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How to Raise Baby Ducklings

Updated on March 22, 2010

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So, you either found a baby duck or multiple baby ducks, or you bought one at a feed store and you need help. I personally found three abandoned ducklings in the middle of a busy intersection and I wanted to share with you how to successfully raise them to adulthood!

1. Ducklings are very possessive. The first thing they see they believe it is their mother. If you are raising multiple ducklings with no mom they will bond together and nothing will tear them apart. If one of your ducklings gets left alone it will quack and peep for hours. If you are only raising one baby duck it will need human bond and become attached to its human handler. Keep in mind if you intend on keeping them as pets or releasing them back in the wild.

2. When they are little ducklings need warmth! Especially, If you only have one. Any heat lamp or lamp will do!

3. Housing. Any storage box will do to house your babies until they are older.You can use cardboard boxes too, but they might get wet, you will have to line the bottom of a cardboard box with a thick layer of newspaper. Any container that will house your baby ducklings will need to be lined. Ducks are the messiest animals I have ever had, they poop everywhere all the time! Also, during feeding times, food gets everywhere, make sure you have time to clean up.

4. Feeding. Ducklings have the biggest appetite in the world. If they don't attack their food as soon as they see it, that usually indicates sickness. It is quit easy to make homemade duck food or you can buy cornmeal or duck starter meal. Corn meal can be found at any grocery store, but duckling food can only be found in tack stores. Make sure not to buy adult waterfowl food for your baby ducklings because it is filled with medicine. Since, baby ducks have such big appetites it is very easy for them to overdose on any adult bird food.

Baby ducklings need a variety of greens and protein in their diet, but it all needs to either be finely chopped or all ground up in a blender. Here are several homemade meals I made my baby ducks on a regular basis.

I would blend a little bit of cat or dog food in a blender with and vegetables, romanian lettuce, spinach, brussel sprouts, cabbage, celery, carrots, broccoli and more. Also, you may include fruit, but not too much because it might increase their droppings and is high in sugar. Some fruits to blend into a mixture are grapes, strawberries, apples, bananas, peaches, tomatoes, pears, and more. You could also add eggs for protein.

For breakfast lunch and dinner, I would open my fridge and grab any of the above ingredients and throw them all into a blender and feed it to my ducklings. Some meals I would focus more on their veggies and greens and other times on their proteins, and sometimes just blended some apples for a little snack. Duckling starter meal is mainly filled with cereals and corn which is not as healthy as making them homemade meals. It might take a little longer, but in the end it leaves to happier ducklings.

Water. Ducklings love water, make sure to keep their water bowls shallow and sturdy. Your ducklings will jump in it every chance they can, and might even get their poop in it. Wet ducklings can lead them to get very cold. You can add some rocks or marbles in their water bowls so they can't jump inside their bowls, and so their bowls won't spill. Ducklings need water to swallow their food. You MUST provide them water when they are eating.

Swimming. Ducklings can swim at day one. You must supervise them when they are swimming, Fill a small tub with lukewarm water, and you can supervise your ducklings swim. When they are young do not let them swim for to long because their body will get to chilled. After they are done with their swim, make sure to dry them off. Once they get older you can let them swim in an inflatable pool.

Once your ducklings get to a couple weeks old you can lets them run free in your backyard. I made my three ducklings an enclosed are in my backyard where they can run free and pick at things on the grand. In the enclosed space I also included a tub that they can drink from and jump into. They also loved to be sprayed with a house. Do not leave your ducklings outside non supervised until they are about a month old. I ended up releasing my ducks into a local lake at three months old. I do not advise you keeping your ducks unless you have a large property for them to roam and a lake. They are very messy animals, and the best place for them would be to live in a lake with other ducks. They adapt very well, so you do not have to worry about them not surviving once you release them back to the wild.

Baby ducks are survivors! The smallest one of the 3 that I found just laid on the side of the road not moving while the other 2 ran around in circles. It looked like he got hit by a car ,or got stuck in a tire. I thought he was dead, but I couldn't just leave the poor guy on the side of the road. Once I got the 3 of them home, the injured one really picked up energy and turned out to be fine. Probably, he was just a little scared, maybe ran under a car. Remember, these guys are survivors!

Make sure to take lots of pictures of them! They grow so fast! If you have any other questions about raising ducklings comment me below! I would be happy to get back to you.


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    • lovelypaper profile image

      Renee S 6 years ago from Virginia

      We have duck that cross a busy highway here all the time and they've never gotten hit. Great hub.

    • GoodInfo. 6 years ago

      We just bought three little baby ducks a couple hours ago we had a big spare garden tub in our house we never use its making a nice place for them they are pretty fun so far. thanks for the information. sounds like it isn't too hard to handle we have all the required supplies, we should be good to go.

    • LolaSmith777 profile image

      LolaSmith777 6 years ago from Californiaaa!


      How are your baby ducks doing ?

    • ariel 6 years ago

      i just found two baby ducks an i have decided to keep them.. but i have no idea how to raise baby ducks could you help me out some?

    • scott 6 years ago

      hi i have just found some baby ducklings and i needed to know if you would have any idea about raising wood ducks

    • shan 6 years ago

      i just bought two baby ducklings, and i was reading online about how to raise them. Do they really need the infared lightbulb? or are they okay with out it?

    • littlechip 6 years ago

      thanx soooo much for all your help. this was amazingly helpful...thanx again!

    • LolaSmith777 profile image

      LolaSmith777 6 years ago from Californiaaa!

      no you do not need to use infared lightbulbs!

      If you have personal questions about your ducklings fell free to email me !

    • lauralolita profile image

      lauralolita 6 years ago from Florida

      Maybe this will convince my husband that ducks can be pets. Great article and love the pics!

    • Amy 6 years ago

      I have two little ducklings that are just so sweet... they already follow me everywhere, and love cuddles. Adorable little creatures!!

    • AD 6 years ago

      I have found a baby duck. Reading your info was very helpful although im not sure eactly how much food I should feed him.Please help!

    • Chapter profile image

      Chapter 6 years ago from Indonesia

      the duckling must need light to warm the body. What kind lamp we can use?

    • LolaSmith777 profile image

      LolaSmith777 6 years ago from Californiaaa!

      Ducklings have very big appetites. They will let you know when they are hungry and when they are full.

    • McKenzee 6 years ago

      I have 3 baby duck eggs. One of them is like cracted on one side and it is not moving!.? what should I do?

    • Steph 6 years ago

      We have had our duckling for about four days now, and he's doing well. We've been giving him chick started saturated in water so it's soupy, and shallow water with little bits of clover and lettuce floating in it.

      We don't use a lamp of an kind, and the only time he is in his home is at night. He peeps loudly when he is by himself, even in the dark. Is this normal, is he just lonely? Bought him a little stuffed animal today, have yet to see how he takes to it.


    • helpbabyduck 6 years ago

      My brother found what looks to me like a duck, i am not too sure right now. Here's a lil description. It has 5 or 6 white dots on its back and the tummy is white. I have no idea how to take care of it but i will simply try my best.... Help i'm a lil scared :)

    • Susan 6 years ago

      I have just had 6 eggs hatch from my momma duck...all the ducks are fine but 1/ He has trouble swimming...he swims in circles and runs into the side of the pan he is in. He also can't see his food unless I put him right in front of it and he just happens to luck up and get some. My question is why does he swim in circles?

    • Ria 6 years ago

      I Had Four lovely Call ducklings who all seemed in perfect health, until yesterday morning when in went in to check on them, and one of them was dead, lying near the food and water, and all the others were underneath the brooder. We think he must of choked on something, becouse all of the ducklings eat whatever they can get their beaks on. Have you any idea on how the duckling died? cheers x

    • julia 6 years ago

      does anyone know why ducking 3 weeks old sudenly stoped walking? and another one is started to be the same. please let me know if you got any idea.


    • LolaSmith777 profile image

      LolaSmith777 6 years ago from Californiaaa!

      one of the ducklings i picked off the streets was totally hit by a car's wheel. He was the easiest to catch because i forsure thought he was dead, but when i got them home he revived and turned out to be nice and healthy!

    • chase colbert 6 years ago

      i found a very young duck on the side of the road. i put him in a rectangular plstic container. should i put any hay or bedding in the container? and will one lamp with a 75 watt bulb do for wamth?? thanks. hope to hear back

    • Mehak Farooq 6 years ago

      I had two baby ducks. One of them was taken away by an Eagle. Now the other one is left alone. Its about a month old. It quacks day and night. It seems to be weak and shivering. There also seems to be a lump on its neck. Will my baby duck survive? What can I do to help it?

    • caset 6 years ago

      hi there, we just found a little duckling today.. have no idea how to take care of him!! understand about feeding, but it keeps running away and screaming, i don't even know if he drinks!!! what should i do with regards to heating him?

      thank you!! any help would be great :)

    • Bellaaa 5 years ago

      hey i brought 2 ducks and i released both of them today in a bigger laker but is that good or bad cause they where all used to people and now they are all by themselves with maybe a few other ducks. Can you please tell me if that is a good or bad thing?

    • bellaaa 5 years ago

      wait forgot to tell you they are all grown up now when i had released them!! :)

    • David 5 years ago

      We have a duck pond in our neighborhood. My daughters and I love to walk down and feed them. Is there a quick recipe for a healthy snack that I can make for them rather than feeding them stale bread as most people do? Thanks for any help.

