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How to Care for a Green-Cheeked Conure Parrot

My Green-Cheeked Conure is the most unusual pet I have ever owned. These small parrots have huge personalities. Here's what I've learned.

Learn what it's like to have a pet green-cheeked conure.

Learn what it's like to have a pet green-cheeked conure.

Little Bird, Big Personality

The most unusual pet I have ever had is a green-cheeked conure. These small parrots have huge personalities. They are native to South America, and while they are not unusual birds in the larger scheme of things, it’s unusual that I happen to own one.

I'd like to share how I came to own this type of bird, some misconceptions about conures, and how to care for them.

How I Met Tikko

Here is how I came to own Tikko the green-cheeked conure. My granddaughter and I made our weekly pilgrimage to a local garden center for pond supplies and fish food. This particular garden center has a small supply of pets, including several species of birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, and fish.

As we browsed the pet section, we passed a cage that had a door hanging open, like a bridge, and a green baby bird was perched on the end of the door. He hopped onto me and climbed up to snuggle against my neck in my hair. As I was extremely alarmed at this, the little girl who was cleaning the cages explained that his sister had just been sold and he was the only baby left. She thought it was so unusual for him to snuggle in my hair that she took a picture of us.

At this point, the little bird was clinging with claws and beak and bit anyone who tried to disengage him from my hair. It was becoming increasingly embarrassing and painful. $600 poorer, we walked out the door with a large cage, baby bird food, seeds and dried fruits, as well as toys, bowls, and water sources. Oh, and one securely attached hair ornament named Tikko.

We took him home and set up his cage with perches, hanging toys, and food. We filled his bowls and water dishes with delicious seeds and dried fruits. We also bought him a heated perch, which is one of his favorite places to sit to groom himself and stretch.

What You Need to Know About Conures

As you can tell from our meet cute story, conures need a lot of attention. They also become very attached to one person and can be aggressive with other people. Keep these things in mind if you are considering this type of bird and you have a family.

This is all coming from a woman who never intended to ever own a bird. I had absolutely no knowledge of bird care, let alone a South American clown named Tikko who would captivate my heart within moments of meeting him.

Conure Care Dos and Don'ts

  • Do tell other people to give your conure time to warm up to them. They are fiercely loyal birds but can get used to other people with time.
  • Don't give your bird grit. I have read that birds need it; however, for this bird, it can be a deadly addition to the food dish.

What a Conure Likes to Eat

Green-cheeked conures love to eat berries, yams, small chicken bones, and dinner with you right off your plate. This is a bird family thing, sharing a meal together. He expects to be included. I also give my bird mixed veggies, thawed with hot water, and then drained. He loves yogurt also and will eat right out of my mouth if I don’t give him bites.

Clean water is a must, at least once a day. Twice a day is better, as they like to dip dry foods and they spit in their water. If you don’t want your snuggle bug bird to smell like vomit, then you need to keep the water clean because they also bathe in it.

Conures Need Lots of Attention

Tikko loves to cuddle and he never wants to go to bed unless it’s with me. This is very sad to tell you. A lot of people are like me. They love their conure so much that they can’t tell them no and put them in their own beds. The little guys end up crushed by their loving parents in the middle of the night. These birds are so loving that it’s natural for them to throw a fit and pout when you put them away. It’s hard to do but you have to tell them no.

He also likes to take a bath with me so I have to be careful that I don’t have the water really hot. He will spread his wings out and float on top of the water. His favorite bath place is by my face, hanging onto my hair so he doesn’t go under. He likes to lay there and relax like I do and groom my hair. I had to stop using hair spray also.

I guess you can tell that a conure needs a lot of love and attention. If you don’t have a lot of time and interest in loving a bird, please don’t get this precious little clown. His heart will be broken and he will be constantly lonely and probably die early. He needs lots of exercise and touching. He will love to be groomed and scratched all over, especially around his face and even his beak. Tikko likes when his mommy kisses his little drum sticks too.

