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25 Mythological Native American Names for Your Cat

Teeuwynn lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, three children, one dog, one cat, and two rats. She is a long-time pet lover.

Cats are quirky, intelligent creatures that enrich our lives, so we want to find names that fit their nature. One good place to look for names with meaning is Native American mythology. When you name your cat something that has meaning, the name becomes a great talking point.

So, take a look at the 25 names below and see if any of them inspire you to name your next cat or kitten after Native American mythology.

Siamese cat waiting for a Native American name.

Siamese cat waiting for a Native American name.

1. Asin

  • Asin was an ogress who was said to plague the Alsea tribe by eating their children.
  • Parents used her name to get their children to do what they wanted them to do.
  • Huckleberries belonged to Asin, so no tribe members ate them.
  • Asin would make a nice name for a powerful or somehow intimidating female cat.
  • If that cat happened to be the color of huckleberries all the better!
  • Of course, this name would also fit a cat who doesn’t like children.

2. Azeban

  • Azeban, although a god, is often depicted as a raccoon.
  • Azeban is a sweet god who likes to play tricks and have fun with people.
  • This name would work great for any playful cat who likes to gambol about and have fun with his family or for a cat who is an unrepentant trickster.

3. Caddaja

  • The Caddaja is a terrifying horned snake or ogre, depending on which legend you read.
  • The Caddo tribe claims this myth.
  • Caddaja hunted humans in every story, so this name would be good for a cat of either gender that likes hunting and pouncing a lot.

4. Chirich

  • This trickster god was a coyote deity in Arikara mythology.
  • Chirich is a very clever but careless creature.
  • Chirich always gets himself and those around him in trouble.
  • He is greedy, lies, and otherwise behaves outrageously.
  • This name could work well for a male cat who likes to cause trouble.
A young Chirich stuck up a tree.

A young Chirich stuck up a tree.

5. Evaki

  • This Bakairi goddess of the night is actually the aunt of Keri and Kame, two names you will see below.
  • Evaki takes the sun out of its jar every morning and puts it away at night. She is known for looking over sleep and dreams.
  • Her symbol is sometimes seen as a bat.
  • Because of her association with nighttime, Evaki might make a great name for a female black or dark grey cat.

6. Isha

  • Another name for Isha is Esa.
  • Isha was a god who belonged to the Bannock, Northern Palute, and Shoshone tribes.
  • Isha is a calm and serene god.
  • Sometimes Isha has to rescue his more troublesome brother, Coyote.
  • This name would be great for an even-tempered cat.
  • It would also work well in conjunction with Coyote for a pair of brothers, one who is a troublemaker and one who behaves himself.

7. Jamul

  • This name is an Achumawi Coyote god.
  • Jamul is not quite the trickster that most Coyote gods are, but he still can get into some trouble.
  • However, Jamul helped give humans fire and also helped humans learn other advances.
  • Because of this, Jamul might make a name for a red cat or a cat that likes to play with people a lot.

8. and 9. Kame and Keri

  • These two gods are brothers who are creator gods of the Bakairi tribe.
  • Together, they helped make our world a place hospitable for humans. Kame and Keri taught humans to hunt and make fire.
  • These names would work perfectly for two bold brother cats.
  • The names would also work perfectly well on their own.
This serious cat could make a good Kame or Keri.

This serious cat could make a good Kame or Keri.

10. Kipitaki

  • Kipitaki is a Blackfoot tribe hero.
  • She is the Old Lady who married Napi, the Old Man.
  • Kipitaki is a trickster, so she likes to cause some fun trouble, but she also likes to teach humans new things and often helps out.
  • This name could work for a lot of playful female cats who love their families.
  • It could also be a fun name for a female cat or kitten who has some unusual markings that speak to Kipitaki’s trickster nature.

11. Kolowa

  • This creature is a shaggy ogre that likes to eat humans.
  • This name would work nicely for any shaggy cat, especially one that likes to play pounce.

