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15 Astronomical Names for Maine Coon Cats (From Apollo to Vulcan)

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The Maine Coon is a wonderful family pet even if it sometimes looks like a wild animal prowling the house.

The Maine Coon is a wonderful family pet even if it sometimes looks like a wild animal prowling the house.

The largest breed of cat is also one of the cuddliest. The Maine Coon is a wonderful family pet—even if it sometimes looks like a wild animal prowling the house. Such a majestic animal deserves an equally magnificent name. One place to look for names is to the stars and other objects in the heavens. When you give your cat a name with meaning, it conveys an even greater attachment between you and your pet, so consider using one of these astronomical names the next time you are naming a Maine Coon.

Maine Coon looking to the stars.

Maine Coon looking to the stars.

1. Apollo

Although the name Apollo is best known for the Greek god, the NASA space program also conducted a very important Apollo space program that helped shape what we know about space and space exploration. The astronauts who went on the Apollo missions were very brave, so this name would be good for most male Maine Coons, as they are known for their bravery.

2. Atlas

Atlas is a Greek titan known for holding the entire world upon his back. But he was also known as the titan in charge of astronomy and navigation. This immensely powerful and knowledgeable being would make a great name to bestow upon a strong male Maine Coon.

3. Callisto

Callisto is the third biggest moon in the entire solar system and the second largest moon circling Jupiter. Its name comes from a Greek nymph who tragically fell in love with the god Zeus. Callisto could be a good name for a particularly large female Maine Coon or for one who is extra loving.

Maine Coons waiting for names.

Maine Coons waiting for names.

4. Elara

One of the moons of Jupiter, Elara is a gorgeous name. This moon was named for one of the many lovers of the god Zeus. Elara could work well for any female Maine Coon.

5. Janus

A moon of Saturn, Janus was named for the Roman god with two faces. Janus was a powerful Roman god and is also a major moon of Saturn. Because of Janus’ two-faced nature, this might be a good name for a cat that has a bit of a split personality.

6. Luna

Luna is a classically beautiful name that is Latin for "the moon." The moon is a symbol of femininity and the shifting nature of the female form. This name could be good for a female Maine Coon who is demurely feminine or who, on the opposite end of the spectrum, exerts her feminine power to the nth degree whenever she feels like it.

A Maine Coon named Luna.

A Maine Coon named Luna.

7. Lyra

Lyra is a constellation in a harp-like shape. The name comes from the lyre the doomed Greek musician Orpheus played when he unsuccessfully tried to get his love back from the god Hades. Lyra could make a good name for any female Maine Coon, but it might make a particularly nice name for a cat that has some sort of musical appreciation, even if it’s just pouncing on a bunch of piano keys.

8. Nova

A nova is the sudden nuclear explosion of a white dwarf star. When this happens, it causes a sudden sharp brightening of the star as it explodes. Nova itself means “new star.” This name could work well for a white female Maine Coon or one with an explosive personality, like a cat that enjoys pouncing about the house a lot.

Perhaps this white Maine Coon could be named Nova.

Perhaps this white Maine Coon could be named Nova.

9. Ophelia

Ophelia is a tiny moon near Uranus. The moon was named after the famous Shakespearean character who couldn’t stand Hamlet’s indecisive rejection and so ended her life. But the moon keeps shining on near Uranus, and Ophelia is a beautiful name that would work wonderfully for a quieter female Maine Coon who doesn’t need to show off all the time.

10. Orion

Orion is one of the most famous and identified of all constellations. The three stars of Orion’s belt are particularly well known. Orion was a famous hunter in Greek mythology. He was the son of the god Poseidon. This name could be good for any strong male Maine Coon.

11. Phoebe

Phoebe is one of the outermost moons of Saturn. Phoebe means “bright, radiant, and prophetic.” Phoebe was also the goddess of the moon in Greek mythology. This name could be wonderful for a female Maine Coon with a happy, sweet, radiant personality, although it could also work for most female Maine Coons.

12. Phoenix

Phoenix was the exploration craft sent to Mars to gather data from the Martian surface. A phoenix is also a legendary fiery bird in mythology that bursts into flame only to be reborn from the ashes. This name could be good for either a male or female Maine Coon with a reddish coat or for a cat who likes to go exploring a lot.

Red Maine Coon that would make a great Phoenix.

Red Maine Coon that would make a great Phoenix.

13. Rigel

Rigel is an especially large star that people use when navigating on the ocean to keep track of where they are. Ironically called the Dog Star, Rigel is a bright, shining beacon of hope in the sky. This name would be great for a male Maine Coon who is a bright light of his own and knows how to find his way home.

14. Saros

The Saros Cycle is the period between eclipses, which is a little over 18 years. This name could be good for a Maine Coon rescue with another chance at life or simply for one who plans on living from one eclipse to another.

15. Vulcan

Vulcan was a hypothetical planet that some astronomers proposed existed between Mercury and the Sun. However, in recent years, this hypothesis has not born fruit. Still, Vulcan is a strong name. It comes from the Roman god of the hearth.

Because of the mysterious nature of this name, Vulcan might be good for a crafty male Maine Coon or a particularly strong and virile example of the species. It could also work for a smoky or dark colored cat, as that would go with Vulcan’s work as a metalworker.

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Lynne on May 03, 2019:

My Maine Coon’s name is Harold and he “ answers to it!”

Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on May 24, 2018:

I love Maine Coon cats. They are so gorgeous. I like the name Ophelia, I think I would call my cat that if I had one.

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