You Can Teach Your Conure to Talk!

These birds develop a great vocabulary. My bird sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and says love you, mommy, granite (means pomegranate), berries, nanna, angel (dog's name), come here right NOW, right now!, Tiffy, Britney, Where’s Angel?, Tikko, and Martha (he loves the show Martha Speaks). He screams like a little girl when he doesn’t get his own way, and he says 'night, 'night, bye bye, peek-a-boo, sweet dreams, and bathie. He also laughs, coughs, and sneezes!

Avoid Teflon and Other Chemicals

Never use scented candles or oils, air fresheners, or caustic cleaners around your birds. Do not clean your oven with oven cleaner while your bird is in the house. I know someone who did that and killed her sweet baby and it broke her heart. Teflon in any form is toxic to birds. If you have a room heater, make sure its ceramic, not Teflon. Keep your bird out of the kitchen if using Teflon pans.

Use vinegar to clean your bird’s cage and accessories. Rinse and triple rinse everything before using again.

Conures Are Not Family Birds

This bird is not a natural family-loving pet. He or she will bond to one or two people and bite the heck out of everyone else. My bird is so protective of me that if someone even tries to touch me he will attack them. This behavior has extended. If a stranger is in the house he will attack them and try to drive them away from me. Your bird will never love your spouse.

Attack-Bird in Action: My Experience

A funny example of this attack-bird scenario: My boyfriend was here from out of town and was lying on my couch watching television and taking a nap. I was in the kitchen making some bread dough and Tikko was innocently sitting high up on his favorite perch in the living room grooming himself and singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. This, for me, was a very relaxing, content moment. The next moment my boyfriend started screaming my name and as I ran into the living room I saw my tiny little parrot attacking my six-foot-four-inch, 260-pound boyfriend. Not only was Tikko attacking him, he was going for his throat, biting him and flogging him with his wings!

I had bread dough all over my hands and was trying to wipe them off and laughing so hard it was a feat to accomplish. My boyfriend, knowing how much I loved this bird, was trying very hard not to hurt him while he was being viciously bitten. Tikko draws blood when he bites. Keep that in mind when purchasing a parrot, even a small one.

My boyfriend was furious that I was laughing until I couldn’t talk or breathe, tears running down my face. He asked me a question he probably shouldn’t have asked me: If I had to choose between him and the bird who would I choose? I’ll never understand, to this day, why he would ask me that question at precisely that moment, but he did. My not being able to answer him was answer enough, I suppose, which made him even angrier.

My granddaughter was a little more understanding. Tikko attacked her and bit her every time she tried to love him or take him out of the cage. She would want to hold him then cry when he bit her, every time. I finally told her, if she wanted to be part of a bird family, she was going to have to expect to get bitten or leave him alone.

Eventually, he came to love her and trust her as much as he did me and they became very close. Now she can handle him without issue. She is the only person I can leave him to if I die before he does, which is pretty likely as I’m 52, he’s five and will live another 20 years—at least that’s my hope.


Peeking on September 28, 2019:

We have a green cheek conure and he loves both me and my husband!!!

Alex on September 08, 2019:

My conure died while I was in vacation I couldn’t believe it I had given him to my cousins and uncle and aunt for three days but my flight got canceled to go home and then got a call that he passed away no one knows why all I knew what they told me is that he had some stroke or anything similar to that and passed I only had him for about 2 months very devastating I will miss his cuddles and cute sounds that he makes every morning Rest In Peace my little buddy...

Celia on August 07, 2019:

My conure always stepped up on command now when I go to Get him from the cage he bites my finger have to use a glove anyone know why?

Taylor on June 17, 2019:

Love your article! I do want to say that I have had my green cheek, Judaloo for 2 years and though he is mainly bonded to me, he loves almost everybody, my husband, parents, and nieces and nephews... even some new friends have come over and he’s only disliked one person. So not all conures with attack everyone. I do think I got super lucky with an extra friendly bird, but im sure I’m not the only one with a friendly conure. Everything else I completely agree with and think this is such a great article! Birds of all kinds are different than other pets and require extra special care! And they are so worth it for the right people! I love both my birds so much! Even if I can’t use hair products or cook in my kitchen sometimes!

