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26 Cool Cat Names for Boys… Based on 1980s TV Shows!

I love coming up with perfect pet names and sharing those ideas with readers.

Does this cat look more like an Airwolf, Al Bundy, or Alf?

Does this cat look more like an Airwolf, Al Bundy, or Alf?

Purr-fect Cat Names from the 1980s

Are you brainstorming some names for your new cat?

A cat with no name is like a plant without a pot. It will grow up eventually, but it will be lacking true character. So let’s give your cat a name that matches his personality.

Television in the 1980s was filled with so many memorable characters. After doing some thorough research covering the most popular sitcoms of the decade, we compiled a complete list of cool cat names for boys.

Complete List of Cool Cat Names for Boys

Read through the list and pick the best '80s TV show name for your cat. And remember to participate in the cat poll at the bottom of the page!

1. Airwolf

Remember the action-drama television series about the military helicopter codenamed Airwolf? If your cat likes to take on exotic missions and battle espionage, then this is the name for your furry wolfie-cat. Play the soundtrack and get your cat ready to take flight!

2. Al Bundy

Who could forget everyone’s favorite couch-potato shoe salesman from the '80s? Name your cat Al Bundy or just “Al” if he likes lounging around watching television all day. You may want to double-down with this one, especially if you have a furry red female cat named Peggy.

3. Alf

Alf was the best alien pet in the universe. If you think that your cat is truly “out of this world” then you may want to go with this name. Though the original character did have an appetite for cats, so maybe “Alf” is more suitable for a dog’s name. To each his own!

What about Bob?

What about Bob?

4. Bob Saget

Bob Saget starred as the character Danny Tanner in the original Full House series. Most of us may not recall the character’s name, but everybody knows Bob. Imagine the next time your friends come over and you introduce your new cat as the legendary Bob Saget.

Cheers Characters:

5. Norm Peterson

6. Cliff Clavin

7. Woody

As Seinfeld was the best sitcom of the '90s, Cheers was the champion of the '80s. It had so many memorable characters, but who would you pick if you could only pick three characters from the bar? Think about it for a second without overthinking it. Which three did you see making the final cut?

We’re going with Norm Peterson, Cliff Clavin, and Woody. Name your cat Norm if he likes to drink; Cliff if he needs a buddy; and Woody if he is perpetually misunderstanding things.

Knight Rider Characters:

8. Hasselhoff


David Hasselhoff played Michael Knight in the action drama Knight Rider. If your cat has German descent, maybe name him Hasselhoff. Or better yet—why not consider the car’s name KITT. The talking car was fast, bulletproof, fireproof, and fought injustice. KITT sounds like a “bulletproof” name for a black cat.

Is there a doctor Doogie in the house?

Is there a doctor Doogie in the house?

10. Doogie Howser

Is your cat too young for his profession and seeking some extra medical attention? Doogie would definitely be appropriate for a furry white boy cat. By the way, did you know that the character survived cancer, which eventually inspired him to become a doctor in the show?

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11. Fred Savage

A cat named Fred just seems so suitable for some reason. Fred Savage starred in The Wonder Years and played the role of Kevin Arnold. We would have picked “Kevin” for the name, but Fred is a fantastic name that’s just too perfect.

12. George Jefferson

Sherman Hemsley played George Jefferson in All in the Family and The Jeffersons. A character who appears in over 200 episodes is well deserving of the nomination for a cat name. Go all-in on George to honor this classic legend that starred in over two decades of television.

MacGyver the clever cat can escape any situation.

MacGyver the clever cat can escape any situation.

13. MacGyver

Can your cat solve unconventional problems with a can of cat food and catnip? MacGyver would be an excellent choice for problem solvers like that. Why fight crime with a gun when you can smother it with science, paper clips, and duct tape like MacGyver the Munchkin cat?

14. Magnum P.I.

Does your cat have extremely long whiskers? Then Magnum P.I. is a must. Just remember to get a mini red Ferrari with cat pedals so that your furry Maine Coon can cruise along the coastline in style. Nothing beats a classic whisker-stache.

15. Michael J. Fox

Another name synonymous with '80s TV and movies is Michael J. Fox. The actor played Alex P. Keaton in the sitcom Family Ties. It’s a coin toss on whether you would prefer the actor’s name or the character’s name. They are both legendary, but we’d stick with MJ.

Mork and Mindy cats could be a purr-fect match.

Mork and Mindy cats could be a purr-fect match.

Mork and Mindy Characters:

16. Mork

17. Robin

Classic cat names for a kitten couple would be Mork and Mindy. Mork, played by Robin Williams, was an alien who flew to Earth to study humanity. He met up with Mindy and the rest, as they say, is history. Mork the Magnificent has a nice ring to it, but since these are boy cat names, let's go with Mork's real name—Robin!

18. Mr. Belvedere (18)

In the sitcom, Lynn Belvedere was the English housekeeper to a suburban family in Pittsburgh. The character played a key role in raising the kids. Name your cat Mr. Belvedere if you have young children who need a furry role model to look down to on the carpet.

19. Mr. T

Is your cat as tough as nails and meaner than matted fur on a minx? You should probably name your cat Mr. T or B.A. Baracus— the character he played on The A-Team. Keep in mind, the gold chains, necklaces, and bracelets could get pricey if he wants accessories.

Is that Jack between two kitty cats?

Is that Jack between two kitty cats?

Three’s Company Characters:

20. Jack Tripper

21. Mr. Roper

22. Mr. Furley

Three’s Company was another sitcom from the '80s that had so many classic characters. Perhaps the most memorable were Jack Tripper, Mr. Roper, and Mr. Furley. Name your cat Jack if he’s a bit clumsy and has two furry felines as roommates. However, you may want to go with the suspicious landlord alternatives Mr. Roper or Mr. Furley (especially if your cat has a bunch of "fur").

The Dukes of Hazzard Characters:

23. Bo

24. Luke

25. Rosco P. Coltrane

The Dukes of Hazzard also had a trio of characters that are worth considering. Bo and Luke Duke made one of the best tandems in '80s TV. If you prefer to go with the other side of the law, consider the name Rosco. Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane was one of the most comical bumbling villains in sitcom history.

26. The Fonz

Is your cat REALLY cool? Name him after the essence of cool. The Fonz or “Fonzie” from Happy Days surpassed all of the other show’s characters in popularity. Dress your kitty in leather and put him on his Harley. Who knows. ,aybe every now and then, he will meow an authentic Fonzie “Aaayyy!”

VIDEO: Top 10 Aaayyys from The Fonz

POLL: Your Favorite Cat Name for Boys

More Cool Cat Names for Boys

Do you have any other cat names for boys based on 80s television?

Please share them in the comments section.

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