    • bob  5 years ago

      hay i found what i think is a baby duck egg in my back yard and i took it onder a light and could see it . i know it is a bird and perity sher it is a duck but a few days ago it was crack down the middle all by itself we thought it was a wrird hacher so then we left to go out to eat and when we got back the crack was healed ? u can see it but can not feel it do u know eny thing like it ?

    • Damon smith 5 years ago

      thanks for all of your help. i have one baby duckling but he has a swollen area on the right side of the neck what could that be?

    • Darby 5 years ago

      I recently found a mallard duckling with no feathers in the middle of the street. I cannot tell how old it is, but it is peeping constantly and even bathing itself. It seems to be healthy, but wont eat immediately. We have only had if for about an hour and a half. how often should it eat? As for bedding, we have a heating pad with a thick towel on top in a cardboard box. I followed your instructions on what to give it so lets hope this works. My sister will die if this thing does not live so we need all the help we can get.

    • Rose 5 years ago

      I recently bought 2 ducks from the pet store, but there ducks are actually bigger than all the other ducks. Does that mean they are wild???

    • Jan 5 years ago

      Mother mallard was killed by a wild cat about 5 days before eggs hatched....i put them in an incubator. One duckling has a crooked was the first to try to poke out of the shell, but really the 4th out of 5 to hatch. Do you think it is wry neck, and is there any way to help??

    • poulet 5 years ago

      Hey Everyone. This is a nice article on raising ducklings. Good job! Please be aware that if you have found ducklings they are most likely wild Mallard ducklings. They are protected under the Migratory bird act and you should contact a wildlife rehabber for advise and transfer. It is illegal to raise wild ducks and really it is best for them to be raised wild so they will not habituate to humans and they also may have special needs. Us humans are just full of trouble with our cars, dogs, cats, development etc. Lets keep em wild and do what's best for them by allowing them to be raised correctly so they will stay wild and away from us and our dangers. You can locate a wildlife rescue in your area at Thanks for caring for wildlife!

    • rdnkkkgrl 5 years ago

      i just got 4 baby ducks and 6 chickens well the baby chick died,and my one duck had fur missing on the top of his head and a little on the neck,i went and bought them a little pink swimming pool and put them in it but the one w/no hair was laying under water while the others swam on top of him so i grabbed him out real quick n dried him off and my land lord was kinda giving it cpr and water came out his nose and he couldn't stand up for awhile well today i put them in again watching closely this time and took them out after about 5 min but he still couldn't walk wen i got him out it kept falling over like he was drunk or something so i don't no y he keeps doing this im really worried about him

    • dwmoore 5 years ago from VIRGINIAAAA

      this is darby, now with a hub. We learned a lot about raising ducks and this site was very helpful in our research.Unfortunatly, our little ducky died not so long ago. she died only a week before we could release her but she was sick from the beginning

    • Sage 5 years ago

      This is really helpful.I have one duck found yesterday and im sharing it with my friend. Can you tell me why it peeps three times? Is it hungry or what? Please help!

    • dwmoore 5 years ago from VIRGINIAAAA

      sage, ducks peep because they are lonely or frightened. However, if the are scared its normally one loud one. i would recommend a mirror and stuffed animal which will make it feel more comfortable. Also, always have food and water with it, ducklings eat constantly almost.

      Amit, just feed it duck starter food or the homemade suggestion in the article.

    • jenn E 5 years ago

      A few weeks ago we got two ducks off a guy that raised them,and he asked since we have a pond if we wanted them,I didn't but my boyfriend did. The pond is filled with snapping turtles and the one got snagged by one and died a few days later,I knew it wasn't a good idea putting them in that pond,but everyone insisted they'd be fine. I was heart broken,I love Animals! My question is now that the ducks companion is gone he's so lost,he just sits there by the water,I go see the duck as often as I can,he's starting to get attached to me and vice versa. He follows me now and I feel horrible when I have to go! I want to try and catch him and put him in the lake so he can be with other ducks,any tips on how I can capture him?

    • Sarah Jay 5 years ago

      Hey I found 6 Mallard ducklings today at a local pond, their mother is gone, I called around and apparently all the places are full where I could bring them or who could help. So I was wondering if you have an idea on how i could get them. I could take care of them for like 2 months and then let them go again when they were 3 months old... What do you think?

    • Shanti Priya 5 years ago

      your site was a God-send. A mom duck choose to nest in one of our planting areas. We left the area alone so she could nest in peace. Today the 4 ducklings were found across the road all by themselves under a tree, then they ventured out into the road. We put them back in the nest, but that didn't last long.

      Your site gave me the confidence to care for them at least until the weekend is over and we can find a good home for them. Who knows, maybe we will keep them until they are able to fend for themselves. We have a pond behind our house so this is a possibility.

      They are now settled down in an aquarium with a lamp on them. They have water available to them (your comment about the stones/marbles in the bottom was great-we are using a stainless steel cat dish). They loved the mash of catfood and grapes. Tomorrow I will pick up some corn meal, more veggies and fruit to give them variety.

      (sorta sounds like I'm looking long term....we'll see)

      thanks again

    • Char 5 years ago

      My parents live on a lake and my son found a tiny baby duck[looked like it may of just hatched]all by itself yesterday. It wasn't swimming, just kind of floating next to my dad's boat. My son got it out of the lake with it's net and took it in my parents enclosed porch, where it continued to act weird. Wasn't moving much, kept putting it's head all the way down and every so often it would flop over on it's side. We tried to feed it, but, it didn't eat. Well, when my step-mom came home, she made us put it back in the lake, saying it was obviously not going to survive if we kept it and was convinced the mother duck was around somewhere and will more then likely come back for it, but, the baby duck wasn't even chirping...poor thing didn't really do anything. We went out on the boat and it had floated to the middle of the lake, then a storm hit, when we got back from boating, the baby duck was gone. Now I'm worried and wish I wouldn't have listened to my step-mom and took it in. With predators around and even humans, this tiny duck may not of stood a chance.

      If I get lucky enough to see it again, should I take it in until it's bigger? Also, we didn't pick the baby duck up or anything, but, it was touched a little.

    • Polly 5 years ago

      My baby duck was doing fine last night, I came in from work and he look like he wasn't gonna make it. appeared weak, not walking, sleeping a lot, head kept dropping.... I left water and food crumbles (I do know it was wrong kind of food) can he make it?

    • Chantelle 5 years ago

      Hi I have a two week old alsbury duck. When can I put him outside. Will he be ok as we have a few cats round our area. How can u tell the sex ? Plzzz help me

    • me 5 years ago

      what's the measurement of food to give them, and how often?

    • Donna Sundblad profile image

      Donna Sundblad 5 years ago from Georgia

      Great article, sure to be helpful to all those people who end up with a duckling. Voted up.

    • Debbie 5 years ago

      Thankyou so much for the wonderful information on what to feed a baby duckling, we have just about tried everything lol, but this info you have given us has been far the best, cheers

    • laura 5 years ago

      great post!It gave me a lot of info.

    • erica sutherland 5 years ago

      hi i have a muscovy mother sitting on roughly 10 one day old chicks do i need to feed and water them or will mum take care of all that

    • billy williams 4 years ago

      Great Article!-I LOVE Ducks!-I haven't had any as pets but i go to a pond nearby & feed ducks & their babies,-The babies are so cute & their parents know to trust me as i've been feeding them for so long,-I've seen baby ducks as they grow up & then migrate,Then return & have babies of their own!-This was such a great article & I'll remember it if i ever end up somehow raising ducklings.-Thanks!

    • Ellen Smith Feb.02.2012 4 years ago

      A friend of mine gave me a mallard baby duck I still have Huey to this day. I take very good care of him. I keep him in a large pool like you can get at the Lowes and have a chainlinkfence to keep out pretitors. At night he likes to come in the house and sits in a babypen with dogy training pads. Also with a bowl of food and water, very inportant. He is locadet right in front of my kitchen window and he is the cutest thing to watch. I never knew that ducks can be so cuddly. I wrap him in a large towel and he wrapps his neck around mi neck. Since he does not have any other duckling friends he is very attached to me. There are so many good things to say about dogs they are smarter than we think. He comes when I call him,sometimes when we in a hotel and needs to be quiet I make gestures where he knows to be quiet and he is and so on. When I took Huey from this friend Of mine I know I would take care of him as long as I or he lives. They do require time to care for because there are to many preditors like cats dogs foxes and big birds in the sky. I strongly believe that we need to help and pick up ducks and any other left alone,or in danger anymal or any kind. But i also believe if there is no time or money available or not the right inviroment the ' should be notified. Thank you LoloSmith777 for such a great and helpful article.

    • Elllen Smith. Jan 2012dddd 4 years ago

      Forgot to mention Hueys age: 17 years and still going strong.