Marisa on April 13, 2019:

My bird fly away outside do you think is coming back

Iveta on June 22, 2018:

I have a green cheek parrot his name is Kiwo and he is the best mate ... I addipted him 2 years ago and it was the best decision in my life. I love him sooo much ....

Mia Villanueva on June 18, 2018:

Thank you so much, it was very helpful!

jazmine on June 10, 2018:

so does it really help because i did everthing and my bird does not move that much and bites alot

Pris on May 29, 2018:

I have been looking into getting an animal for hour household, and was thinking about a parrot. I like the idea of letting the bird have free range of the house, and being allowed to fly when out of the cage. From reading the comments though, now I’m a little apprehensive on the idea because I read they they poop every 15 minutes and everywhere. Are all GCC like this, or do some have a designated place they like to do their business, or can be trained to go in one location.I defiantly don’t like the idea of having to clean poop up all over my house.

Greenbruises on February 01, 2018:

Loved this story! So informative and sweet. Makes me really want one but I have four dogs! Does anyone know how conures are with other pet species?

I was just browsing at Petco today and saw the cutest conure. I was holding my 4lb yorkie and he came over to the glass and seemed very curious and interested in my dog. I stood there for about 30 minutes while he walked back and forth looking and playing with my dog. He was so beautiful. My dogs are all really attached to me. It would never work out huh?

Shelli Bender on January 21, 2018:

you were very informative. I love this bird but I'm gone 12 hours out of the day. Is that too much time for him to be alone?

Cade on August 21, 2017:

I've seen other forums where the owner works 40 hours a week and his little conure is happy as ever. I'm worried since I have school about 7 hours a day. Any help?

Kandi on May 26, 2017:


Michelle please don't Kiwi away. Clip is wings instead & give a play stand next to his cage. It will break his heart along those humans he loves. Punish the poor poop picker uppers not Kiwi. These little ones have souls and giant hearts.

Auna on May 22, 2017:

Hey Michelle, I would love to take Kiwi off your hands. I have a 6 month old Green Cheek Conure named Spirit Song and I have had birds my entire life. If you are still looking to re-home Kiwi, I am very interested.

Yoanna on May 08, 2017:

Hi tigerbaby, I was wondering if a conure

Would be ok with other birds ?

Michelle on April 28, 2017:

PLEASE know these birds NEED a lot of attention and if free range they poop EVERYWHERE. ( Every 15 minutes) I can't deal. Kiwi is our Green Cheek Conure, he's hilarious, mean, loving, snuggley, playful, and speaks a handful of words. He is my daughters bird, but loves and has chosen my husband as her person. He lets my daughter and I hold, love, carry and snuggle him but not my son. Draws blood every time, he's 10. Kiwi is maybe a year old.

He's beginning to cause issues in my home because my husband and daughter are on poop duty, but fall short all the time.

I'm fed up with seeing it everywhere and I want to re home him.

(I end up cleaning after Kiwi and I already have an elderly cat and dog, + 2 kids and a husband.. )

If someone is interested, comment.

Jesse on January 07, 2017:

I've been planning on getting a green cheek, i usually leave at 7:10 but i can bump that up to 7:45 and i get home from school at around 2:50 and i have the rest of the day to my hands, do i have enough time for a green cheek?

