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How to Put Lovebirds Back in Their Cage

At times, lovebirds trouble you by not going inside their cage. The following article discusses quick ways to put them inside. It also talks about the reasons why they want to stay outside.


How to Get a Parrot to Go Back Inside Its Cage

A parrot may refuse to enter its cage by using avoidance behavior or aggression. Learn about some techniques you can use in response, like the double-handed swoop and backing your bird into its cage.


What to Do When Your Parakeet Won't Stop Squawking

I'm fairly unlucky: I have a parakeet that squawks nonstop for no identifiable reason. Here's how I deal with it. If you have suggestions and tips or are an experienced parakeet owner, please share your advice!


How to Teach a Pet Parrot to Talk

It can be delightful to converse with your pet parrot, but how do you get it to communicate with you? For those wondering how to teach a parrot to talk, this article will provide a basic foundation.


How to Finger Train a Parakeet in Less Than 2 Days

Finger training a wild parakeet is quick and easy if you follow these simple steps.


How to Socialize Your Parakeet

Everything you need to know about teaching your parakeet to be social with people.


How to Choose, Care for, and Train a Parakeet

Learn how to pick out a healthy parakeet, care for it at home, and train it to play with you, fly safely, and even speak.


How to Introduce a New Parakeet Into Your Flock

Did you know that your newest parakeets require a transition period so that they can get along with the other ones you have? Learn how to incorporate them into their new home with you and other birds.


How to Train Your Macaw

A list of basic tricks to start training your macaw along with step-by-step instructions on specific tricks and behaviors. Pictures and videos included.


How to Teach a Parakeet to Talk

Parakeets are wonderful pets and have the ability to speak, though the skill can be difficult to teach. Here are anecdotal tips for training your bird to talk.