    • shan walsh 4 years ago

      hi my kids found a baby duckling he/she is only about 1 week old very small i don't have a heat lamp to keep him warm will he eat by himself or will i have to use a dropper please help i don't want him to die my kids very attatched thanks

    • JMemski 4 years ago

      They can't swim as soon as they're born by the way. Do you have any clue what age to let them in deep water? I can't find anything on it on the web? thanks

    • kayyluh profile image

      kayyluh 4 years ago

      Awh! I had baby ducks when I was a little girl, I actually saved one of their lives! I was so scared I would lose her. I really enjoyed reading this hub I have been wanting to get some more ducklings and your article helped me out. Thanks so much for sharing! Voted up and interesting :)

    • jsmith 4 years ago

      My daughter received a duck as a gift she really is the cutest little duck but is very attached to her.She can't go more than 3 feet away before she starts screaming and won't stop, the store said to put her in a room and let her scream until she gets over it...It seems kinda harsh to do but it's been over 2 weeks and she is still at it.. Today she screamed for 2 hours until we picked her up.. even sleeps in her bed and that can't happen for very much longer.. She probably gets lonely I have called all the feed stores for a companion but can't find any,, Do you think that may help?? Will a chicken be a good substitute?

    • 4 years ago

      Another duck would definatly help, one of my 3 ducklings hatched 2 days before the other 2 and was very attached to me until the others came along, now I can leave the room and they are quiet and when I come back they are happy to see me. If you get another duck try to get one the same age, I advise not to get a chicken as they are more defensive than ducks and may start pecking at the duckling. Good luck and hope I helped

    • Kuda 4 years ago

      Thanx a million for all this info. On ducks.i got two grown up is about to hatch.i thank God for all thoz who a caring for ducks.thanx.God will reward u.ok.

    • carrie 4 years ago

      We had some ducks be for and im thincking about getting 2 ducklings and we have huge yard the ducks names were Aden Jule and Rosie.

    • 4 years ago

      What breed were your ducklings?

    • no name 4 years ago

      is there even such thing as a white duckling and a black duckling?Wil the dogs eat the duckling if u have a dog?I HAVE 2 DOGS!O.O'

    • maddie kelly age 9 4 years ago

      I just got baby ducks they are really cute! We din't now how to raise ducks so I found this website it super cool now we know how to raise our ducks right thank a lot my ducks thank u big time too.

    • Tbone 4 years ago

      Hi I am Tbone. I call my farm Tbone's Green Acres. I just got 4 ducklings. I have them in my bathtub.. I wondering how long before I can let them out in my pond with the other ducks. Below is a link to a picture of them. On Tbone's Green Acres.

    • R3 4 years ago

      I am about to have 10 baby mallards in my back yard. Not sure what I need to do. The mother is still sitting on them. Any advice would be great.

    • nay09 4 years ago

      im not if anyone can help me figure this out cause im cery curious..I live in an apartment complex where there are many ducks that have babies all the time. BUt ive noticed that a certain mother duck gradually has less and less baby ducks and today she had none left . I have seen this with others too they go from twelve to one duckling. Anyone know what may be happening to them?

    • Nancy 4 years ago

      I have had chickens for a year now and my dad went and added ducklings tomy collection...they are only 9 days old and I have them in a special enclosure in our barn with heat lamp and food and water jar that i used for baby question is we were going to fence in a section of chicken yard for them and are putting in a small 8 by 8 pond for them I have never even thought of raising ducks but my neibor has a very large pond for them to play in when they are older is our plan ok and if they fly away will they come back? and how long until I can put them outside is their a sertain temp I should wait for?

    • Retz64 4 years ago

      I have 4 ducklings, and we give them freeze dried mealworms for treats. The older 2 started pooping a funny orange color today after my daughter cleaned the pen out. I found the mealworms were gone, and we had half a jar. We also use pine woodchips for bedding. Could the orange poop be because they are sick? Could the worms or the pine be the cause? My wife and I are really attatched to Sargent and Daphne. Any other ideas what it could be?

    • Courtney 4 years ago

      We got baby ducks a week ago. One has grown quite a bit but the other one hasn't grown at all. would there be a problem with it?

    • Amy 4 years ago

      I bought a baby duckling yesterday, 3 days old. possibly an indian runner cross, did everything i was suppose to do, fresh water, food, bedding, light and even covered her last night. about 20degrees here through the night.

      she was ok when i left for work but then my sister got her out at about 11am and said she was disorientated and falling over all the time. she passed away about an hour later.

      i was so devastated as 2 weeks ago both my bunnies died of myxamotosis so i was lookking for a new friend.

      i cant stop crying as i feel like its something i have done wrong? i don't understand it?

      should i get another one? i don't want anymore heartache!

      Amy NSW Australia.

    • Pat 4 years ago

      Are pine shavings good or bad for bedding in either ducklings or full grown ducks?

    • Jessie N. 4 years ago

      Hi. I have a Mallard and the day we got him and as soon as we put him and the other duck under the heating lamp he appeared to have a hurt leg. He won't walk on it and holds it up and just hops along. He seems to be drinking and eating but I don't know if he will last long with a hurt leg. The other duck in there cuddles with him and isn't hurting him but when someone tries I put their hand in there he kind of tramples over him but the Mallard still seems fine. Is there anything we should do to help him? Also, about how long do you think we should keep him under the heat lamp? And for two ducks how big does the area to keep them in need to be?

    • makenzie mallios 4 years ago

      can u add information about what tempetature to keep them and when to feed them and how often clean there cages i just got some for easter and we don't have a clue what to do with them.

    • honey 4 years ago

      Can I separate my 2 ducks sometimes for independence

    • shelby 4 years ago

      how much duck food can you feed your baby duck? and is peas good for them?

    • Linz 4 years ago

      Found a duckling today and it peeps but seems very friendly and healthy. I have discovered it's favorite place to be is in the front of my sports bra and cuddles up and sleeps quietly I can just do whatever:) thought it was funny but a helpful tip to the ladies with a peeping duckling :)

    • hannah 4 years ago

      Found 7 ducklings alone last night and peeping like crazy. did the mom abandon them and if so, do you know a place I can take them.

      Help please.

    • Hannah 4 years ago

      Ok, so i have always wanted ducks (i'm 21) and after getting married and moving to my own little farm i was set on getting ducks. i did weeks of research and found some conflicting articles. i still have NO idea what bedding they can have as some articles listed newspaper and old towels, others listed chick bedding. I also noticed at the feed store they are on chick bedding. So now i am confused. i've never been one to do things on a whim so i want to know as much as i can before i purchase any. we have a ton of space for them (out during the day and penned up at night) a giant plastic pool for swimming age babies. and a nicely built raising "tank" saw it at the feed store and had my husband build it for new babies! i have a heat lamp, waterer, and feeder. i know the food mixtures and a ton of other things but as for the bedding would appreciate a little insight! Thanks in advance!

    • christina 4 years ago

      My boyfriend brought home a baby mallard duckling yesterday. We don't have a heat lamp but we have it in a large basket lined with towels in our bathroom with a heater. From the research ive done, im guessing it is between 2-4 weeks old, judging by the feathers begining to grow from its tail.

      I wat to let it run around outside but the temps are only in the 60's and im wondering if that is too cold for it even if it is only for a few minutes. Any info received would be greatly appriciated!

    • LolaSmith777 profile image

      LolaSmith777 4 years ago from Californiaaa!

      at 2-4 weeks you can let them run outside! in the wild they live outside, it is perfectly fine to let them out for a little!

    • LolaSmith777 profile image

      LolaSmith777 4 years ago from Californiaaa!

      it does not matter what bedding you use, you can use whatever you have in your home, or buy chick bedding, They will only be living in a confined space for a little while before they are old enough to live outside! Remember, baby ducks in the wild live on dirt and grass, the bedding is what is most convenient for you, the ducklings wont mind!

    • LolaSmith777 profile image

      LolaSmith777 4 years ago from Californiaaa!

      leave them alone and see if the mother returns, if not call your local animal shelter!

    • LolaSmith777 profile image

      LolaSmith777 4 years ago from Californiaaa!

      I wouldn't, that causes to much stress!

    • LolaSmith777 profile image

      LolaSmith777 4 years ago from Californiaaa!

      During the first week keep them warm and inside, and after that it is fine to let them outside! Baby ducks in the wild are born outside and live outside! Clean the cages as many times you find necessary.

    • LolaSmith777 profile image

      LolaSmith777 4 years ago from Californiaaa!

      One of my baby ducks was always smaller than the others, it could just be the runt!

    • LolaSmith777 profile image

      LolaSmith777 4 years ago from Californiaaa!

      Let the mother take care of them!

    • LolaSmith777 profile image

      LolaSmith777 4 years ago from Californiaaa!

      Keep your ducklings away from the dogs just to be safe, cats are a bigger concern! A small puppy might want to play to hard with the ducklings. My dog didn't do anything, he just smelled them and left them alone. Depends on your dog!

    • LolaSmith777 profile image

      LolaSmith777 4 years ago from Californiaaa!

      Just keep the ducks separate from your dogs in an inclosure

    • LolaSmith777 profile image

      LolaSmith777 4 years ago from Californiaaa!


    • LolaSmith777 profile image

      LolaSmith777 4 years ago from Californiaaa!

      They CAN swim the second they are born. The first thing a mother duck does when they hatch is lead them to water. Ducks can swim right away, they are born with those insticts! You can let them out in deep water the second they are born, but i wouldn't until they are older.

    • LolaSmith777 profile image

      LolaSmith777 4 years ago from Californiaaa!