Brett on December 22, 2016:

Hi! So I currently have been looking into buying one of these birds! My schedule Mon-Fri looks kind of like this

- Get up at 7:00am

- Leave for work at 7:30am

- Get home from work at 6:00/6:15pm

- Go to gym most nights at 9:00/9:15pm

- Get home at 10:30/10:45pm

- Sleep at 12:00am or later

I previously had an English Bulldog for about a month but had to give her to my parents because she would go to the bathroom throughout my apartment. I'd love to get one of these birds and would be able to pay attention to it throughout the time that I am home, as well as during the weekend which I often times am completely free but I want to make sure that this is realistic. What do you think?

carmen on December 16, 2016:

Hi ,

I will be getting my very first conure this weekend. It just so happens to be my daughter christams present any tips he is about 3 months old?

mary on October 12, 2016:

Hi, please help me!! I bought a green cheek conure about 2 month ago from a store that kept them in one cage without any good condition. He is about 1.5 years old (as it mentioned on his foot ring) I never had from this kind but I had lots of cocktails and other pets that they really connected to me but this one….In first weak he (I guess it’s he because of his behavior) screamed a lot and did lots of gymnastic things (spin around one stick).so I opened his cage and he calmed down. he is free Until now during the day and at night he goes to the cage (it’s his safe place).I pick up his favorite food(sunflower seeds and grapes) so in specific time I sit near him and he jumps to my hand and eats them , then he go back to his place immediately! He is so afraid of us and never let us to touch him or even close to him. He also takes a bathe for more than 3 times in a day and plays a lot with himself during the day. I pay so much attention to him and talk to him but I do not know what I have to do. I was never in this situation before. I can send his pics if it’s necessary. I will be very thankful if you help me!! Is he going to change his attitude?

Jerry slaight on September 09, 2016:

My green conure is getting very feisty,he lies on his back and kicks his feet.Dont know if he playing or mad.

LJean65 on August 29, 2016:

I am getting my first green cheek Conure from Florida to Maine in a few weeks. I can't wait to meet him for the first time and he's only 2 months old! I am curious if it would be best to leave his wings clipped or to let his primarys grow back (before the plane ride his wings will be clipped by the breeder to asure his safety in the airport.

Poppy on August 29, 2016:

My conure is 2 years old and until 2 days ago would fly around everywhere in the house especially if we left him alone (even dive bom from second floor to first floor). Now he is hesitating to fly even the shortest distance. He prepares to (crouch ready get set) but stops and prefers to climb down or walk on floor. I'm worried but I don't like to do a vet visit

Adit on December 03, 2015:

Thank you very much for the response Sadie... Will try what you said and see.

Sadie on November 03, 2015:

Hey, Adit - check out the Parrot Wizard Blog ( I just got a conure about a month ago and there are some great articles about parrot behavior and training. I've also been looking on Parrot Forums a lot for answers to questions I have. My best answers to your questions are:

1. Be patient, give her rewards for being vocal, and make sure she hears a lot of talking. She's still very young.

2. What are you feeding her? Maybe she is about to molt.

3. Try getting one of those CDs that have baby sounds so she can get used to the different noises.

4. Mine loves grooming my hair, my boyfriend's hair, and the dogs' fur. She probably just loves you.

Adit on October 27, 2015:

Hello Tigerbaby, thank you for the hub... I loved reading it... I haven't gone through all the comments above but a few at start and the last one from Amy...

We have a loving 3 year old pineapple conure... "Mayu"... Like Amy said it more looks like they have a character of their own and build it based on how they have been handled or treated when they were young... Our girl hates towels and being held from above... That was our mistake... We should have never taken her to the pet store or vet to get her nails trimmed (by the way we never clip her wings since the day we got her - she has Full flight). She didn't like the way they handled her and has been scared of towels since then.

She is extra friendly with strangers... Loves kids... Never drawn blood... Loves to be groomed especially around the neck... I get jealous at times when she is a bit too friendly with my guests :).

Here are a few questions I have...

1. We got her to say her name and nothing other than that... How do we train her to speak...

2. He feather ends seem to start loosing color... Why?

3. We are having a baby... How is the jealous factor? she wouldn't even let my wife hug me...?

4. She bites hair a lot... Is this common?



Amy on October 09, 2015:

Not everything you said about your bird applies to all conures, lets just make that clear.

