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Parrot Behaviors: Your Quaker Parrots Health

This article answers some fundamental Quaker parrot concerns, including feather plucking, biting, boredom, noise, and fatty liver disease. It also includes some basic steps to training your pet so you can develop a lifelong relationship.


Do Geese Make Good Pets?

Geese are definitely unique pets! This article will go over the pros and cons of owning them.


Why Budgies Are Better in Pairs

Do you have a single budgie? Learn why adding a feathery friend will make your pet thrive.


Top 10 Best Talking Parrots

The best talking parrots include Amazons, African Grey, Quaker, Ring-necked parrots, and budgies.


A Beginner's Guide on Green-Cheeked Conures

Green-cheeked conures are small-sized parrots that are widespread throughout South America. They are little birds with gymnastic skills and clownish personalities to amuse everyone.


How Feral Peacocks Stay Alive in Urban Neighborhoods

Peacocks are thriving in the neighborhood streets of Southern California. How is that possible? They're an Asian bird in the wild. If they're roaming free here, how are they surviving and what makes them different from wild ones?


How to Get Wild Birds Like Blue Tits to Nest in the Garden

I had Blue Tits nesting in my garden this year in a bird box I had attached to the wall. In this article, you can learn how and when the Blue Tits prepare the nest box and when the eggs are laid and hatch. There are photos of my own wild birds as they rear their family in my garden.


Your Guide to Your First Pet Albino Budgie

The albino budgie is a beautiful creature. The needs of this pet are not much different from normal coloured budgies, but this type has some interesting traits that you should know about. An albino budgie can make a perfect pet for those who love this parakeet.


Everything You Need to Know About Pet Peacocks

When properly kept, a peacock is an unmatched delight.


A Guide to Owning a Scarlet Macaw

Are you thinking about buying a scarlet macaw? There are many things to consider before making that purchase, including housing, feeding, potential problems with other animals and neighbors. Here's advice from someone who has bred and raised many large parrots including the scarlet macaw.


Ideal Beginner Pets for a Bird Lover

Here are three types of domestic birds that are perfect for new bird owners, as well as some tips on what to expect if you do decide to purchase one.


8 Pet Birds With Short Life Spans (Under 20 Years)

Many pet birds are extremely long-lived, and not all owners can commit to a pet for that many years. This is a list of pet birds with shorter life spans, like button quails, budgies, parrotlets, and ringneck doves. Discover some basic information about these birds.


Birdies in the Background: Life With Three Playful Parrots

I've learned that parrots, like children, have an uncanny habit of saying things at the most inopportune moments. Vying for attention, they rise superbly and instinctively to occasions when attention is focused elsewhere, outdoing themselves with verbal acuity.


What Are Princess Parrots Like as Pets?

The Australian Princess Parrot is beautiful in the wild, but it can also make a delightful pet.


The 10 Most Colourful Birds in the World

Humans have always been attracted to colourful birds. Meet some of the most colourful birds across the globe, from the Scarlet Macaw to the Gouldian Finch.


African Grey Parrots as Pets

People love their pets. Dogs and cats are the most popular pets, but parrots may be a close third choice. Parrots usually bond with one member of the family, but still accept others that flock around.


Are Lovebirds Good as Pets? The Pros and the Cons

Lovebirds are really small parrots. They are friendly, have great personalities, and love being in close contact with people. Read this article to learn the pros and cons of keeping them and see if a lovebird is the pet for you.


All About Parakeets: A Perfect Pet for Kids

Parakeets are great starter pets. This article explores some of the things you should consider before you buy one of these wonderful birds.


Keeping Pet Ducks: Ducklings, Imprinting, and Ethical Treatment

Designed with the pet duck caregiver in mind, this article focuses on how to take care of domestic ducks—from imprinting ducklings to raising them, including answers to practical and ethical questions.


Why Lovebirds Make Good Pets and How to Care for Them

Discover why lovebirds make endearing and personable pets. Learn how to feed and groom them and how to set up a fun and safe cage for your birds.


Amazons vs. African Grey Parrots as Pets

This article provides a brief comparison of two species of commonly kept parrots: Amazons and African Greys. If you're considering one of these birds as a pet, learn more about their behavior and characteristics.


How to Care for a Green-Cheeked Conure Parrot

Learn some of the dos and don'ts for owning a green-cheeked conure. These loving little clowns will brighten your lives if you let them, but they need to be a viable part of your family to be happy.


Dusky Conures as Pet Birds: Affectionate and Clever Parrots

Dusky conures are affectionate and clever birds. They can make wonderful pets and companions and usually get on well with other birds in the family.


The Moustache Parakeet: A Playful and Clever Pet Parrot

Moustache parakeets are intelligent and playful birds. A hand-reared moustache parakeet bought when it's young and given lots of attention can be a great pet.


Should You Get a Budgie?

Budgies are great pets. They are smart and funny, and they can become pretty attached to humans. Some even learn to talk! But there is more to keeping a budgie than you might think. Is a budgie right for you? Read on to find out.

Artie and Rosie

All About Scaly Breasted Lorikeets: Pet Birds and Wild Birds

Scaly breasted lorikeets are a member of the parrot family. A native bird of Australia, they live in urban and rural areas of coastal Eastern Australia. They also make entertaining pets!


Everything You Want to Know About Cockatiels as Pets!

These pretty birds are as personable as puppies, as noisy as kindergarteners, as quirky as asylum inhabitants, and as lovable as can be. Explore the fun and funny ways of cockatiels as pets here!


Should I Buy a Macaw or an African Grey?

A detailed comparison of the macaw and African grey by a parrot expert and owner of both. Pros and cons of each regarding trainability, energy level, intelligence, and more.


How to Care for Indian Ringneck Parrots

Get some advice on how to care for Indian Ringneck Parrots from the long-time owner of four parrots. This article includes guides to feeding, housing, toys and safety.