      I would keep them away from cats until they are older and can run away or fly away if they are being chased. You can only tell their gender when they are older and grow their adult feathers. The males will have more colorful, brighter feathers than the females.

    • emma 4 years ago

      thanks for the tips we just baught four duck and they are a hand full but they are so cute!! :) thanks again

    • Tigger! Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo 4 years ago

      Wow! Thanks so much, this helped me a lot!! They love to swim in my tub and when they get a month old are going to my sisters pond! I dried them well and they like the heat lamp, and yes they are a bit messy! I added a little grain to the blend of greens and dog food, and they enjoyed that as well.

      Thanks so much!

    • Jean Butterfield 4 years ago

      Inoticed a mother a 12 ducklings wandering round my garden today. We have high fences and a gate so I am not sure how the got in. We don't have a ond or water. She walked round the garden most of the day and seems lost. could she be? do I do anything or just leave her to it. should I put out water or any food? They are so cute. I would like to help but don't want to interfere.

      Any comments would be most welcome.


    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 4 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Voted awesome. From a former bird rehabber, you did a fine job with the ducklings!

    • Keisha 4 years ago

      Hi i do have one question....i bought two ducks from my feed store and i have had them for all most a month but i wanted to move them into a bigger cage but i wanted to know how long they did a light for warmth? You can email me at

    • Bethany 4 years ago

      Hi, please email me at I am thinking about getting one! :)

    • Amanda 4 years ago

      I just bought two baby Peking ducks, I have 17 acres of farm land with two ponds, is there any way to guarantee they will stay when they are grown?

    • big mamma 4 years ago

      I realy want to take care of ducklings and then release them after a few months but will they make it if they are from a feedstore.

    • Holly Meagan 4 years ago

      Hi we just bought 4 ducks that are doing great but we don't know how old they are just wondered how old your ducks were in these pics or if you knew cause mine are just about that size

    • Lou 4 years ago

      Hi I got 2 Aylesbury duckling 5 weeks old on Saturday but they are still very scared off me any tips on making them more demeacated ? As I want them to be pets :) thanks

    • josh 4 years ago

      I literally just found 2 ducks on the rd less than an hr ago and they are so Damn cute!! What should I do first?

    • Anaimous 4 years ago

      My ducklings r sneezing or something, so can ducklings catch a cold?

    • Goodnight15 4 years ago

      How do you know if your little duckling is sick?

    • katweeves 4 years ago

      The baby duck I found today isn't eating. I have offered 'her' very small seeds, wet cat food, wet cat food mixed with soy milk. I have forced a little bit of the cat food soy milk mixture. And she has drunk the tiniest amount of water. She seems pretty perky. Any suggestions on getting her to eat? And she just pooped for the first time!

      She is tiny, maybe just hatched today.

    • Josh 4 years ago

      Found two orphaned ducklings. Have been caring for them for two weeks now. Both were doing fine but for the last few days one has matted wet fur on top

      Of his head and one eye gets swollen. Think it might be a sinus infection from what I read but haven't seen anything about the hair loss/ constant wetness on top of the head. Very concerned, Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • cherrie 4 years ago

      Hi, i was told i could let my baby duck swim.. the water was a bit cold, but not freezing, i let him in the water maybe less than tem minutes while i cleaned his cage and he just froze up, is he ok and what happened? I am guessing he froze up, got to cold. will he be ok?

    • Melisa 4 years ago

      We just had a moma duck and an entire litter of ducks on our porch. Our dog ran the mama away now I have I think 8-10 baby ducks that I am needing to raise.... I am going to try feeding them veggies and fruits.

    • gabriel 4 years ago

      kay so i just got 2 baby ducks but they are still eggs so what can i do to taake care of them

    • erica sims 4 years ago

      you want to feed the ducks eggs....?

    • wendy 4 years ago

      my cat brought a live baby duck home, tried to find its mother but no luck. how do i now keep it alive,it is only very tiny, it is feeding on mealworm is this ok? how often should i feed him, and how much? should i handle him? i have put him in a cat basket in the utility room which is very warm, how often should i check on him? will he be ok over night with out me checking?

    • Chloe 4 years ago

      Our jak Russell just killed a mother duck but we found two eggs and they hatched and their fine but we don't know how to feed them

    • Adam 4 years ago

      Hi we just found 2 newborn ducks one of them seem to have crippled legs what should I do ?they won't eat Ive tried wit a dropper and a bowl but they still won't eat please help me

    • Nicole 4 years ago

      We got 2 baby duck around Easter and they have now doubled in size and started to get feathers. We took them to the park which is called the "duck pond" because there is tons of other ducks and geese. They did not want to go in the water but after several attempts they finally went in . These huge geese came over to them and started chasing them and pecking at them. Then a couple of what we assumed were female geese got in between the other geese and the baby ducks and hissed at the other geese and then seemed to take them in. I really hop they will be ok. My kids were upset and was scared that the geese were gonna kill them. It was really upsetting cause we thought we were doing good by releasing them but not sure if they were old enough are ready.

    • Victoria 4 years ago

      I'm going to be 12 next week and I was just looking at pictures of little ducklings and they are so cute! We have a fairly big yard and live by the ocean. I have 2 cats and I have raised many hamsters. I have a few questions:

      1. I'm not home a lot but home for at least an hour everyday, would I still be able to care for one duckling?

      2. Where would I put the box in the house, living room, my room, etc.

      3. Would the ocean be okay for the duckling?

      4. Would it be okay to raise the duckling if I have cats around?

      5. My backyard is a bit bumpy, does the pen have to have a flat ground?

      6. Do you need to pay a lot of attention to them?

      7. If you create a good bond with the duckling, will it, as a grown duck, come back to you if you let it swim in the ocean?

      8. What would be the best breed?

      I would really appreciate it if you could answer these questions and maybe add a few more facts that would help me out.

    • pepper 4 years ago

      i rescued 11 ducklings and mother,they look to be about only a few hours old.

      she probably had a nest near by, but thee is no water source around so after they hatched my guess is she was wandering thru the neighborhood trying to find something suitable. i corralled them in my yard, they are in an upsiededown play pen so no animals can hurt them. i tried giving them wet breadcrumbs but the mother is to scared and so the ducklings don't want to eat how soon after they are born do they need something to eat, they don't seem to waant to go in the box i put out for them,will they get cold and sick or can they keep each other warm.i have some greens in my garden.can they eat it chopped or does it need to be blendid. what can i feed the mother duck tonight.

    • kc 4 years ago

      I raised a couple of ducks and found that a small childrens pool (the hard ones)was a great home until they got bigger. also, a glass pie plate made a good water source for them.

    • Kassie 4 years ago

      I have questions..

      I'm really scared the ducks, that we just found, will die. There are 2. They have brown feathers. I don't know even the littlest things about ducks. Can you please help me? I'm really scared they might die, and I have younger siblings, that will cry a whole lot if these 2 ducks don't make it. Please help.

      My nanny used to take care of ducks, but not these type of ducks, as she says. She's going to take care of them, but, she's not sure what to feed it, or how tiny the food should be cut up if you don't have a blender. And, does the food have to be wet, or does there need to be water, along with the food, like in a bowl or something?

      Do they need a lot of roaming space? We're not sure how old these ducks are. We're guessing that they're mallards. Do we have to put them in fresh water? Or can we just give them water, straight from the sink? What else can you use to warm them up, besides a heat lamp. Please help. I don't want them to die. My brothers and sister will be very dissapointed and sad. My youngest brother is only 4 and he adores the ducks, very dearly. And they're very afraid, and are cuddling each other, in the corner of the bathtub. Can we let them sleep in a cardboard box, it's a bit small. It's shaped like a rectangle. Can the ducks eat any type of vegtables? We have this type of veggie i guess you could call it. I'm not sure if they can eat it.. Please help. I really don't want them to die.

    • robin 4 years ago

      we have a teenage duck who has managed to pound a small size bowl of dog food still in full pieces we can feel it in its throat does any one have any suggestions besides water

    • Amby 4 years ago

      It sounded like some people where releasing domesticated ducks into the wild and many of these can't fly. If a duck can't fly it won't survive in the wild. If you can't care for it, some animal shelters will take domesticated ducks.

    • Louis 4 years ago

      Great hub :) by the way what type of ducks are they?

    • Paul 4 years ago

      Omg i didn't listen to myself and did what others said and brought mine to a farm after i found dying pissed off

    • mya 4 years ago

      i have two baby ducks(4 days old) and they seem perfectly healthy but there's always water or clear fluid commming out of there nose NOT ONLY WHILE DRINKING is that ok? they play,eat,sleep,drink and seem fine why could this be happening?????

