoms and Care

Is your pet lovebird losing feathers? Do you find your pet being aggressive or grumpy? Does he/she bite you? Chances are that your pet is undergoing a molt. Read this article to know how you can help.


8 Pet Birds With Short Life Spans (Under 20 Years)

Many pet birds are extremely long-lived, and not all owners can commit to a pet for that many years. This is a list of pet birds with shorter life spans, along with basic information about them.


How to Get a Parrot to Go Back Inside Its Cage

A parrot may refuse to enter its cage by using avoidance behavior or aggression. What's an owner to do?


What to Do When Your Parakeet Won't Stop Squawking

I'm fairly unlucky—I have a parakeet that squawks nonstop for no identifiable reason. Here's how I deal with it. If you have suggestions and tips or are an experienced parakeet owner, please share your advice!


How to Teach a Pet Parrot to Talk

It can be delightful to converse with your parrot, but how do you get it to communicate with you?


Lovebirds' Egg-Laying Process: A Personal Experience

Based on my personal experience, the following article explains the egg-laying process in lovebirds, egg-binding, and its cure and also takes a special look at infertility in lovebirds.


Lovebird Courtship and Mating: What We Learned

Given the fact that lovebirds choose mates and bond with them for life, bonding and "falling in love" isn't always that typical. The following article depicts the unconventional tale of my two pets.


Hand-Raising a Baby Lovebird: A Personal Experience

This article is about hand-raising a baby lovebird. Based on my personal experience I have shared tips and suggestions. Hand-raised birds are the most loving and loyal pets one could ever find.


Causes and Possible Solutions for Behavioral Problems in Parrots

In this article, I discuss common parrot behavioral problems and the possible solutions. I also explain how I tamed my first pet, a blue Indian Ringneck parrot.


How to Understand a Cockatiel by His Crest

Cockatiels, like most crested birds, show a lot of emotion using their crests. Contrary to popular belief, they can tell you more than just anger or comfort/happiness.


Blood Feathers in Birds: Pulling Feathers vs. Styptic Powder

There are many different arguments over whether it's good to pluck a blood feather or better to use cornstarch powder to stop the bleeding. Here are some basic rules to get you started.


Do White Java Doves Make Good Pets?

White Java doves are wonderful pets. Learn how to set up their cage and keep it clean, and read some fascinating facts about doves.


Why Is My Ring-Necked Parrot Feather-Plucking?

Is your parrot picking its feathers? Learn from my experience with my feather-plucking parrot. Let's discuss what causes the behaviour and how you can try to help reverse it.


How to Care for Your Pet Budgie

Caring for a new pet can be quite daunting. This article will provide you with all the advice you need to care for a pet budgie.


How to Raise Pigeons for Meat or as a Pet

Not pleased with your pet pigeons? Well, you might not be raising them properly. See how to raise pigeons to enjoy their full benefits. Learn the best practices for keeping attractive birds at home.


How to Set Up a Birdcage for a Parakeet or Cockatiel

This set-up method is fast, easy, and foolproof for any bird. Make your birds feel at home with a quick and easy tutorial on how to set up a birdcage for parakeets, cockatiels, or other small birds.


Boisterous Bailey: An Incredible African Grey Parrot

If someone had told us we'd share our lives with a bird we could converse with, we would have thought this impossible—until a boisterous bird named Bailey came into our lives and stole our hearts.


Birdies in the Background: Life With Three Playful Parrots

I've learned that parrots, like children, have an uncanny habit of saying things at the most inopportune moments. Vying for attention, they rise superbly and instinctively to occasions when attention is focused elsewhere, outdoing themselves with verbal acuity.


35+ Brazilian Parrot Names: Portuguese Names and More

Here are a few of the best names for a tropical bird, straight from the parrot's mouth. Explore Portuguese names for colors and household objects, along with some movie-inspired names.


4 Best Ways to Exercise Your Parrot

Are you looking for alternative exercises for your parrot? A Brazilian vet and his bird have a few suggestions!


What to Do If You Cut Your Parakeet's Nail Too Short

Get detailed instructions on what you should do if you accidentally clip your parakeet's nail too short.


How to Make a Hummingbird Feeder Wreath

If you want to add a beautiful decorative statement to your windows while attracting hummingbirds, this easy-to-make feeder wreath will help the little guys find their way to you. I made mine in less than a half hour with an investment of under $20, and I have more hummingbirds than ever before!


What Are Princess Parrots Like as Pets?

The Australian Princess Parrot is beautiful in the wild, but it can also make a delightful pet.


The Best Diet and Food for Parakeets: What to Feed a Budgie

Discover what food to feed a budgie as well as a list of toxic foods to avoid. Here is how to easily feed your parakeet a healthy and balanced diet.


How to Finger Train a Parakeet in Less Than 2 Days

Find out how to quickly and easily finger train a wild parakeet in a few simple steps.


How to Socialize Your Parakeet

Everything you need to know about teaching your parakeet to be social with people.


The 10 Most Colourful Birds in the World

Colourful birds have always attracted humans. Their shapes and colours of feathers, beaks, and other parts fascinate us. We take pleasure in keeping some of them as pets or write poetry about them.