I have 4 conures. One is bonded to my boyfriend, but I can pick him up with no problem. He prefers my boyfriend but I have absoutely no troubles with him. Besides from the occasional Nip and beaking. Mostly its jsut playing. This one is very territorial to strangers, so when people come over I give strangers the other ones to play with.

My other three dont really have a preference for my or my boyfriend, but dont like to be grabbed off of our heads, but have never bit or drew blood from us.

Pyrrhuras have a lot of common characteristics but theyre also very different from each other. You can dominant ones in the flock and you can also have passive ones that let you do just about anything to them.

Also, we've never had a problem with introductions. We've Always introduced babies into the home and I heard that helps a lot- adults will fight with adults more than they will babies- although ive yet to find someone to confirm this.

Our 2nd one fought like 10 minutes with our dominant one and then they preened and all was find. Our third and fourth one were almost immediately taken in :)

The only problem we've found out so far is that conures do not mix well with other bird species. Im not saying it cant happen (ive had a conure in my past who bonded with my parakeet), but if you already have a flock and a bond, chances are theyre not going to take kindly to other bird species.

suhada on September 25, 2015:

I have a green cheek which was untamed and a hand me down bird and wont step up.After training and bite she is better.Now she step up on command and seldom bites.As she is reaching 1 yr soon...i thought of getting a buddy for her,i got a tamed yellow sided which cuddly and friendly guy but my conure suddenly become possesive of the lil fella and will drive me away and even bite when i comes close to the little guy.She even start biting me and snarling when i get close to her cage.In the end i will play with only one bird at a time.Where did i go wrong?

tigerbaby777 (author) from Nampa on March 28, 2015:

Cindy that's a great question! You have read all the different experiences here and possible bad experiences. They are nippy and the beak is hard and sharp but they love to cuddle and be part of your life. If you get a baby from a reputable breeder I think you will have a good experience. I don't know your disability but I wouldn't have one if I couldn't protect myself.

I love my Tikko but I also understand his nipping is part of his communication. If he thinks I am getting his fruit and vegetables washed too slow I get a hard nip! If he's having a bad day he's nippy. All pets have different quirks and behaviors.

Have you found one you like? Spend some time with it on a few different days to see if you are willing to put up with it's behavior, also to see if you have any allergies to them.

I hope this helps!

cindy on March 21, 2015:

Hi. I'm planning on having a bird cause my mom thinks it will help me with my lonelyness (disabled, only have 2 friends, mostly alone)

I hear so much about how loving they are but the more I read (like this page for example) it makes me unsure if a GCC really is the right bird for me.... have any advice?

tigerbaby777 (author) from Nampa on March 31, 2014:

Kim, you seem very angry..... Sorry my experience with my baby boy raised you hackles.

First of all, my bird is a male, you refer to yours as a female. My breeder actually tested his babies for sex. My baby was also hand raised and knew the step up command as a baby, I've had him since he was weaned.

I was also told by the breeder that males are territorial and to take care to not leave him out around small children and strangers. I would never allow my bird out around my 18 month old granddaughter as his beak can draw blood.

You are so very lucky in your hand me down birds and I hope, for your one year olds sake, that your new bird continues to behave after reaching maturity. Mine was also eager to cuddle with anybody before puberty.

tigerbaby777 (author) from Nampa on March 29, 2014:

Teri, I don't even use scented candles around my baby. Everything I've read about any bird regarding lung issues says they are toxic. I imagine smokey scents are much the same. It would be prudent to ask an expert.