    • Baby Ducks 4 years ago

      Baby Ducks It started on May 3 2011 all the birds in our neighborhood are having a mating frenzy flying into our big fenced in backyard. We tried scaring them away it worked for most birds but the ducks only had one thing on their minds. One duck in particular would not leave, my wife and I scared her (a pretty bird with a Mohawk head dress) by running at her waving our hands and arms, we thought that worked she flew away. It was on June 7 we were sitting on our patio and across the lawn the duck we thought we frightened away in May came walking with her brood of eight babies.( boy we did not see that coming).We looked around the yard and found the nest in some thick juniper shrubs next to the air conditioner compressor .Now what do we do ( 1) gather then up with mother and relocate to the nearest lake or pond (2) call wildlife department (3) let them stay in the yard until they can fly away. My wife and I love wildlife so it was # 3. Now how to get started? First I got a garden hose and turned it on slowly, just enough to make a big puddle” they really liked that”. Next I bought Mills Brothers Wild Bird Seed” they really liked that” with equal amounts of water very important and a big bowel of seed for mother. We tried chick starter feed” no one liked that” Now with all that food on the ground we find out that there are baby quail, bluebirds, finches’, and four baby squirrels, all fighting for seed. One morning June 10 we found two dead baby ducks one close to the seed and the other next to the puddle.We did not think of anything other than birth defects. The next morning my wife was looking out the window at the seed and saw a big male quail attack and kill a baby duck, mother duck could not get there fast enough its little neck was broken (I did not know quail could do that, but I guess they have babies as well) June 14 we get up early and find that there are only 4 baby ducks another one gone? Needless to say we found out where the baby duck went! We have a hawk in our neighborhood (to gross to tell what we saw next) now we have 3 baby ducks. Now it’s getting hot outside, but we don’t want mother duck to fly away, and abandon her babies because we scared her, so we don’t turn on the air conditioner (her nest is next to the compressor) One other thing that was strange about mother duck is she would disappear about every 4 to 5 days for about 5 hours and would always return at dusk, I guess she has a GPU. (A good mother).Now it’s June 28 and the babies have doubled in size, they are not afraid of very much; they are so big, and starting to get feathers.Now its September 7th the three babies are about thirteen weeks old.Mother duck has been missing for three days the last time we saw her she was trying to teach them how to fly and they wanted no part, in fact they quit following her and moved about the yard on there own and we think this made mother feel her job was done and that’s why she didn’t come back.Now its October, 3 and its time to go, or keep them for the winter and I think that would be bad for them to stay,but what to do? We asked everyone including animal control to animal rescue they all said the same thing, take them to a public lake where they can get grass and and lots of people to feed them year around. So on October, 8 I put our big wire dog cage on the patio put seed and water in for two days until they felt it was ok to go inside. I put a string on the cage door and when all three were inside I closed the door, put them in my pick-up, delivered them to our public park, checked on them a couple of times, everything looked OK! “ I think”. There were hundreds of ducks that looked like them but we can’t be sure, I feel like they are doing well. That is what we experienced one great summer it was fun “TRY IT’’ PS. Iits april 24 2012 and mother duck is back! Now what to do?

    • kinkykitty 4 years ago

      I bought a 5 week old duckling 2 days ago, how long will it take 4 her yo get used to me. im with her most of the day but shes still peepin!!!

    • firsttimemommy 4 years ago

      on of our ducks is having trouble with its leg. last night he was ok.any ideals what to do ? having trouble finding a vet around me

    • darragh 4 years ago

      how do you get a duck to have eggs

    • Foller 4 years ago

      I bought two ducks and one of them died. The other duck simply went crazy all day so I decided to release him at a lake. He's 5 weeks old, will he be able to survive alone?

    • zahra 4 years ago

      hi there i have a baby ducklings and now its about 2 weeks old but next door i they have 3 cats that come to my back yard and they all do hunting how can i stop those cats from attacking my duckling ?

    • bear 4 years ago

      i am 9 years old. i constantly give them fresh water and chick starter. also they are always under a heat lamp in the bathroom. but they are dying. what am i doing wrong?

    • Orchyd7 4 years ago

      I Found a Baby Duck or Goose. I also did and am attempting to relocate it, and have called the proper persons.

      Here's what all these posters are saying, even a 9 year old, and for crying out loud, they are dying, this kid should not have been unsupervised, where are the parents??! DO NOT TOUCH ! They are NOT Toys ! You are better off releasing them, they are great at surviving, as close as possible where you found them in a grassy area and/or pond, as I have found through careful research and questioning the right persons.

      People, these are wild, if you find these, you are not supposed to keep them as pets, here is the the first thing you are to do. Call your local Humane Society! Then, this is from the experts :

      Normal Feathers – The young duck or goose might be old enough to be alone. A licensed wildlife rehabilitator

      can help you decide. DO NOT FEED OR GIVE WATER. Call a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

      Please do this and save a Duck. Thank you.

    • david clark 4 years ago

      my aunt just got me a baby duck he is so awsome hes like my son i love him

    • Ochyd7 4 years ago

      Same comment to that last post. It sounds like some well-meaning adult gave a child a live gift, I hope the poor thing survives. I suppose this one came from a store, they do raise them there, good luck to you and treat it well, but please leave the wild ones where they are, and I realize they need rescue once in a while.

      In that case do call the wildlife rehabilitators or release the ducks Asap at a pond, or a grassy place where you located them if you can.

      Thank you:)

    • pjgootee1 4 years ago

      can I raise my ducks & goose on the ground in a pen

    • penny456 4 years ago

      i think raising a duck is a lot of work its really hard one time i found an egg then it hatched i took care of it tell it was a grown duck

    • 4 years ago

      I really want to raise a duckling, can ducks live with chickens?

    • Guest 111 4 years ago

      I think it should be noted - that ONLY wild ducks should be released back into the wild. Ducks that were purchased through a breeder are tame ducks - and in MOST cases their ability to fly has been bred out - making it impossible for them to fly south for the winter. Do not release tame ducks into your local ponds/lakes.

    • Kelly 4 years ago

      Hi, I have indian runner ducklings about 4 or 5 days old. Can I feed them slugs/grubs I find in the garden?

    • cheyenne 4 years ago

      hey i just found 2 baby duckling eggs and i don't know when there r going to hattch and what do i do with them my mom don't know i have them so what do i do

    • cheyenne 4 years ago

      how do i keep the eggs safe and haw do i know r they alive or not

    • tony 4 years ago

      12 ducklings hatched at school courtyard. 2 parents also soooo adorable cute cute cute !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Brandi 4 years ago

      Hello, I've raised ducks before but that was a while back... Now at school a couple of boys bought 2 to run them over as a joke. I took them from them and I they seem fine. However I don't remember the temperature I'm supposed to keep them at and how old do they have to be to not need a heat lamp? Please get back to me ASAP.

    • a.Jacobs 4 years ago

      i found one duckling n was wondering if bby food will work

    • MarthaEllen 4 years ago

      A lot of good info - Thanks! Live on an Inlet, 2nd year that She Duck has returned with Mate, but this was the first time she had brought Ducklings to our home after hatching--had 15! The next day she returned with all 15 then the next day...NONE. We believe they drowned or the Otter's/turtles ate them. Needless to say, we are Sad. We can tell she is nesting again, and would like to "assist". Seems other Ducks on the Inlet wind up with only 4 ducklings making it to several weeks old. If/when she shows up this time, we could be prepared to take some to care for until they are ready (as yours were 2 or 3 months) to go it alone. Unemployed, at home 24/7 and could put in the time and (quite willing) attention. Already had the unmedicated scratch and milled corn for the last Batch. They were pecking away at it on that 2nd and final trip here. Just a Bummer to lose all 15! What is your knowledgeable advice and hit me with the Truth. Thank you ahead of Time. MarthaEllen

    • sara 4 years ago

      i love lil duckies lol i love them

    • kelley 4 years ago


      I have a mallard about a month old. Originally a pair, I would like to know the best course of action in providing an optimal life for my little friend. Currently, I live with my parents an had planned on releasing the pair at a friends pond for a long term plan. I am afraid now of what I should do? Duck diapers and the long haul? Introduction to the wild...perhaps find a wild family and try to sneak him in...? I spend many hours a day taking him out to 'hunt' and swimming or watching tv so I am not too sure he will be bonded or want to leave me or he will hear the call of the wild.....Any advice is welcome!

    • Nicholas 4 years ago

      I want a baby duck but my mom won't let me!!!!!!!!!!

    • dylan 4 years ago

      do u have to put them in the wild if u bought the from a pet store?

    • Shannon 4 years ago

      Hi! I feel as though I should start out by saying that your website has been oh so helpful to me and my children. I have two 12 year olds and an 11 year old. They have been nagging my about allowing them to adopt pet ducks from ducks for backyards. We have single income so we cannot afford big brooders. The girls were just enchanted by the pictures of bruiser and sheldon and actually decided to name on of the ducks shelldan. What type of ducks do you have? We were planning on getting white layered. We have a medium size backyard with a shed that we could keep them in. We were planning on adopting them over the summer so the girls could be with them. We know that we should keep them inside for the 1st week and then move them outside. Is a shed safe? We were planning on 4 also, 2 girls; Lillie and Lacie, and 2 boys, Shelldan, and Pooki. Would it be okay to have girls and boys together? We read that they can start mating at 16 weeks but we don't want tons of baby ducklings. How often do they lay and what should we do with their eggs. My whole family is vegan so we would not eat the eggs. Can duck eggs be eaten? Thank you so much! The girls love you website and didn't fall asleep until 4:00 AM looking at your website and woke up at 6:00 to start again. Also my husband may need some convincing, do you have any ideas, such as how hard are they to handle.Also Pekins or white layers?

