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80 Badass Cat Names for Stealthy Female Cats

Barbara Fitzgerald is an AKC Breeder of Merit and author of the column "Conversations with Champions" for the BCSA magazine, "Borderlines."

Read on for 80 killer names for cats!

Read on for 80 killer names for cats!

Cute Names for Killer Cats

Cats are known throughout history to be among the most efficient killers on the planet. From saber tooth tigers to tabby cat mousers, their prowess knows no equal.

So effective as a predator, the cat has evolved 4 times on prehistoric earth. If you would like to pay homage to your new kitty’s deadly heritage, here are some whimsical cat names for females from film, history and mythology that embrace the killer instinct.

Kitty Waits Patiently For The Kill

Kitty Waits Patiently For The Kill

Badass Huntress Names for Cats From History and Mythology

Artemis – Virginal Greek Goddess of animals and the hunt. She killed her friend Orion by accident, but made up for it by making him and his dog, Sirius, star constellations.

Atalanta – Fleet girl and chaste huntress who killed the Calydonian Boar.

Devana - Slavic goddess of the hunt.

Diana – Roman goddess of the hunt.

Fianna - Means warrior or huntress.

Flidais - Celtic goddess of the hunt, her chariot is pulled by deer instead of horses.

Mielikki – Finnish goddess of the woods and hunt.

Neith - Egyptian goddess of war and hunting.

Radigund – Queen of the Amazons – “A princess of great power and even greater pride…”

Ripley – Alien huntress. She stalks aliens through 4 Aliens horror films.

Scully – She stalks Aliens through 9 seasons of X-Files.

Skadi – Norse goddess and huntress, depicted with bow and arrow and sometimes skis.

Isak Dinesen or Baroness Von Blixin - Author of Out of Africa and many short stories, she was a great shot and a renowned huntress, as well as healer to the local population. Call your girl cat Isak or Blixin if you are seeking a clever, kind cat with empathetic healing powers.

Kitty Thinks Of Nothing But Murder All Day Long

Kitty Thinks Of Nothing But Murder All Day Long

Kitty Quiz

Femme Fatales: Badass Girl Cat Names From Film

Alice - Resident Evil's killer of the undead.

Beatrix - The Bride in Kill Bill who methodically hunts down her would be murderers.

Coffy – Title character of a campy Pam Greer film from the 70’s – A classic “blaxploitation” film for "those of you who like your coffee black and bitter"…Coffy packs a big gun and a sassy attitude.

Croft - Laura Croft, rich girl and renowned Tomb Raider.

Gogo – Asian school girl hit man in Kill Bill. Nimble as a cat, she swings a spiked ball on a chain to take out her enemies.

Pussy Galore – Bond girl and Goldfinger’s henchwoman, ringleader of some tough cats. Initially trapeze artists, her group of performing catwomen, "Pussy Galore and her Abrocats," is unsuccessful, and so the women train as cat burglars instead, bent on taking out Fort Knox.

Baby Jane - Killer Betty Davis Role: She serves her sister a yummy dead rat on a silver platter; good kitty!

Norma DesmondSunset Boulevard – Silent film star from days gone by; kills her handsome but rude biographer, and leaves him floating in the swimming pool. Some of Norma’s best quotes “I am big, it’s the pictures that got small.” and “We didn’t need dialogue. We had faces!” Name your Kitty Norma if she has a larger than life personality.

Jade Fox - Female warrior and murderer of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Having posed as the Governor's daughter's governess for many years, Jade Fox has taught her charge, Jen, the art of Wudang swordsmanship. The pair make a formidable duo leaping from treetop to rooftop in a series of protracted battles.

Katniss - Hunger Games Heroine.

Kiddo - Last name and nickname of The Bride, in Kill Bill I and II.

La Femme Nikita – Crazy French Hitman chick. Convicted felon, Nikita, is given a choice between death and life as an assassin for the French Government. She chooses life as an assassin, and later, in a twist of fate, chooses life again. Name your kitty Nikita if you want her to be able to truly take advantage of her 9 lives.

Leia - Star Wars Princess and badass rebel.

Leeloo - Fifth Element most powerful weapon and savior of the universe. A red headed fireball, and just like every house cat, she was designed as the perfect killing machine.

Mulan - Disney heroine who kicks ass against the Huns.

SeleneUnderworld - A black clad Death Dealer of the Vampire’s fighting elite, she is committed to the extermination of the Lycans (werewolves). Call your kitty Selene if you want her to best the big dogs in the neighborhood.

Storm - X-men heroine who rains terror, literally, on the bad guys.

TrinityThe Matrix, clad in black, she jumps like a cat and always gets her man. The purrfect black cat name.

MihoSin City - Mute female assassin who serves as enforcer and defender of “Old Town.” She is often referred to as "Deadly Little Miho."

Charlie Baltimore – From the film Long Kiss Goodnight. A former CIA assassin with amnesia, she gets her memory back while chopping vegetables, then gets busy with the assassination business again.

Sukey Tawdry and Lotte Lenya – of Mack the Knife and Three Penny Opera. Notable streetwalkers and thieves; the line forms on the right, now that Mack is back.

Best Catwomen – Eartha Kit (Batman the TV Series) and Natasha Kinski (Cat People)

Lilith - Bonus Badass Cat Name

Adam's first wife, before Eve; she refused to be dominated and left him for her new home by the Red Sea. Lilith is a name for the independent cat!