Teri Spence on March 28, 2014:

We burn a lot of incense in our home. Is that really bad for a Pineapple Green Cheek Conure? Thanks for your help....

kim on December 19, 2013:

I think that each bird is diff in personality. Yes in general there are normal bird behaviors but my experience with conures is much much different! first conure we ever had was passed down I'm not sure how many times but he had behavioral issues but opened up to my family and we were considered his "flock!" He did not bond to just one person! However, if you are the only one carrying for your bird and living with it then I can see where they would drive everyone else out. We have a cinnamon now and she is THEE BEST ever! She cuddles with you, plays with you, eats with us at the table...has free roam of the house. Takes baths in my sink and shower several times a day and even sleeps with us too! She flies to my 1 yr old, 4 yr old, and my fiancée. She gets jealous of the dog sometimes but no behavioral problems as she hasn't hit maturity. these birds are very diff from domesticated pets and everyone should do research. Just like people have different personalities, so do these birds! They are all different but have the same behaviors in general as normal parrots. First of all, we never clip the wings so that could be a fault for some behavioral issues. Ours fly freely any time she wants. she doesn't get into anything bad but stays close to us or on us....Another major factor is purchasing as a hand me down, at a pet store, or from a reputable breeder who has hand reared them or hand fed them. If you want all the benefits etc then go for a reputable breeder! =D

Cor on August 20, 2013:

My Conure is so strange, we got him from a bird breeder and he is SOOO nice. He loves both me and my husband, and cuddles with everyone. I don't think ALL Conures are bound to one owner. I've owned a couple of birds and enough to know that when you first get them they can be mean and stressed. But our bird is being so sweet and cuddly. :)

tigerbaby777 (author) from Nampa on August 12, 2013:

Mike you two are very lucky! How old is your bird? Mine didn't start to hate guys until he reached adult age, about two.

Mike on August 01, 2013:

I don't know what it is, I keep reading about these birds bonding with only one person. My girlfriend and I share a bedroom with our Green Cheek, and he's both spoiled, and perhaps overly attached to the two of us. He comes to me for "hand hugging" and cuddling, and to her for nearly everything else. Though it does seem like he goes through phases almost bi-weekly on which of us is his favorite, he makes sure when he walks over to us, that he comes over and visits with the other one of us an equal amount of time. Haha. It averages out to seem quite equal.

barb on April 10, 2013:

When I came across this and read it I was cracking up, this sounds Identical to my GC Guava....within two days of bringing him home he was picking up words, and yes has to sleep with me, will attack the cat dog or anyone else who gets close, I have to admit the first time I seen it I was impressed, man they are quick and fierce.... and my BF says I would choose my bird over him LOL....I love my bird such a character

(= on March 26, 2013:

i absulutely love this story(=

cherylrose62 on March 09, 2013:

I have two Pineapple Conures , they are my babies they are part of my family. Its funny how two little birds can bring me so much love and happiness they are my world.

James on March 07, 2013:

We've been birdsitting a Green Cheek named "Clover" for the past 2 weeks and the little girl has really become attached to me. She's a hoot to have around! She likes to preen my lips, beard, eyelashes, ears, and nose. She loves to snuggle up in my robe and if I leave the room, she'll screech until I make an appearance. She likes to hang out with my wife, but will fly to me if she gets too far away. She's not a fan of my kids, but they're cool with that. I'm wondering how bad it will be on Clover when she goes back home in another month or two. Any tips on that fateful day? Her owners have had her for at least three years, so I'm actually surprised that she's bonded with me so well.

tigerbaby777 (author) from Nampa on February 09, 2013:

Jeanie, he's just a baby, leave him be on the bath thing. They will get to where they will let you know when they want a bath. Sometimes when I'm running water in the kitchen Tikko will fly to my shoulder and flutter his wings letting me know he wants to take a bath in my cupped hands. They don't bathe every day and when they want to they will bathe in their drinking water. Drinking water should be changed AT LEAST once a day.

Jeanie40444 on February 06, 2013:

We brought our greencheek conure 2 weeks ago he is 14 to 15 weeks old we have try every thing to get him to take a bath nothing works can someone please help me , ty

tigerbaby777 (author) from Nampa on January 05, 2013:

That's too bad about your canary! My little guy flew out one day and was so scared. It took me three hours to coax him down from a very tall tree. Parrots are flock obsessed so much easier to coax than a canary I imagine.

Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on January 04, 2013:

What a sweet story... Of course I had to read every word to see what happened.