    • brittney 4 years ago

      I just bought two ducks and i am only 12 but i have a few qustions thart i wad wondering if you could put them in your bathtub with just a little bit of water mine seem to love it and i cant leave the yard with out them

    • rachel 4 years ago

      i really want a duck my class is hatching them and i want a pompom duck!!!!!!!!!

    • seannisert 4 years ago

      what do you do when you have wild duck eggs,becuase its mother is me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • rachel 4 years ago

      does anyone know how to convince their parents to let u have a duck????????

    • Alex 4 years ago

      I just foud 7 ducklings on the side of the road running around in circles!! Should I put them in my pool to cool off for a few minutes of its hot outside?

    • sara and paul prescott 4 years ago

      We have been incubating Rouen Mallard egg for sometime now. We have run into a problem keeping them alive. They hatch out pretty well, and look really good for about 2or 3 weeks. They ate and drink well, but all of a sudden when watered and feed, we go back in there and some will be dead. Could you please give we some pointers. Do you keep food and water in front of them all the time?

    • lance 4 years ago

      Today i found a baby duckling outside and saved it from my cat. i brought it inside and put together a plastic tub with a blanket inside with food and water but it doesn't want to move. its not interested in the food or water.(note)it looks quite a bit younger than the ones in your pics. any suggestions?

    • Gary Huntsman 4 years ago

      You seem to know a lot about ducks so I hope you don't mind my asking you some questions about mine.

      I started out with 2 ducklings about 1 month old. As expected, they were inseparable until one got mauled by a stray dog and had to be put down. The remaining duck (Orville) was very vocal when I took Wilbur away and I knew ducks weren't good as individuals so I bought two more (Bonnie and Clyde) only these are very small chicks. I was advised to keep them separate for a while as the older duck may pick on the younger two. I have the smaller ducks in a large pet carrier which is inside the pen. Today i noticed that the bill of one was injured and I am fairly sure the older duck waited until the chick put their bill through the grate and bit it. I am sure the duckling will be okay but I need to know long this behavior might continue. I now have the pet carrier cordoned off from the rest of the pen so it shouldn't happen again. Yesterday I put the chicks in the wading pool one at a time for a quick dip and Orville made it quite clear that this was not acceptable. Also, since the unfortunate demise of Wilbur, Orville has been shedding quite a number of feathers----grooming them out apparently. Is this a stress related issue to due to loss of Wilbur or just the time of the year for this? I have a duck house that I will be floating in my small stock pond once they are all large enough to start to get along but they are in about a 50 square foot pen with a child's wading pool in it for now. I'm also dog proofing my entire property soon so the dog problem will not be a continuing issue. Since I've had the first two, we kept them near the house, first in a pen then without the pen to run the property which is my preference. With the pool present, they will not go into the pond and when I've carried or herded them to the pond, they jump in, swim across and scamper back to the house and the pool. How can I condition them to spend most of their time at the pond? I really don't want them so attached to the house area. Like relatives, I don't mind a visit but I really prefer they live somewhere else.

      Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

    • Tracey 4 years ago

      Hi me and my partner just bought 2 runner ducklings from a pet shop. it was a spur of the moment buy as we thought they were being mistreated as they looked miserable and dirty and were staying in a dirty hutch. Only problem is we have no idea how to care for a duckling and the people in the shop couldn't tell us anything except that they can't fly. We got them home and put them in a shallow bath to clean themselves up. When they were nice and dry they looked a lot healthier. Could you just give us some advice on how to properly care for them? We reckon they are about 4 weeks old from pictures we have seen on the internet. They are currently living in a rabbit hutch outside on a bed of sawdust and a blanket, with corn feed and water in specialised duck/chicken feeders. Will they be warm enough? What sort of housing should they have when they get bigger and at what age will they need a bigger house? Should they be vaccinated against any diseases? Wormed? Flead? Any information you can give us would be great! Thanks, Tracey and Cindi

    • susan rider 4 years ago

      my friend found a duckling its about a few days old, it was alone so she gave it to me, its a wild mallard and very scared, ive put it with my young chicks to calm it down but im afraid it will fret for its mum, i have a duckling dew to hatch so it wont be alone for long, do you think it will settle ok

    • Molly 4 years ago


      I have just adopted a duckling which had been abandoned by its mother. It is very young now and I am prepared to keep it in the house with the heat lamp for a few weeks, but I was just wondering how ond it has to be before it can a)be without heat and b)go outside into the poultry ark without heat. Thanks for your help!

    • heather 4 years ago

      I just got a baby duck he bites himself a lot is that normal?

    • NickJOEY7404 4 years ago

      Me and my children just found a baby duckling wandering around in the high grasses around are property there are 3 small ponds nearby and we don't see any ducks around and our coon dog actual found the duck. So we picked it up and we just got finished raising a group of Rhode Island red baby chickens. So we just brought the baby duck back to the house and put it into a pet taxi and lined the bottom with some pine shavings. I was just wandering if the chick starter food I had left over from the baby chicks would be sufficent food for the duck plus some of the recipes that you had listed as well.

    • juliet lopez 4 years ago

      i found an abandoned duckling when we found the family in the same lake the mom pecked at her and so did the other ducklings and tryed to drown her so i kept her

    • jake 4 years ago

      i am planning on keeping my ducks and i was wondering if they wud fly away if they lived my yard?

    • Jacqui 4 years ago

      I just became a foster Mom to 5 baby mallards. The mother was hit by a car on the high down the street from my house. I was told by the pet store to feed them ground corn and meal worms. I keep them in a 20 gallon tank with a heat lamp @ night and outside during the day. This was such a big help but the only question that is unanswered is how often should I feed them. Everytime I notice that they have eaten everything I fill it back up but I am afraid that they will get obese... please help!?

    • Nrpastel 4 years ago

      We found a baby wood duck. It won't eat right now . Should we be worried? We are going to try your recipe. We r wondering why cat or dog food is included since they both contain meat? Your article is amazingly helpful.

      Thank you

    • Sarah 4 years ago

      Great information thanks I have ducklings in my yard but I have not seen the mother.

    • Rose 4 years ago

      So if I raise just one duckling and its all grown up is it fine to realese it into the wild where there are foxes and coyotes would it still be fine?

    • Beccadrln 4 years ago

      Amother brought 7 baby ducks into my yard, I have a small koi pond which they have lived for 3 days, Mother stayed with them 1st night, the next about 30 yards away, then poppa showed up now neither parent, My pond is not big enough and not usre if it will harm my koi, They are also eating my koi palet food. How soon can I release them?

    • lisa 4 years ago

      found a baby goose! i know your talking about ducklings but would you happen to know how often they are suppose to eat?

    • Nicky 4 years ago

      I have two ducks and one attacked the other the wound is around the neeck and it is hard for the duck to eat and drink. they are about 4-5 weeks old. we gave the wounded one the heat lamp since we had to separate them will the duck with out the lamp be harmed?

    • Sarah K 4 years ago

      Do you cook the food before you blend it? Like the veggies?

      Also how often do you have to clean their poop? I'm sated about leaving them for too long (10 hours) during the day.

    • goobers11 4 years ago

      Found an orphaned Mallard in my pool. The mother and 7 other ducklings were here this morning but now they're all gone. We have been seeing a hawk flying around our house and we found an injured duckling in the pond near house our, along with four other ducklings with it. Could the hawk have taken the mother and the duckling? please help. I'm scared for the missing duckling and the mother.

    • SkyLar 4 years ago

      Help I just got 2 baby ducks and they want to fly but we have no fenced in cage for a bird.And I am afraid to let them fly around without a fenced in place.Could I just put them like on a very light leash or what HELP.

    • Matt 4 years ago

      umm...I found a baby duck today and it doesn't want to eat the corn meal at all.

    • sam 4 years ago

      I found 3 duckings a few days ago, although one died the other two are doing really well. I have placed them in a box with grass suds so it's more natural for them and give them a little tub of water not too much as their not meant to get too wet.. I am also feeding them on carrots, chickpea's with raw egg for protein and they love it.. Hopefully I can then release them back where I found them with other ducks when their older..

    • chiconoa 4 years ago

      We have 2 x 3 week old ducks. How much and how often are the suppose to eat as at the moment they have a constant supply of food but i want to make sure they do not over eat??? please help

    • Tess Reisler 4 years ago

      I just found next to my chicken coop, 1 litle duck or goose. probabl he is 2 or 3 days old. i followed your recipe above, blending all the vegetables, but I have to feed him/her by eye droper. any suggestion? seems like he doesn't eat by himself. he jumps all the time (out of the box)

    • Dani Wright 4 years ago

      I just got a duck im not sure how old it is. it is still a littlish one. it's got a hurt leg. and wont eat or playing the water. it also does not get up when is goes potty. any one know what i should do?

    • Hallie 4 years ago

      I got two 2 week old ducks about 4 weeks ago. their names are Duck and Other Duck. they never leave each others side. but today or late last night Other Duck died. will Duck die because he doesn't have a companion? please write back soon someone because i need to know if i need to get another duck. thx!