12. Kujuri

  • Kujuri and a fellow god named Ikujuri come from the Apalai and Wayana tribes.
  • Together, they created the world and taught humans how to live in it.
  • This name works well for a worldly cat or kitten.
  • If you get two kittens at once you could even name one Kujuri and the other Ikujuri.

13. Manetoa

  • The Manetoa comes from the Algonquin tribe.
  • This giant, underwater snake has horns and armored scales.
  • It eats people.
  • There is only one thing that frightens the Manetoa: thunder.
  • This would make a great name for any cat who likes to act like a big shot, but who is really a scaredy-cat when push comes to shove.
This little Manetoa might be scared of you!

This little Manetoa might be scared of you!

14. Menilly

  • This Cahuilla Tribe's moon goddess taught humans how to be civilized.
  • This name would work wonderfully for a serene, grey, or black female cat.

15. Mink

  • This trickster god is unusual in that the deity doesn’t usually help humans.
  • Although often arrogant and proud, this god can be reckless too.
  • This name could be good for a dark, sleek cat with a penchant for causing mischief.

16. Nanook

  • In Inuit mythology, Nanook was the master of bears.
  • Nanook determined whether human hunters would have luck when they hunted bears or whether their hunts would end in famine.
  • Nanook could make a great name for a strong male cat.
  • It might work particularly well for a white, brown, or black cat since those are the color of Northern American bears.

17. Napi

  • This Blackfoot tribe god is called the Old Man. Napi used his skills to shape the world.
  • However, Napi is old and his cantankerous nature causes some trouble for people.
  • He often works with Kipitaki, known as Old Woman.
  • Any male cat with a bit of a grouchy disposition could be a good candidate for the name Napi.
  • This name could also be good for an older male cat you adopt.
  • If you adopt an older female cat along with him, you could name her Kipitaki.
This white cat could hold the mantle of Napi well.

This white cat could hold the mantle of Napi well.

18. Pinga

  • Pinga, in Inuit mythology, was the goddess of the hunt, fertility, and medicine.
  • Due to her powers, this name could be good for any female cat who loves to hunt or for a pregnant cat who you welcome into your home.

19. Sasquatch

  • This enormous, hairy creature is found in many different Native American mythologies.
  • Sasquatch are considered sweet-natured beings that don’t attack people.
  • This name could be a good one for any large breed of cat, particularly a shaggier one like a Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat.

20. Stonecoat

  • These mythological rock giants are twice the size of human beings and their bodies are covered in rocky scales.
  • Stonecoats are creatures of ice and winter.
  • This would be a great name for any grey or white cat or cat with grey or white markings.

21. Tamuchi

  • This ancient god comes from the Carib tribe.
  • This creator god has supposedly never been seen by humans.
  • This name would be nice for any shy cat or for a black cat or for one with markings that help him or her blend in with their surroundings.
This cat blends well with its environment and would be a fitting Tamuchi.

This cat blends well with its environment and would be a fitting Tamuchi.

22. Uktena

  • Uktena is a Cherokee horned serpent.
  • Uktena was created when a human being attempted to kill the sun.
  • Because of this association with the sun, this name could be good for a golden or tan-colored cat or one with a sunburst marking.

23. Wakanda

  • This is the Omaha, Osage, and Ponca tribes’ creator god.
  • Wakanda has no gender.
  • Anyone who has seen a Black Panther movie has heard of Wakanda, although that movie has a different mythology.
  • However, it could still serve as inspiration for this name.
  • Wakanda could work for any strong or creative cat of either gender, particularly one who likes to guard his or her home.

24. Whiskey Jack

  • This trickster culture hero of the Cree tribe loves to get into mischievous adventures.
  • Whiskey Jack doesn’t hurt people, he just fools them.
  • This character is actually a friend to humans.
  • The name would be wonderful for any cat with a twinkle in his eye who loves getting into trouble.

25. Windigo

  • The Windigo is a man-eating being from the Anishinabe mythology.
  • This monster is gigantic and covered in ice.
  • This name would work well for a large, white or pale-colored male cat.

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