Adam's first wife, before Eve; she refused to be dominated and left him for her new home by the Red Sea. Lilith is a name for the independent cat!

Badass Girl Cat Names from Myths and Legends

Circe – Greek bad girl. Murdered her husband and was placed on an island by her father, where she waylaid Odysseus for a year. Circe was renowned for her vast knowledge of drugs and herbs. Through the use of magical potions she transformed her enemies, and those who offended her, into animals. In fact, Odysseus’ crew spent a short time there as swine.

Medea - A sorceress of ancient Greek mythology, Medea helped Jason secure the Golden Fleece through her many potions and powers of foresight. Medea agreed to help Jason on the condition that he marry her once he had earned the Golden Fleece. Initially, Jason made good on his promise; they married and had three children. However, Jason later abandoned Medea for the king of Corinth's daughter, Glauce. Incensed, Medea promptly poisoned the Glauce and the king, and in the ultimate act of revenge, killed two of her children by Jason, Tisander and Alcimenes. In true nine lives tradition, Medea went on to have several other lovers and children as Jason chased her across the Mediterranean seeking his revenge.

Sphynx – Half woman and half lion, she killed anyone that could not solve her riddles. The Sphynx now resides in Giza, gaurding the great pyramids. If you need a guard cat with a sense of humor, name her Sphynx and she will also keep your secrets.

Grendel – Beowolf’s nemesis. She tears men limb from limb as if they were mice. Which was well deserved, since they had killed her children. Name your new cat Grendel if she is a protective mother cat.

Evil Female Cat Names from History and Fiction

These scheming and conniving names for cats come to us from villains of history, myth and fiction from 007 to Marvel comics. Name your kitty after one of the characters and you are sure to have a ruthless mouser.

Aileen: Aileen Wuornos, American's first female serial killer, immortalized in the film, Monster.

Bambi: Henchman of Ernst Stavro Blofeld in Diamonds are Forever.

Belle: Belle Star, ruthless American Western villain.

Bonita: Henchman of Mr. Ramirez in Goldfinger.

Catra: Enemy of She-ra: Princess of Power.

Cleopatra: Queen of Egypt, admired for being an intelligent and charming beauty, Cleo was also known as the "Serpent of the Nile."

Consort: To habituate with the enemy. Name your kitty Consort, and you can call her Connie for short.

Drax: Main heavy in Moonraker.

Electra: Electra King, main villain in The World is Not Enough.

Finagler: One who coerces or inveigles others into their nefarious schemes.

Fiona: Fiona Volpe, villainess of Thunderball.

Fizgig: Informant.

Gozer: "Gozer the Gozarian," Destructor of the Universe, Ghostbusters.

Hatch: To invent a scheme or to plot.

Hella: Norse goddess and sister of Thor.

Livia: Livia Drusilla, Caesar Augustus' wife and infamous poisoner of her enemies, including her husband.

Magda: Henchwoman of the villainess, Octopussy, in the 007 film of the same name.

Mary: Mary the First of England, also known as Bloody Mary, for her ruthless killings of Protestants, while attempting to restore Catholicism.

Medici: Catherine De Medici, France's Queen Regent, know as the Black Queen.

Mei-Lei: Henchwoman of Goldfinger.

Paris: Paris Carver, henchman to Elliott Carver in Tomorrow Never Dies.

Poison Ivy: Batman botanist turned villainess.

Pola: Pola Ivanova, KGB agent in A View to a Kill.

Quisling: A traitor or conspirator.

Rosa: Rosa Kleb, partner in crime with Ernst Stavro Blofeld in From Russia with Love.

Schemer: One who plots evil.

Seven: Deadly 007 with a license to kill.

Slyboots: A conspirator.

Taro: Miss Taro, female henchman of Dr. No.

Thumper: Henchman of Ernst Stavro Blofeld in Diamonds are Forever.

Tiffany: Tiffany Case, villainess who changes sides and survives in Diamonds are Forever.

Vesper: Vesper Lynd, Henchman of Quantum, in Casino Royale.

Siamese Kitten Practices Her Killer Skills!

Female Cat Names That Mean Hunter or Huntress







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MJ on July 14, 2020:

I've had cats named Dusty, Vader, Eloise, Shadow & Scamp. They have all past, but I have wonderful memories of them all.

Doc on May 14, 2020:

Grendel was the name of the monster slew by Beowulf... Grendel's mother's name was never mentioned.

Gill Hobson on February 05, 2020:

My cat is named Raven she eats everything in sight she is very vicious and I think you should put Raven on the list.

Lanieme on August 04, 2019:

My Siamese is named Eloise. This is in reference to ”Eloise at the Plaza” perfect for

her mischievous and sassy personality.

Jackie on July 17, 2019:

Adam did have a wife before eve! In Jewish mythology (and the original bible) Lilith was depicted as Adams first wife. The original bible has more than 20000 differences than the one we read today! So cool isn’t it!

GalaxyRat on April 05, 2017:

Sooo cute! But Adam did not have a wife before Eve, at least not in the Bible. He didn't have one anyway...

Barbara Fitzgerald (author) from Georgia on June 04, 2016:

Hi Lee: Love your kitties' names! I think Katy Perry has a cat named Kitty Purry too.

Lee on June 04, 2016:

My Cats are named Kitty Purry and Catsy Cline.

Barbara Fitzgerald (author) from Georgia on December 03, 2013:

Thanks FlourishAnyway! I had fun compiling the list.

FlourishAnyway from USA on December 03, 2013:

These are all so original.