    • mary 4 years ago just feed baby ducks (game bird STARTER ) feed up to 4 months old . and LOTS of water ,always have food and water in with them , change water a lot , they like to eat grass too. have a little baby pool of water for them to sweam in when you put them out doring the day . keep them from pray in at night . they do poop a lot , ducks do that you no . just clean up after them to keep you and tham from bacterias . keep clean. release after wing feathers are in to fly for your feed store near you for more questions on how to feed or care for the little ducklens. be kind to them. do not let them in cloren pools,not good. good luck for the duck . thank you , maryanne

    • ducks 4 years ago

      the ducks wont die. if you release the mom and the ducklings they will survive the were born to survive. and they where taught by there parents. don't worry release them all.

    • dillon 4 years ago

      there are three little babys just outside my apt. in a pond I haven't seen there mom in 2 days and she had 8 babys so I don't know what to do can I help the little orphans

    • rhonda varsane 4 years ago

      Hi, a little duck with feathers has been alone lost in the Texas heat, he was just laying there. His eyes are shut although opened one. I gave it some water, couldn't tell whether he was actually drinking. What is best. i have him in a plastic box with him in a washrag with a hand towel over the top. He is chipping now and then.

    • Xauvyang 4 years ago

      Hi my name is Xauv (yao) and right now im surently raising 1 duckling I we just got him yesterday and today it won't eat anything...does it have to get used to its envirorement?

      any info send me an email @ ASAP!!!

    • lomas 4 years ago

      very good

    • fatma 4 years ago

      i have 2 new baby ducks and one of them ate cardbored and i think its not moving because of that dose anyone have any idea what i should do?

    • Nalani 4 years ago

      We just saved three babys! Momma got hit by a car and they were in the middle of the freeway! Thanks for your information. Iv never taken care of them before so im a lil aprehensive.

    • Erin 4 years ago

      I just found a baby ducky and I'm raising it alone. What do I do for sleep?

    • Helia B 4 years ago

      Hi, i have a duckling, and Im not sure how old he is, i have to questions,

      1. how can u guess the gender?

      2. his nasals have been filled and he kinda makes noises when breathing, is that normal??

    • New the duck world 4 years ago

      My baby duck has bad dihahrea?

    • Rusticbliss 4 years ago

      I am homeschooling my 5 year old daughter. We live in Florida on the water. Recently we saw a mama duck with 3 babies. They were so beautiful.

      After seeing how interested my daughter became- my husband and I thought it would be a great life andw learning experience to hatch duckling eggs.

      We found a place online that sells fertilized duck eggs. We read how to care for them. But my question is- after the ducklings are about 8 weeks old and can fly- how sure are we that the other duck families in our area will accept the new ducks? I have read different views and I am wondering if there is a solid answer on the matter.


    • lidia 4 years ago

      i just found a baby duck in my backyard i don't know how it got there but it did, It lets me pick it up but it bites and it hasn't eaten since i found it.. What can i do to keep this duck alive because it won't eat

    • Stephanie 3 years ago

      I read that a duck cant survive in the wild once it imprints on a human do you know if this is true?

    • Mack 3 years ago

      What happens when your duck decides that it would like to fly away? Or will it just stay with you?

    • sophia 3 years ago

      If u r only going to have them when their babies will they learn how to live in the wild or do u have to teach them

    • maddy s 3 years ago

      me and my friend found an abandoned duckling at the park we are only 10 so this helped a lot. but my friend dropped it and we think its neck and leg is hurt please help

    • Allison 3 years ago

      My 2 sisters found a nest in our backyard, under our treehouse, by our creek, and our dog got an egg and she picked it up and gave it to us, but that was the only one she gave to us and she crushed the rest if them, but now we're taking care of at least one!!!! I really want to take care the other eggs though

    • Andreea 3 years ago

      Hi, I also found a little baby duckling, probably a mallard-it's the most common in my country, and took him home. I have been feeding him for the past 5 days since I took him, egg yolk hard boiled, letuce and corn flour. He is very vivid and loud, he cries when someone is not there with him. Suddenly, today, he was not so animated like the past days, he eats properly-he poops normaly, he drinks plenty of water, but he sleeps more than he did these days, during daytime. I got very worried thinking he got sick, I searched the internet but I found nothing very specific about his condition. I hope it is just a phase and that tomorrow he will be better. Still, what is your opinion?

    • 211046 3 years ago

      very helpful

    • 211046 3 years ago

      can you feed a duckling chick starter food? please help!! Im getting ducklings soon. thanks!

    • Felicity Davis 3 years ago

      Hia, my girl ducks have laid a clutch of eggs and they have been fertilised by the drake ducks, approxomatly 10 have hatched and I didn't know if it is possible if you can hold them when they are just a couple of days old with their mummy sitting on them to keep them warm?

      I hope you can answer my question:')

    • victoria 3 years ago


      You CAN pick the ducklings up when they are a few days old. It does not hurt them. Just be sure to keep the one you are holding close to the mum and other ducklings so that it can see the others. Hope I helped you!

    • joe 3 years ago

      I got two baby pekins. I have chickes but im hearin its a lot harder to have ducks.

    • Jackie 3 years ago

      Hi! I found an abandoned duckling today all alone. I have tried to find its mother but no luck yet. I know nothing about ducks but the area I live in has lots of cougars, bear, bobcats and hawks and I really don't want to release it into the wild. The problem is it is very distressed and chirping like crazy. It is obviously quite scared and I have no idea how to calm it down. It is jumping around, trying to get away and it`s breaking my heart :( I really don`t want to see it hurt itself. Any suggestions? I just want what is best for it and I really don't think releasing it is the way to go yet!

    • Stranger 3 years ago

      Hey Lola! My ducklings seem like they caught a cold. They seem weak. They fall down while drying themselves/ rubbing bills with feathers and are not able to get back up. They also seem to have eye infection because their eyes are swollen. They cheap/ beep a lot. I also have chickens and chicks (chicks are 5 months at least). The ducklings keep coming out of their water container and don't wanna swim. They don't look very well and i feel very sorry for them. Another problem is that i don't have a heat lamp and need a primitive alternate. will an electric heater do? i think they are not getting enough niacin either. Please help me with these problems cuz its quiet cold and the ducks were so fun to have around. they are probably 2-4 weeks now

    • Ngahana 3 years ago

      Hi, Does the food have to be cooked and blended or is it okay to give them uncooked and blended?


    • daeun 2 years ago

      umm when i give water and food ther jump into me

    • jazmin 2 years ago

      Hey what if you have two ducks and the grow a bond and then one of them dies what happens? Please text back

    • Anna 2 years ago

      I have two young ducks and I am going on vacation for two weeks. Are they going to be ok if I leave? Will they love the person who will be taking care of them more than me when I get back?

    • Stacy 2 years ago

      My cat found a duckling and wanted to attack but we stopped her and rescued the duck. This time of year the ducks come around to find their nests so we were sure there was one close by that this little guy came from, but we didn't hear any noises nor saw any other ducklings. We even walked over to the pond to check and nothing. We took him home and discovered his webbing was cut, probably sliced it from running. I hope that won't affect him later on. We bought duck food from the feed store and a light. He's doing very well and loves him temporary home. He had his first swim yesterday, it was very cute to watch. Not sure how old he is, but still very young as he's very tiny. Since we want to release him into the pond near our house I don't want to handle him too much. Is that wrong? He likes to snuggle in my hair and pick at my moles thinking they are food. I feel sorry for the guy since he's all alone. When will I know when he's ready to be released?

    • 2 years ago

      Just so all of you are aware it is ILLEGAL to possess wildlife unless you have a rehabilitation permit. Ducklings that are abandoned by their mothers may look fine one moment but then go into shock a few minutes later. Please, if you find orphaned ducklings hand them over to your local wild rehabber.

    • Lydia 2 years ago

      Hello there, I have just bought two baby ducklings, who appear to be in perfect health but the mallard female has a badly runny nose, and sneezes. I've heard they can get salmonella, and that scares me the most because she has sneezes on my too many times to count. Is it possible that she just has a cold?

    • Ally 2 years ago

      I have a baby duckling like yours how big did they get in the end

    • ty abbott 2 years ago

      I had two ducks5 months old. One was killed by a stray dog. The other hardly eats, runs around the yard looking for its buddy. Will he be ok

    • chelsea 2 years ago

      I have 3 new ducklings I just hatched.. After they swim for a few mins they have almost like snot for come out for just a minute? Is this bad? My older ducks had it too but are perfectly fine now, I would really just like to know why

    • CMC 2 years ago

      I just got three baby ducks about 2 weeks ago. They are less than 3 weeks old. I take them on walks every day. 3 days ago, I woke to find one on her back. She had no control over her muscles. From everything I read, I believe she was poisoned with botulism. One of the areas they had played in the day before was a garden with mulch, shade, and frequently damp. Apparently, a breeding ground for botulism. I read that I could possibly flush her system with a mixture of epson salt and water. I purchased some nutrients for her water. I have been feeding her duckling food softened in water, the nutrients have been added to her water, and the salt water. I feed her about every 30 -60 minutes / 24/7. She appears to be getting a tad better each day - although it is hard to be sure.

      My questions are, has anyone else had this experience? How much food should I be giving her (it is a bit forced), and how often? I appreciate any and all advice. I don't want to lose the duckling.


    • Melanie 22 months ago

      I bought three ducklings from a feed store and the two older ones died. The one that was only three days old when I bought it is still aliv, but I'm scared of it dying!!!!

