Which Foods Are Safe for Parakeets to Eat?

Updated on February 12, 2016

Parakeets are tropical birds, and they sure can eat like it. They need a wide variety of foods in their diet to stay healthy. It's a lot of fun to offer your bird a tasty variety of things to eat. You will find that your parakeet has his own taste preferences! Learn what he likes, what he doesn't like, and what his very favorites are. Here is a list of foods that are safe to feed to your parakeet.


Vegetables are actually a very important part of a parakeets diet. They contain many necessary nutrients that may not be available in a typical store-bought seed diet. Some veggies that are safe to feed to parakeets are:

  • Lettuce
  • Broccoli
  • Carrot (shredded, preferably)
  • Corn
  • Peas
  • Spinach
  • Celery

Bite-Size is Best

Anything you feed to your parakeet should be cut up into small, bite-size pieces. Otherwise, he will have trouble breaking chunks off by himself.


Parakeets love fruits. However, just like in a human's diet, these should be fed to your parakeet in moderation. Fruits are high in natural sugars that can be bad for your parakeet when consumed in large quantities. Some fruits that parakeets enjoy most are:

  • Apples
  • Oranges
  • Bananas
  • Pineapple
  • Grapes
  • Mango
  • Coconut

Keep It Fresh

While all of these foods are safe for a parakeet to eat, you should only feed your bird fresh fruits and veggies. Dried or packaged fruits especially may have added ingredients that are bad for your feathery friend.


Parakeets love to eat all different kinds of nuts! They are tasty, and full of nutrients that your parakeet probably isn't getting anywhere else. Some of their favorites are:

  • Almonds
  • Pistachios
  • Peanuts
  • Walnuts
  • Pecans

Make sure that any nuts that you give your parakeet are chopped. Parakeets cannot eat them whole. Also, any shells should not be included. Your parakeet won't bother with those.


Your parakeet will enjoy eating whole grain breads, broken up into small bits. Try to stick to simple whole grain breads, though. Sweet breads and other varieties may contain ingredients that are harmful to parakeets.

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      • profile image

        Erika 9 days ago

        Is kiwano okay for parakeets?

      • profile image

        frank 11 days ago

        is sourdough bread bad for parakeets?

      • profile image

        Mary 2 months ago

        My parakeet is constantly scratching all over. Has been doing this for about a week and a half. I've contacted the bird shop and asked if I should be concerned about It because he seems so uncomfortable. I'm told it's natural for this to happen when their feathers are coming out, that the process is itchy for them not to worry it will dissipate within 2 to 6 weeks? I feel sorry for my bird, anything you can suggest to help him?

      • profile image

        Isabella Rodriguez 3 months ago

        What happends to your parakeets if you only feed them seeds is this bad?Your list made me change the diet I'm really concerned you really helped

      • profile image

        kathy 4 months ago

        Do they like bananna chips and if so, do i break them up?

      • profile image

        Questionable Owner 6 months ago

        Is red chard safe for birds?

      • profile image

        Sam 8 months ago

        Hello, can someone please answer my question? My pet budgie parakeet died recently due to an unexpected cause. But she did escape out of her cage and flew into the dog`s cage while I was taking him [the dog] for a walk. I came home and saw her eating some of the dog kibble, and put her back in her cage. The next morning, she sadly passed away in the cage. Could the dog kibble be the cause of her death? She had perfect living conditions with food and water, so i am very confused of how this happened. If I could find out this information it would help me avoid future problems with other parakeets. Thank you.

      • profile image

        meowmix 9 months ago

        can they eat rat treats

      • profile image

        Basmati 9 months ago

        Can I feed them raspberries?

      • profile image

        Pamela M Blommer 11 months ago

        Okay to feed canned cut yams in light syrup

      • profile image

        Gildaangline 11 months ago

        What about sunflower. What every can they can eat

      • Kristen Haynie profile image

        Kristen Haynie 12 months ago from Modesto, CA

        Hi Elle.

        I appreciate your concern! That comment was complete SPAM. Someone was just trying to get a rise out of people. I've removed it, I won't put up with that. Thank you for your comment... and you're totally right about asking for help with training! So important!

      • Kristen Haynie profile image

        Kristen Haynie 12 months ago from Modesto, CA

        It should be fine that they're eating that, but make sure they have access to a seed blend that's made specifically for parakeets. Seed blends for other kinds of birds may not have the same nutrients that should be in a diet specific to parakeets.

      • profile image

        Elle 12 months ago

        HELP...Please, will the author of this article try to respond to the posted comment re: a budgie, a cat and one of those two animals getting SHOT!!!! Oh my GOSH, I'm hoping this was a typo????

        Please, readers.... NEVER PUNISH or HARM your pet!!!!! Ask for help with Training your pet if things are not going the way you would like.

      • profile image

        Austin nolte 13 months ago

        I love it .it is so handy.

      • profile image

        Derenda 13 months ago

        Can I feed my paraketts gamebird feed? I have a large pen with quail in the bottom. My paraketts stay at their feeder eating this feed rather than their feeder full of seeds. Is it ok for them to eat?

      • profile image

        Michael 13 months ago

        Is it ok for my budgies to grape seeds?

      • profile image

        Holly 14 months ago

        Really helpful!Thanks!

      • profile image

        Roseilina Alicks 14 months ago

        I am now going to get a parakeet soon I will have 2 and this list helps a lot

      • profile image

        May 14 months ago

        That is so helpful. Thanks so much

      • profile image

        Mary Malone 14 months ago

        i am getting 2 parakeets and this list will be very helpful i can not wait to try it out

      • profile image

        Sandy 18 months ago

        If you feed sweet potatos do cook first or feed it raw?

      • profile image

        abby 19 months ago

        thanks a lot

      • profile image

        selena 20 months ago


      • profile image

        RoseMary 3 years ago

        I have 2 parakeets and i feed them mixed veggis and a side disd of fruit ,like blueberries, grapes cherries, oranges and ect. they been eating them since they where young ,they ar 3 1/2 yrs old now and brandy sings to songs on the radio and chis just listens LOL. They are both males i got lucky :-) when i want to give them something else i go on the internet to make shore they can have it. Everything is chopped up small for them.They also get there seeds every day and treats now and then.I love my guys i hope they live a long time. So look on the internet to find out what they can't eat and what they can.....Good luck. :-)

      • Kristen Haynie profile image

        Kristen Haynie 4 years ago from Modesto, CA

        Great idea for a hub! Thanks for suggesting that!

      • DrMark1961 profile image

        Dr Mark 4 years ago from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil

        This is good, but how about a list of things parakeets cannot eat, and why? I feed my bird all sorts of things, and am always curious if there is something I should avoid, like grapes in dogs.

      • profile image

        Hannah Thompson 5 years ago

        Thank you for this list. I'm thinking about getting a parakeet and this list really helped me a lot.

      • Donna Sundblad profile image

        Donna Sundblad 6 years ago from Georgia

        This is a handy list. It is so important to feed our birds healthy foods.