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Is Catnip Good for Cats?

Cats go crazy for catnip, but is it safe?


How to Safely Give Your Cat an Enema Without a Vet Visit (And Avoid Doing It Again)

If your cat is constipated, they are in pain and will need help to prevent the development of megacolon or other serious problems. Find out what you can use and the safest way to handle your cat during an enema.


Pet Care at Home: Nail Trims

There are many things that pet owners can do at home to improve the health and well-being of their pets. Understanding how to properly trim nails can save money, allow owners to notice changes in health sooner, and desensitizes their pets to having their feet cared for.


12 Reasons Your Cat Is Drooling Too Much and How to Treat at Home

Find out what you can do at home if your cat is drooling excessively.


Why Does My Cat Sit on My Stuff?

Why do our cats love to sit in or on the things we are using, right at that moment? Is it attention, entitled cat behavior, or something else? Why do they always have to sit in a box? A look into the mysterious inner workings of cats and their intense desire to sit in or on the objects around us!


Tips for Home Care for Your Vomiting Cat When You Cannot Visit the Vet

When no veterinarian is available, you can treat your cat at home. Learn why cats vomit and how you can treat them without a vet visit.


Review of the Cat Care Pet Water Fountain

I was searching for a way to provide my cat with a constant supply of fresh water. The DF02 Pet Water Fountain from Cat Care appeared to be a good option.


Taking Care of Your Senior Cat at Home When No Vet Is Available

Many of the conditions of older cats cannot be taken care of at home and will require a veterinarian´s assistance. This article will help you take care of some things at home to improve your cat's quality of life.


Cats and Kids: Can They Be Friends?

Did you get a kitten to be your child's companion? You should read this first for helpful tips.


How to Take Care of Your Limping Cat When No Vet Is Available

If your cat is limping and you cannot visit the vet, there are some things you can do at home. Learn how to find out what is wrong and find out some alternatives.


Should I Have My Cat Declawed? Benefits and Drawbacks

I have had unaltered cats, front-claw declaw and all four declaw. There are pros and cons to each. I want to explore those with you. I have always had at least one housecat throughout my life. They are my furry, little, four-legged children.


The Best Food Puzzles for Cats (And Why They're Important)

Interactive food puzzles and hidden treat-toys can help reduce your cat's anxiety and help them stay healthy. Here are my cat's favorites.


Basepaws Cat DNA Test Review

I recently had both of my cats' DNA tested by Basepaws. Here is my experience.


Understanding Your Cat's "Bad" Behaviors and How to Stop Them

Trying to stop your cat's bad habits? Here are a few of the most common unwanted cat behaviors and what you can do about them.


Signs Your Cat Needs Help

Cats are hunters and are hunted. They can't tell you when they are hurt because their instinct says that would alert other hunters to their vulnerability.


How to Keep a Cat Out of a Christmas Tree

Cats and Christmas trees are great for making some entertaining videos, unless it's your cat and your tree. Maximize your Yuletide happiness and minimize the holiday anxiety by cat-proofing your Christmas tree.


How Cats’ Cutest Features Are Also Their Deadliest

It’s no secret that cats, while one of the most adorable creatures on the planet, are also one of the deadliest. Some of the very features that make felines so endearing to us are also the same features that give them their amazing hunting abilities.


Keep Your Cat Indoors to Protect the Environment

Outdoor cats can disrupt the entire ecosystem by hunting native species to extinction, spreading deadly parasites, and taking food away from native predators.


Cat Body Language Chart and Pictures

The body language of cats almost perfectly describes their moods and emotions. Visual signals from the face, for example with ears, eyes, tongue and whiskers, are best read together with body posture and tail position.


The Truth Behind Cat Hunting and Hiding Behaviors

A common question among cat owners is why their furry friends continue to hunt for prey when they are perfectly well-fed at home! So, just what drives this kitty behavior?


Seven Tips to Keeping Your Cat Happy

There are many things you can do to make your cat happy and satisfied. Some of these will also help you bring the outdoors indoors. With this in mind, here are 7 tips for keeping your cat happy.


Understanding Cat Language: Meow and 9 Other Sounds Explained

Do you know what your cat is trying to tell you? Here is how to decode their language. Pay attention to how cats communicate their emotional state, immediate intentions, needs, wants, and sexual status.


10 Signs Your Cat Hates You

If a cat hates you, you will know. Here are 10 clear signs of a cat's displeasure.