    • CoolJ 22 months ago

      I found a duck egg and It hatches and is surviving

    • joanna 21 months ago

      On Thursday night this past week we were in the sonic drive in parking lot it was a storm coming through and to the right of us we noticed this baby bird (we thought ) but come to find out it was a baby mallard duckling we picked it up and brought it home not knowing a thing about raising a duckling the next day we went to the feed store and picked up some chic starter. I showed pictures to the employees and they said it couldn't be more than a week old. It is eating and drinking, swimming in a cake pan (lol) we don't have a heat lamp so we have a towel covered over a heating pad In a tote. Any suggestions? Would appreciate any advise, thank you

    • Aj 21 months ago

      We have a Pekin duck and shes gonna have babies soon, we keep them in the back yard and last year the little ones got got. This year i need to know if we should separate the babies from the mother or put them all up together so nothing gets the babies?! Pleeeeeease help!!!!!! Email me if you can help me at

    • ras020443 20 months ago

      Mr and Mrs Duck have 10 2 day old baby Mallards in our large back yard with a pond. The neighbors cat got one yesterday. The neighbor is trying to control her two cats. Don't know if she will be successful but how long before the ducklings can survive on their own?

      Thank you,

      Ron and Lynn

    • jennifer 20 months ago

      we just found this little baby duckling I think it's a mallard looks to be about maybe a week old and I know nothing about ducks if you could comment back or email me that'd be cool

    • Leeann Wilson 19 months ago

      Hello my daughter has 4 ducklings that are 2 weeks old now and this morning so put them in the bath tub for a swim and my daughter put in a container so that the babies could stand on it if they wanted to . Well one of the ducklings decided to go on the container and feel back into the water and swallow a lot of water and now his ^her stomach is bloated so how do you releave the bloating

    • dakota 18 months ago

      i have 3 baby ducklings and every thing u said related to my ducks this was very use full thank u

    • Teri 18 months ago

      Good afternoon, somebody brought me black-bellied whistling duck they found no parents around. I grounded spinach,kale,carrots,squash (basically the same chop I make for my parrot to eat) added in a few of the organic natural pellets I also feed to my parrot. Had the mix soupy he seemed to really like it the first day on the second not so much by the afternoon all he wanted to do was snuggle in my hand and sleep, if I put him down to walk he would follow me if I didn't go to far lean up against my foot and go to sleep. He was found on a sat. afternoon brought to me on Sunday and he passed away about 9:30pm on Tuesday. Only had the little darling for a short time but I was so in love with it and feel horrible about it not making it. Any suggestions?

    • ryan 17 months ago

      hi is ducklings able to sleep in Aircon room ??

    • Desiree 10 months ago

      I just bought 2 ducks from the feed store a few days ago I allow them to swim in the sink and I give them plenty of fresh cool water but they wont eat!!! I'm feeding them with Chick starter which the store and many websites said to be alright but they just don't seem too interested. Could it be that they are just scared from finding a new home?? After all they are full of energy and don't seem sickly...

    • sepehr 10 months ago

      I just got a baby duck and it fur it kinda burnt and when it closes its eyelids it looks dirty. Is it sick? because it does not exactly attack its food

    • tory 8 months ago

      Where can you buy a duckling that is near Boston, MA

    • verity 8 months ago

      Hi!Today I found a duck egg I took it home but don't know what to do I have put it in a cardboard box with lights and warmth but what do I do now?!

    • Jenn 8 months ago


      I think I made a fatal flaw... I fed some ducklings finely chopped up egg, but I didn't know about the mandatory water until I read this post. 3 of the ducklings passed away. I assume it was my fault because I didn't put out water?

    • Allen johnson 8 months ago

      Hi! We have this small 1/2 acre pond so just this past week purchased 3 ducklings to release there after they are old enough to survive Hawks & other prey. We have a few mallards and pair of geese that come and (mostly) stay away, and were told that this breed of white ducks would tend to stay around. The question is, at what age, or weight, would they be safe from the neighborhood hawk, who does a marvelous job in keeping the squirrel population under control? Thanks for your advice!

    • Arif rustam 8 months ago

      I have two ducklings their hair are little bit gone i dont know what to do to make them grow well and strong can u tell me how to make them grow fast and be healthy

      If u can help please help

    • Lea Sea 8 months ago

      The baby mallard ducks need plenty of heat, or they will die. Their mother's oil and heat protected them, and without that, they are very vulnerable.

      My mallard duck did not eat any flock raiser or chick start, but he loved the little crickets we got at the feed store. After getting into his water bowl,

      we did not get him dry enough or warm enough, and he died within 45 minutes. He was hopping and peeping all day yesterday, but he got too cold this morning, seemed a little too sleepy, not at all like yesterday, and now he's gone. We are very sad. Very few mallard babies make it without Mom's oil and warmth. He spent all his energy trying to get away, and not wanting to eat, until we got the crickets. We should not have let him get too wet, it stole his body heat and nothing we could do, too late for sugar water. Very sad.

    • AgriculturalAdventurer 8 months ago

      Hi, I attend an agricultural centre and there are pens fulll of ducklings, and there is one duckling in particular that stood out from the rest, as it cannot walk or stand, and it is always very cold. It is the runt of the litter and I was just wondering if you could help me:

      1. Is there a connection betwween it being cold and it being unable to walk?

      2. Is there any way I can help it to begin to walk/stand?

      3. Is there any way I can warm it up?

      4. If it gets pushed out of the way by the other ducklings, should I put it into a seperate pen?

      5. If I need to place it near the hottest part of the body, what would this part be and would it be safe and hygenic?

      6. Will these ailments prevent it from living for long?

      Please reply ASAP (as soon as possible) as I am returning next week and I dread to think if it is alive or not.

      Many Thanks


    • Tammy Owen 7 months ago

      We have a baby duck 3 days old we found it half hatched and mom took off and left it and 5 eggs behind the eggs were not alive, how do we get this duck to eat on its own without hand feeding it it doesn't seem interested in the food or water and chirps all day long. Please help I don't want him/her to die

    • Brittany Watson 7 months ago

      I found a baby duckling which I thought was dead. ( his siblings did not make it) brought him home and he seems to be making a turn for the better. I'm thinking he may only be a day old. Any advise? Not sure about keeping him as a pet. Would like to eventually let him free in a bear by pond with other ducks.

    • famidha 7 months ago

      My duck have 6,7 weeks its neck was crossed down what happening to him I don't know. Not eating

    • Makayla 7 months ago

      We found a baby duck just hatching from its egg, and we took care of it inside. He started to fit into the family. We took care of him, fed him, he had water and we even took him outside and stuff and he just followed us... I don't know how old he was... Maybe 3 to 5 weeks maybe.. But we just came home from a rodeo and my aunt finds him dead, in his pin. You could tell he died right after we left because he didn't poop or wasn't in his water... WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPEN TO HIM !!!!

    • Brenda 7 months ago

      We have a pond and we have bought and raised store bought ducklings. This year 3 of the adult ducks have sat on nests and hatched ducklings. Yesterday we watched as the mother ducks led their brood to the pond. Today when I looked at the empty nest there was a newly hatched duckling laying on his open shell. He is too little and can't walk to take him to the pond to join his siblings. What do I do? Can he join them in a few days when he can walk?

    • Connie 6 months ago

      I found a duck looks like he is dying I think his neck is mess up can he can't stand his neck goes side way or back what should I do.

    • Angie 5 months ago

      We raised 5 mallard ducks successfully and it should be said that they are not natural floaters and will drown themselves without the oil that their mothers provide them in the wild. Ducklings in captivity without a duck mother should not be given a pool to swim in right away not until their bodies begin naturally producing the oils needed to float. I have had friends/family who have made this mistake and their ducklings drowned.

    • Karen 4 months ago

      My son bought me 4 Muscovey ducks they are 11 days old. I live in Michigan on 10 acres with a pond.

      How do I keep the ducklings alive through the winter and let them learn to be on their own. Right now they are in my house at night. That cant last long as I do not want them thinking they belong in the house.

    • Sofia Reyes 3 months ago

      Hey I just bought a duck it's name is JB it always cry,I always feed it and put some water.

      He just keeps crying and I Don't use any lamp, should I use a lamp please answer really thank you if you answer. WHAT SHOULD I DO

    • Brian Kapitzke 3 months ago

      The nature reserve next to my home in the vines in wa has a new brood of ducklings each year around sept oct ,in this lot there was 10 but with cats and crows its now 8 . The local children and adults love to feed them and watch their antics .

    • Trinity taylor 2 months ago

      itaylor I had 3 baby ducklings and 2 died will the 1 survive they are 2 to 3 days old

    • Leeann 2 months ago

      My chicken lost all her eggs and she was so she adopted 3 duck eggs and hatched them as her own. They are down our allot ment. will it be warm enough and will she feed them correctly don't want to put them with the older duck as they hav not nested at all this year. wud be great full for any advice u hav. Could u email me plz

      Ur advice on feeding is very helpful also thank you

    • кιяαи 5 weeks ago

      мє ∂υ¢к ιѕ gσιиg тσ ∂ιу

    • Kyli 9 days ago

      I have an arm with no heat on my back yard would it be okay to put them in there with a heat lamp in a aquarium?

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