Why Is My Cat Not Eating?

Is your cat not eating considered an emergency? If your cat is not eating, find out why and which steps you need to take to get them healthy and eating again.


110 Unique Names for Cats With Green Eyes

Find the perfect name for your kitty from over 100 unique names for cats with green eyes. A cleverly curated list, designed to celebrate your green-eyed cat's best attributes, from gems to comics and literature to celebrities.


Why Does Your Cat Urinate/Defecate Outside the Litter Tray?

Pet owners often find themselves frustrated when their cat urinates or defecates outside the littler box, but there are some common causes that can be resolved. This article discusses them.


150 Mysterious Names for Cats

Over 150 mysterious names for cats. From the cryptic to the occult, these cute and curious cat names are inspired by mysteries great and small.


100+ Unique Names for Cats With Blue Eyes

Here are over 100 unique names for cats from artists, film, and literature for your cute blue-eyed kitty cat.


Best Type of Litter Box for a Vertical Peeing Cat

Cats usually urinate by squatting in their litter box. But some cats squat and rise or stand altogether when peeing, which means urine leaks onto the floor. So to solve this issue you need to buy a litter box with high sides that will stop urine from getting on the floor.


Review of the Vinsic Cat Water Fountain

I was searching for a water fountain suitable for a cat or a small to medium-sized dog. Vinsic’s DR008 appeared to be a capable device and was well-priced.


What If My Boyfriend/Girlfriend Is Allergic to My Cat?

So what do you do if your significant other (boyfriend or girlfriend) is allergic to your cat? Learn about the causes of cat allergies and how to make your relationship work.


100+ Cute Japanese Cat Names for Your Pet

Are you looking for a cute or clever Japanese name for your feline companion? Choose from these adorable cat names.


3 Best Flea Treatments for Pet Cats

Treating and preventing fleas is an essential part of being a responsible cat owner. This article looks at the best products available.


10 Reasons Why Cats Poop Outside of the Litter Box

Is your cat pooping outside of the litter box? Are you wondering why you are finding cat poop on the floor, in your bed, or somewhere else? Find out what is causing this behavior and get your cat to stop.


What to Look for When Buying a Cat Tower

Are your cats using your furniture for their own personal needs? Have they destroyed a piece of furniture due to their clawing? Then a cat tower is the answer. This article covers what you need to know so you can get the right tower to fit you and your cats needs.


Symptoms and Treatment for Vestibular Disease in Cats

The symptoms of vestibular disease are usually sudden. Your cat will experience disorientation, a head tilt, loss of balance, falls, abnormal eye movement, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea and lack of coordination.


7 Benefits of Having a Pet Cat

Owning a pet cat does present some responsibilities and challenges, but this article lists all the benefits of having a furry feline friend.


'Janus' Rare Two-Faced Cat

Humans, animals and birds can be born with a rare genetic condition that causes them to have two faces. Here is the 'Janus' two-faced cat.


18 Funny Cat Names for Females (Inspired by Movies)

Do you need some ideas for naming your cat? Read through this complete list of funny cat names for females inspired by popular movies and TV series.


15 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Pets Than Dogs

Cats are better than dogs in many ways. Here are fifteen reasons why cats make an ideal pet.


Pros and Cons of a Wire Frame Cat Carrier

While they are extremely popular, here are some reasons why wire frame cat carriers are not for every cat. Find out why they don't work for some cat owners.


What Type of Kitty Litter and Box Should I Use?

Do I get the clay one, the scoopable one, or do I go by brands? Here are the pros and cons for each type along with my recommendations.


10 of the Most Famous Cats in History

What can possibly be said about an article that tells the story of ten of the most famous cats in history? There is only one answer: Meow…meow…meow.


Why Does My Cat Bite Me? Tips for How to Stop It

Does your kitten or adult cat bite you for no reason? Cat bites big and small can be pretty nasty depending on the severity, but sometimes our feline friends are just trying to tell us something with a little love nip. Find out why they do it.


18 Reasons for Weight Loss in Cats

Inadequate diet, diseases, and drugs can cause weight loss in an otherwise normal cat. This article includes a list of reasons for cats losing weight and what can be done about it.


Can Cats Walk on a Leash?

You might think your cat is untrainable—they are very stubborn creatures! But it is possible to train them and even walk them on a leash. Here's how.


7 Hairless Cat Breeds - Cats Without Fur

Hairless cat breeds make unique pets. While lack of fur is a result of a natural mutation in some cat breeds, others have been developed by creatively crossing interesting breeds. This article lists seven cat breeds that are hairless plus one additional breed.


How to Grow Wheatgrass for Your Cat

In this article, I share simple tips and pictures to help you grow fresh wheatgrass to benefit your cat's health and the health and well-being of your houseplants.


Why Does My Cat Do This?

Cats do unusual things, and sometimes that makes us wonder why. Find out more about cat behavior and why cats do the things they do.


101 Tiger Names for Striped Cats

Here are some unique names for gray and orange striped cats that celebrate their connection to their bigger cousins of the tiger family, as well as cute names from history, literature, and striped items.