I have had birds several kinds but never a parrot. My first bird was a canary and she got out and went outside and we never saw her again; I was so sad---I was only 7 at the time.

Thanks for sharing this with us...:) Sending Angels your way :) ps

tigerbaby777 (author) from Nampa on January 04, 2013:

Thank you Carly. Yes the love is amazing.

R.A. they need us more than the boyfriend does and they are our babies!

R.A. on January 03, 2013:

This was a wonderful read. I've had my little green cheek for three years and I just keep loving him more and more! I didn't think it was possible to have such a strong bond with a pet. My boyfriend never asks which of them I'd pick because I think he's afraid of the answer, haha!

carly on January 03, 2013:

i loved reading all about tikko, its amazing how so many different characteristics of these little guys are identical... my little man is only 1.5 years old and we love him to pieces, never knew i could get so attached to a bird. i love the way they always want to be with u, and its nice to hear the squawking and whistling when i get home :)

i love the picutre of tikko in a towel, so cute!

tigerbaby777 (author) from Nampa on December 29, 2012:

That is so sad Diana! My son accidentally let Tikko out one day. It took three hours for him to fly down into my hands.

One of the special traits of the conure is their fierce love for us, their desire to possess and protect us at risk to their own lives. Its that fierce little heart that makes them who they are.

I think she needs another one also.

Diana L Pierce from Potter County, Pa. on December 29, 2012:

My daughter had a conure she called Conner. He had the run of the house. Sadly one day he followed my daughter out the door, she never saw him and closed the door on him. She hasn't given her heart to another bird since that time. I would really like to see she gets another one. Good hub.

tigerbaby777 (author) from Nampa on December 29, 2012:

Thank you so much. You have no idea what a blessing this little guy has been to me. on December 29, 2012:

Really enjoyed your writing as this for me was a delightful and funny hub tigerbaby - pets teach us humans more than we know! Good ta meet ya on HP!

tigerbaby777 (author) from Nampa on December 27, 2012:

Thank you DDE!

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on December 27, 2012:

Awesome such a unique pet, sounds a friendly bird voted up!!

tigerbaby777 (author) from Nampa on December 26, 2012:

Thank you Thumbi!

JR Krishna from India on December 26, 2012:

Lovely! I wish I had a parrot as pet.

tigerbaby777 (author) from Nampa on November 29, 2012:

Saraphim, my Tikko laughs too! I laugh he laughs I laugh harder he laughs harder. He's a wonderful little ball of joy!

tigerbaby777 (author) from Nampa on November 29, 2012:

Debra, thank you so much for your comment. The special love of these little guys brings tears to my eyes. Very special indeed!

Saraphim24 on November 28, 2012:

Reading this made me smile and laugh. I even read some out loud to my little green cheek, and we laughed together. I love my little Peregrin. I never knew that a bird so small could be so amazing. My mom and I get a kick out of the fact that Peregrin absolutely adores the two of us, but despises the men in our family. And reading the part about your little Tikko in your hair reminded me of the day I first met my little green clown. When they choose you, you'll definitely know, as you'll most likely have to untangle them from your hair. :)

Debra on November 02, 2012:

Thank you for the chuckle. I too have a Green Cheek. They are very rough when they play and are well known for their biting. Mine will climb up my arm and onto my shoulder, then roll on her back and grab my hair with her feet. She plays with her toys like a cat. Rolls onto her back hanging onto the toy with her feet and attacks the toy.

Yes, they are very territorial and will pick their favourite people. Mine however loves both my husband and I, although she will come to me first if that is an option. Since my husband takes her in the shower with him, she has decided he's not so bad, haha.

Mine says lots of words too; want banana, pretty bird, treat, hello, hello baby, etc. She also makes a kiss sound when you tell her to give you a kiss. These birds are personality, plus, but are really best with people that have bird experience, especially parrot experience.

Thanks for the great Hub.

tigerbaby777 (author) from Nampa on October 10, 2012:

Alicia thank you! It amazes me every day that a little green parrot loves me so much. No matter the time of day or night he greets me and is ready to snuggle. His favorite show is Martha Speaks!