Types of Pain Scales Used to Assess Acute Pain in Cats

There are many different types of pain scales used to assess pain in cats. Each scale uses different techniques to assess the pain of a feline. Here's a guide to the various types in use.


5 Things I Wished I Knew Before Getting a Cat

Integrating a pet into your life can be tricky, especially if you are inexperienced with a certain species. Knowing the challenges that you are most likely going to face can make the transition easier for both your family and the new member of the household.


150 Cute Cat Quotes and Sayings

Here's a list of 150+ interesting quotes and proverbs about cats and kittens.


7 Household Items That Are Dangerous to Your Cat

Cats are curious, and they will get into almost anything. This article will go over common household items that could be harmful to your cat.


135 Unique Names for Cats With Orange, Gold, or Amber Eyes

Here are some unique cat names that celebrate their luxurious, golden coats and fiercely glittering amber eyes.


Natural Breeds of Cat Explored

Among the many breeds of cats worldwide today, a select few are a natural breed. Developed without people's intervention, these cats have evolved naturally to take advantage of their environment. They enable a wide range of traits and characteristics within the cat world.


400+ Cute Food Names for Cats

Looking for food-inspired names for your cat? Here is a list of more than 400 cat names, ranging from Gizmo to unique names like Haggis and funny names like Eggnog.


20 Black and White Cat Breeds

Here's a list of black and white cat breeds.


Why Do Cats Like to Knead?

Do cats instinctively knead, and is it comfortable for them? Find out why your cat kneads and what that behavior says about their happiness.


111 Survivor Names for Cats

111 names for lucky cats who have survived all odds to be your new best companion. The article includes unique names from myth, history, and literature.


500 Cute Kitten Names

Find the perfect name for your adorable kitten. There are 500 names on this list.


Why Do Cats Meow?

Find out why cats meow and what your cat is trying to tell you.


Why Do Cats Lick and Is It Harmful?

Find out why your cat licks you and other random objects in the house. There are common causes for this behavior and other possible health-related issues that should be addressed.


18 Dangerous and Toxic Human Foods That Cats Can't Eat

Learn about 18 human foods that are dangerous for cats; some of the food items on this list might surprise you.


30+ Human Foods That Cats Can Eat

Did you that there are foods that both humans and cats can safely eat? Here are over 30 foods that are fit for feline consumption in moderation.


How to Keep Your Cat out of the Christmas Tree

Are you having trouble keeping your cat out of your Christmas tree? This article will offer tips on how to keep your cat from destroying your tree.


Why Is My Cat Not Eating?

If your cat is not eating, when is it considered an emergency? Find out which steps you need to take to get them healthy and eating again should this event occur.


110 Unique Names for Cats With Green Eyes

Find the perfect name for your kitty from over 100 unique names for cats with green eyes. A cleverly curated list, designed to celebrate your green-eyed cat's best attributes, from gems to comics and literature to celebrities.


Why Does Your Cat Urinate/Defecate Outside the Litter Tray?

Pet owners often find themselves frustrated when their cat urinates or defecates outside the littler box, but there are some common causes that can be resolved. This article discusses them.


150 Mysterious Names for Cats

Over 150 mysterious names for cats. From the cryptic to the occult, these cute and curious cat names are inspired by mysteries great and small.


100+ Unique Names for Cats With Blue Eyes

Here are over 100 unique names for cats from artists, film, and literature for your cute blue-eyed kitty cat.


Best Type of Litter Box for a Vertical Peeing Cat

When cats urinate, they squatting in their litter box. However, some cats squat but start to rise or stand straight up when they are peeing which means pee drips onto the floor. To solve this issue, you need to buy a litter box with high sides that will stop urine from getting on the floor.


Review of the Vinsic Cat Water Fountain

I was searching for a water fountain suitable for a cat or a small-to-medium-sized dog. Vinsic’s DR008 appeared to be a capable device and was well-priced.


What if My Boyfriend/Girlfriend Is Allergic to My Cat?

So what do you do if your significant other (boyfriend or girlfriend) is allergic to your cat? Learn about the causes of cat allergies and how to make your relationship work.


100+ Cute Japanese Cat Names for Your Pet

Are you looking for a cute or clever Japanese name for your feline companion? Choose from these adorable cat names.


How to Make Homemade Cat Trees and Cat Houses

Not everyone can afford a store-bought cat tree or cat house. Here are a few ideas that can be made with scrap materials (and a little bit of elbow grease).


3 Best Flea Treatments for Pet Cats

Treating and preventing fleas is an essential part of being a responsible cat owner. This article looks at the best products available.