How to Speak to Your Cat

Ever spoken to a cat and been surprised by their reaction? Cats can hear you when you speak to them, but they don't understand your words necessarily. Learn how to get them to understand.


Top 10 Weirdest Cat Breeds

This article takes a look at some of the world's strangest kitties.


The Legendary Tuxedo Cat

Tuxedo cats are classy and sleek and their coats are velvety-soft and silky to the touch. It's important to note that "tuxedo" is not the name of an actual breed of cat—it’s a term that is used to describe the characteristic bicolor patterning of various cats (like the black and white tuxedo cat).


Top 10 Cat Breeds That Love to Cuddle

Cats of all types can be sweet and cuddly. Feline companions come in all shapes and sizes and breeds. Discover which breeds are the most affectionate.


Why Does My Cat Sleep so Much?

Why do cats sleep so much? If you have an adult cat—2 years or older—you may notice that they nap a lot during the day. Although this is no cause for alarm, sometimes over-sleeping can be due to underlying illness. Know what's normal and what's not normal.


Why Do Cats Eat Things That Aren't Food?

Mother cats eat their kittens' feces for grooming purposes to keep their bedding nice and clean. This is normal behavior known as coprophagia—so don’t be alarmed if your cat does this. Find out what other feline behaviors are normal or abnormal when it comes to eating things that aren't food.


How Cats Became Domesticated: The Royal Line

For seven years, the Egyptians stored huge amounts of grain that attracted rodents and the wild cats that hunted them. Many people marveled at how these cats made a difference and kept the rodent infestation at bay. This article explains the history of cat domestication.


250+ Best Names for Gray Cats and Kittens

Looking for the perfect name for your gray cat? Gray cats are absolutely beautiful—they're intelligent, social, and easy-going. Find the perfect name for your feline companion.


How to Cat-Proof Your Christmas

Cats and Christmas decorations can be a disaster. Sometimes it's funny, but often, it's just a mess. Here are tips to protect your tree, ornaments, and food during December and how to keep your cat safe, too.


Why Does My Kitten Bite Me?

Kittens bite and scratch while playing, purring, and cuddling, but how do you know if this behavior is normal, and how do you make your kitten stop? Learn about your kitty's developmental stages and how to help them mature into a gentle and loveable feline companion.


Top 10 Cutest Cat Pictures of All Time (Plus Honorable Mentions)

Do you love cats? Then this list of the cutest cat pictures is a must-see!


Cats and the Cold Weather

How are cats in cold weather? Cat's don't like the change in weather, therefore, we mustn't forget that if the seasonal change affects us, it certainly will affect them.


Does My Cat Get Cold?

Nature naturally prepares a cat's coat to become thicker and denser to fight off the cold, however, a thick coat doesn't always mean a whole lotta warmth. Why? In cold temperatures, your cat will feel much colder than we do therefore, we need to take some action to help kitty get some warmth.


How to Prevent Litter Box Problems in Cats

This article helps owners to prevent litter box problems in cats and answers frequently asked questions.


Am I Becoming a Cat Hoarder? Questions to Ask Yourself (or a Friend)

No one seems to see the descent into hoarding. However, let us just pretend for a moment that such things exist on a continuum and all of us involved in fostering animals in our homes could somehow become hoarders. What are the warning signs? How can we prevent that outcome?


Leash-Training Your Cat

When you see a dog on a leash, it's hard to stop everything you're doing to give it some lovin'. When you see a cat on a leash, you do a double-take. What? Can cats even be leashed? Yes, they can, and we will give you some ideas on how we trained our cat to walk on a leash.


Top 10 Smartest Cat Breeds

This article explores the top ten smartest cat breeds in the world. It examines each cat's characteristics, traits, and behavioral patterns that make them unique in the feline world.


10 Best Cat Toys That Will Keep Your Kitty Busy

Do you spoil your cat? Are you simply looking to give them something special for the holidays? Here is a list of the top-rated toys for cats—my cat approves!


The Old Persian Cat Species

Here are some insights into one of the oldest cat breeds. The Persian cat is a great, friendly indoor cat. This breed requires regular grooming and care, but it's a genuine, lovely friend to have.


The Wildly Energetic Bengal Cat

The Bengal cat is very playful and active. This breed is for people who enjoy playing with cats and like to give them the attention they deserve.


400+ Cat Names: Ideas for Male and Female Cats

Cats make loving, playful, and fascinating pets. Here is a list of more than 400 cat names for male and female cats. One of these ideas might be perfect for your adorable feline friend.


77 Unique Names for Gray, Blue, Silver and Lilac Cats

From silver tabbies and lilac Siamese to Russian blues and Tonkinese, these unique cat naming ideas will have your kitty running your way at the sound of his or her name!


How to Prevent and Treat Hairballs in Cats

Does your cat have reoccurring hairballs? Do you find a new one every week in a strange place in your home? Find out what causes them, how they are treated, and how you can prevent them.