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on October 08, 2012:

I loved reading this hub, tigerbaby777! I have a dusky conure, and I know exactly what you mean about a conure's love/hate relationship with different people in the home. I had to laugh when you said that Tikko watches the Learning Channel while you are at work! He sounds like a wonderful companion for you.

J.J. Massa on September 20, 2012:

I have a Green Cheeked Conure--he's so full of personality. What a nut. Your story warmed my heart.

Jackie Lynnley from the beautiful south on August 15, 2012:

What a fantastic story, I just loved it! It makes me want one but I have a cat that is 17..sooo.

tigerbaby777 (author) from Nampa on August 10, 2012:

Time, I'm sorry about your friend I love my conure and YES they are aggressive! I think I made that clear.

Most conure bites are not even strong enough to draw blood. Once any bird reaches puberty they become protective of their flock. Your friends bird chose his cage mate as his flock rather than his humans. It's a normal and incurable problem in most cases. I would never introduce another conure to my home unless I had no desire to handle my bird.

Everything you read says once you have two watch out!

time1865 on August 10, 2012:

A friend has 2 hand reared Sundusky conures that they had since babies. The birds were always loved and handled. A few months ago one began to get nasty. Nothing changed in their surroundings, food or amount of time they were being handles.

They read all the advice on what to do to stop this action and still the one bird bit more. Last week my friends wife opened the cage and the bird flew directly across a 20' room and bit her husband in the eyeball. Needless to say the bird lost that battle. My friend is now partially blinded for life.

It is not a laughing matter when any parrot bites. They can disfigure and blind.

tigerbaby777 (author) from Nampa on June 05, 2012:

Thank you Moonlake! Thank you John! Let me know when you get ready to build a pond, I took waterfall building classes and maybe I can help you save some dollars.

John Sarkis from Winter Haven, FL on June 05, 2012:

Hi tigerbaby777, I loved your hub. He's so cute! You mentioned "fish food," do you have a pond? One day, when I can afford my house I'm planning to built a fish pond. This has been a dream of mine for every and a day... Again, great hub and your bird is adorable.

Take care


moonlake from America on June 05, 2012:

This is so cute. We know who rules your house. I love birds but we can't have them anymore our daughter has an allergy to them. Voted Up.

tigerbaby777 (author) from Nampa on June 05, 2012:

Thank you Audra!

iamaudraleigh on June 05, 2012:

Your bird is adorable with the towel round em! Poor! Voted this funny hub up! It was a great read!

Heather from PA on June 04, 2012:

Oh she is so special and so very funny! She is just over a year (already)! I hope Tikko and ypurself have some fun adventures.

tigerbaby777 (author) from Nampa on June 04, 2012:

Hahahaha! The cheeks are very special and loving aren't they? I'm happy your girl has a good home! How old is she? Tikko is going on four.

Heather from PA on June 04, 2012:

I was so happy to read this article! I felt like you were writing about my Cheeky Bird! I adore her even though she is acts like a 3 year old diva that is constantly having a tantrum!

tigerbaby777 (author) from Nampa on June 02, 2012:

Thank you!

Anoop Aravind A from Nilambur, Kerala, India on June 02, 2012:

hi I love this bird.thank u....

tigerbaby777 (author) from Nampa on May 30, 2012:

He loves his mommy and his mommy loves him! He's amazing!

aa lite from London on May 30, 2012:

This is a fantastic hub. I have heard that parrots were very much like dogs in how they become attached to a human being and expect to become a part of the family. Tikko sounds like a complete despot though!

tigerbaby777 (author) from Nampa on March 05, 2012:

I Know I LOVE mine! His vet is shocked at how good he is too. He said most conures are even mean to their owners. I hardly believe that!

MikeSyrSutton from An uncharted galaxy on March 05, 2012:

I love these! Though I am more of a mammal lover, these birds are definitely cool!