Your Guide to Your First Pet Albino Budgie

The albino budgie is a beautiful creature. The needs of this pet are not much different from normal coloured budgies, but there are some interesting traits of this type that you should know about. An albino budgie can make a perfect pet for those who love this parakeet.


Everything You Need to Know About Pet Peacocks

A peacock can be kept as a pet, but don't expect it to fetch your slippers. This beautiful bird is often chosen because of its ornamental feathers but comes with special requirements that may not be for everyone. However, when properly kept, a peacock is an unmatched delight.


A Guide to Owning a Scarlet Macaw

Are you thinking about buying a scarlet macaw? There are many things to consider before making that purchase, including housing, feeding, potential problems with other animals and neighbors. Here's advice from someone who has bred and raised many large parrots including the scarlet macaw.


African Grey Parrots as Pets

People love their pets. Dogs and cats are the most popular pets, but parrots may be a close third choice. Parrots usually bond with one member of the family, but still accept others that flock around.


Should You Get a Budgie?

Budgies are great pets. They are smart and funny, and they can become pretty attached to a human being. Some even learn to talk! But there is more to keeping a budgie than you would think at first glance. Is a budgie right for you? Read on to find out.