15 Great Names for Your Russian Blue Cat From Russian and Slavic Mythology

Updated on April 17, 2018
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Russian Blue cats were first found in the port of Arkhangelsk, Russia. They are known for their gorgeous coats, ranging from glowing silver to a darker grey fur. The cat’s coat is so dense it stands away from the body and you can actually draw patterns in it (sometimes called ghost stripes). Russian Blues are also known for their deep loyalty to their owners. People consider Russian Blues hypoallergenic, so they are a good pet choice for people with allergies.

The following names are all taken from Russian and Slavic mythology. Although some people in England and the surrounding areas call these cats Archangel cats, their ancestry is firmly ensconced in Russian lore. Giving your Russian Blue a name that attaches to his or her heritage connects your cat to you with a special link and gives you a neat story to tell when people ask you about the origins of your cat’s name.

Russian Blue Cat with Silver Fur
Russian Blue Cat with Silver Fur | Source

Russian Blue Names


Azkova is a mountainous girl or creature who lives in the Ural mountains with a hidden mound of treasure. No one ever got the treasure from Azkova on Mount Azov. One interesting note about Azovka is that she was known for constantly moaning. This name could work well for a female cat (or male if you go with Azov) who likes to hide things or who likes to make her complaints known!


Buyan is actually an island in the ocean. This island can appear and disappear with the tides. The island is also a place that allows certain gods to hide upon it in times of need. Buyan was also known to have a magical rock which granted the island healing and other interesting powers. This name could work for a male cat who likes to hide a lot or one that makes you feel healed when he’s around.


Devana is the Slavic goddess of the forest. She is similar to the Greek goddess Artemis, a swift, skilled huntress. She is also a goddess of love, fertility, and weddings. This name could work well for most female Russian Blues, especially those who enjoy at least the idea of hunting. It could also be a good name for a kitten a breeder feels is destined to have kittens of her own one day.

A Russian Blue with Beautiful Green Eyes
A Russian Blue with Beautiful Green Eyes | Source


Drioma is a Slavic spirit of the evening. She often appears as a kindly old woman. She is a spirit that belongs to the night; Drioma takes care of children at night. Drioma could be a good name for a female cat with darker coloring or one who particularly likes children.


This is a bird with great prophetic knowledge. A symbol of wisdom as well as prophecy, Gamayun tells others about the prophecies she knows which involve everything from gods to man. This name could be good for almost any female Russian Blue, especially one with an inscrutable nature or one who likes to talk to her family a lot.


Indrik lives on the Holy Mountain. He is the king of all wild beasts as well as domesticated animals. No other creatures are allowed on the Holy Mountain. Indrik is so large that the earth shakes when he moves. Indrik is a beast made up of aspects of a number of different animals. This name could work for a large male cat (or a kitten you expect to grow) or for a cat that likes to jump and stomp around the house, claiming it for his own.

A Russian Blue resting after a good stomp around the house.
A Russian Blue resting after a good stomp around the house. | Source


Lada is a goddess that expresses all aspects of life and renewal from springtime to youth, fertility, and love. She is the mother of twins. This name could work well for pretty much any female Russian Blue, and breeders might consider naming a cat in the breeding program this fertile name.


This lady is the goddess of Spring and mercy. She has similar skills as the goddess Artemis from Greek mythology. Lelia is the daughter of Lada. A cat named after Lelia might really enjoy running, playing, pouncing, and hunting.


Marzanna is a rural goddess. She is responsible for many aspects of the land. Marzanna is responsible for new plants sprouting, but she is also responsible for winter and the time of death in the world. She is a complex goddess, and because of this, the name might work well for a female cat you see as having a more mysterious or complex personality.


Perun is a Slavic god of war. His name means “Oak” and “Thunder.” Perun is a very strong, active, masculine god. This name could be good for any sturdy male Russian Blue cat.

Cats 101: The Russian Blue


In Russian myths, the sirins were creatures with the upper bodies of women and the lower bodies of birds. The myths come from the Greek myths about sirens. Sirins love to sing beautiful songs. When they sang to the saints, they strengthened them, however, when they sang to normal mortals, the alluring song could be dangerous. This name might work well for a female cat that likes to yowl or is otherwise chatty. But it could also work for any beautiful female Russian Blue.


Ursula is the goddess of the moon. She has some similarities with the Greek goddess Artemis. Ursula might work well for a light silver colored female cat or one the likes to slip through the moonlight at night.


Vida has the title of the Empress of Heaven. She is particularly connected to rainy and celestial aspects of the heavens. She also is connected to the great Tree of Light. Vida is a particularly powerful goddess. This name might work well for a female cat with a strong personality or one who has an interesting love for water or the rain.


Zhiva is “She Who Lives.” She is another strong goddess and is many ways the opposite of Vida. Zhiva is associated with land and dry spells. This name might work well for a female cat who hates water or who simply has a serene personality.


The Zilant is a serpent type of dragon seen in different colors; it is a dangerous creature to its enemies. This name could work well for any male Russian Blue, particularly one who likes to play pounce or hunt for prey.

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        I had a Siamese once. They are such curious, interesting cats. Thank you.

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