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10 Signs Your Cat Is Your Best Friend

My cat is my best friend. Is yours?

My cat is my best friend. Is yours?

1. You Are Constantly Taking Pictures With/Of Your Cat

It's one thing to take a few photos of your cat, but if you find yourself scrolling through your camera roll with dozens of pictures of them (or using Snapchat filters to make their face look funny), this probably means you really adore them. But who wouldn't? The positions they sleep in are hilarious, whether they are all stretched out with their paws in the air or nestled on top of your coat.

2. You Can’t Stay Mad at Them No Matter How Hard You Try

It's hard to stay mad at your best friend, let alone a cute furball with whiskers. At the end of the day, you forgive and forget. No matter what my cats do, there is no possible way I can stay mad at them. I will find them knocking things off the counter with their paw, trying to eat butter on the table, or even scratching me after trying to pet them (never go for the belly first). I have gotten multiple injuries from them and probably even a permanent scar or two, but I never yell at them or freak out. After all, they probably didn't mean to, right?

My cat, Chip!

My cat, Chip!

3. You Vent to Them About Your Problems

Sometimes the perfect person to vent to is not even a person at all but rather a small, furry animal that spends half the day snoozing. Think about it. Cats listen to you (or so you think they do), they don't judge/disagree with you (mainly because they don't know what you're talking about), and they make you feel better by just looking at them (they're so cute and warm). They also don't care, which saves one of your friends from suffering through all your rambling.

4. You Love Hanging Out With Them

After a long day of school or work, the only thing you want to do is relax at home, sit on the couch, and watch some Netflix. Preferably with a cat purring atop your chest. They will probably sleep most of the time, but I swear my cat watches once in a while. Another thing you might enjoy is watching them play with their favorite toy or using a laser pointer to make things interesting.

5. If Something Is Wrong, You Can Tell Right Away

When something is off with your best friend, oftentimes, you can tell instantly. If you are like that with cats, you can probably notice things like abnormal behavior or a sign of an illness/infection. This is a really wonderful skill to have because it could, in fact, save your cat's life one day.

My cat, Chessie!

My cat, Chessie!

6. They Cheer You Up

A best friend is always there to cheer you up no matter what. Maybe your cat decides to come and curl up on your lap or rubs up against you. These are signs that your cat loves you, and how could you not feel better after knowing your cat cares about you and loves you unconditionally?

7. You Get Sad When You’re Away From Them for Too Long

Whenever I leave for a trip, even if it's just a few days, I always end up missing my cats. Are they okay? Do they have enough food and water? Are they confused about why I'm not there? Those are some of the thoughts that cross my mind while I'm away and may cross yours too.

8. You Can’t Stand the Thought of Losing Them

One upsetting thing about having your cat as your best friend is that one day they won't be there anymore. You'll come home one day and long for their presence, but unfortunately, that wish will never be fulfilled. You could adopt another cat from the animal shelter, but will any of them fill the gap? If you don't have much of an emotional bond with your cat, chances are you two probably aren't best friends. But if you do, thinking about this topic might make a tear slowly run down your cheek. You might even go give your cat a big hug.

9. You Respect Them

Sometimes people will do the most idiotic things to cats, such as pulling on their tail or holding them upside down which somehow translates as "fun." Little do they know that they are torturing the poor creature. How would you feel if someone was yanking on your tail (you know, if you had one) or holding you upside down while all the blood rushes to your head?

You'd probably get pretty angry. Your cat will definitely not want to be your friend if you do any of those things. But you're sure to get bit and hissed at! If your cat is your best friend, you definitely respect them. After all, you don't want your cat to hate you!

10. You Talk to Your Cat Like You Would a Person

They may not be the best conversationalists themselves, but they know you are. If you find yourself asking your cat random questions or commenting to them about something like the weather, this could be a sign your cat is your best friend!


PetLover on June 10, 2020:

My cat does some of these thing bt now he is getting older he never wants to sleep in my lap anymore which i find really sad but i never force him to because that would be just cruel. He does sleep with me in bed tho

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Paris on October 21, 2019:

I always grew up with kittens when I was little my neighbors cats used to come over to my house and she had about 7 cats who all mates and in total we had 13 cats visiting our house we would feed them take care of them we also got all the momma kitty’s fixed we got all the cats there shorts and we loved them so much to a point we let them in our yard and house soon enough we literally got a name as the cat house more and more random cats started showing up and I remember there names

1: Momma kitty she was the one that brought all th cats to our house she gave birth to the first liter in our garage which I remember all there names

The kittens names were: black nose patches

Runty sweety bruiserella (she was my favorite she loved food)

2: pumpkin she was one of momma kitty’s daughters and she gave birth in our movie theater room

So basically in total we had 31 kittens in our house 21 outside and 5 momma kitties and my family took care of them all very well.

Every morning I would go out and play with all the kittens out side they would all pop out of them bushes and watch me play with all the other kittens I soon gained all the cats trust

I always grew up as a happy never sassy never mean respectful responsible girl I always loved baby dollar and so forth I was very gentle and careful with the kittens they were like a piece of my heart

However we had to sell some of them I was very sad when I came home because I came home calling them and they would never show up my mom told me she had to get rid of them because it was illegal to have that many cats on our yard or in our house even though we took very good care of them we had to let them go to other families It was easy to sell them because they already had all there shots and they were in perfect health and no flaws they were also very happy cats

Even though she gave most of them away we were still left with

The momma kitty sweety Tiger a cat I adopted from a neighbor who abandoned him and bruiserellla soon as you know it time passes tiger was both an inside and outside cat we never held him inside if he didn’t want to he always came back inside after a long adventure but one day he didn’t he came back for 2 seconds with a look of thank you for everything then he left I will always miss him he was so playful and loved to catch mice

We also had. Bruserella but as she got older she got cancer and we had to put her down

We still had momma kitty and sweety but we had to move due to my dads kidney I lived in. Cali at the time and Cali was a 10 year wait but where we are now was a 3 year wait we left the cats with a new neighbor to take care of them blankets shots love care and they were already outdoor cats so they always had another home to go to although the og home was ours I always wonder to this day if they are ok. But when we moved I was in 6 grade starting a new school life away from bullies like when I was bullied in 1-5 grade and we stopped by a kitty shelter and got a cat

I could never be happier with kitty sense we already have so much experience with cats she was perfect she look like she was abused in her past life because she only has 3 toes on one foot and her tails was bent a little bit she was still so kind and happy kitty has been my best friend and sister for 3 years we continue to laugh play kitty games play hide and seek we continue to sleep next to me and give me cuddles after loosing all thoes kittens she makes me feel complete we have our own cat language haha to a point of having cats for a while I started to pick up the language of what means I want love water food etc or just a simple hello kitty helps me a lot especially when I’m sad I can just cry and she will just sit there for me and cuddle me Now I and on my freshman year of high school and I learned a lot about cats and kitty is still 3 years old better than ever and I noticed something about myself is that I’m afraid of big dogs lol

Love you Kitty

Antony on July 22, 2019:

My cat(kitten) meows very loudly, kneads, headbutts, love bites, kisses, sleeps with me here and there, has his tail held high up with the top slightly moving and also when he's in my room he can never or takes forever to lay down but I'm sad because he's a foster kitten and we have 7 others 5 cats of our own I own 1 but 1 is really old and I'm going to try and convince my mom to let me keep him his name is poptart!!!

Leanne on April 20, 2019:

Cat holds clothing in mouth and takes my slipper and hides it. Cat is actually buting my clothes while im wearing them, and meows veryvloadly when i move hime,away.

SirCatAlot on December 16, 2018:

I have a very very close bond with one of my cats. She was a mum i rescued from under a friends house who had, had a litter of kittens. Once the kittens got old enough they got adopted out but despite trying for months no one wanted the mum. At this stage she was just the 'other cat who lived in the spare room' Then i actually got assaulted on my way home from work and was out of action for a couple of weeks. Spending a lot of time at home and in bed. That night she busted out of the room she was in and came to join me in bed. And i wasnt about to tell her to go away. So after all those days together her and i developed the beginnings of a very strong bond. Few years later now and she never leaves my side, is always waiting for me when i gets home. And i genuinely cant wait to get home from work to be with her and she is always there for me if im pissed off or upset or something. And lastly, because of her i make a point to drive safer and look after myself better. Mainly because whenever i have been away for a day or so she just claws at my bedroom door and stresses out so i dont want her to be without me.

CrazyCATLady on July 07, 2018:

I do all these things and yes I know when my fur baby is not feeling well.... I just have a sense for these things... She is my fur baby and I love her a lot...

minecraftblocker-029 on May 12, 2018:

I just love cats so much! I would not dare to sell them! not even a snake! and yes,they are just little bundles of joy. I even have 1 cat for myself,and 1 for my parents! i am acutally a kid.

sasuke uchiha on February 19, 2017:

man cats are just little bundles of joy. i hate it when people just abandon them out in the streets,but all these things are true and thanks.!!!!!!!!!!! %100 thanks and %100 true.

Mercedesmedlin (author) on March 05, 2016:


Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on March 05, 2016:

Cats bring all these feelings out of the owners who love them. They really can become best friends and your signs are right on! Good read!

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