Beyond Muffy: List of Unique Cat Names for Female and Male

Updated on December 30, 2016

Funny Cat Names for Unique Boy and Girl Cats

Tired of Fluffy and Muffy? Ready to explore the hardcore world of real names for real cats? These funny, creative cat name ideas for male and female cats can help you replace the traditional, overused feline names like "Puffball" and "Mouser" with unique ideas like "The Feistmeister."

No self-respecting cat owner would dare name a feline Muffy, Fluffy, Cuddles, Biddles, Wiggly-poo, or indeed any name from the Cutesy School of Cat Naming these days. Pouncer and Mouser, while seemingly inoffensive, will tend to put a certain amount of career pressure on your pet. And frankly, though there's nothing objectionable per se in naming a cat after a famous celebrity, people who'd name their cat Felix, Garfield or Heathcliff should be ashamed of themselves for setting up their beloved pets for almost guaranteed inferiority complexes.

These days, the best cat names reflect the funny, unique personalities of the creatures - with a soupcon of their owners' personality thrown in. Here are some unique ideas for cat names that will yield no regret.

Funny Cat Names for Boy or Girl Cats

Unique Gender Neutral Cat Names

  • Everest: This name is perfect for cats that climb, or sleep a lot.
  • Feistmeister: This name, sporting collegiate flair, is a derivative of the word "feisty."
  • Taffy: This cat name is ideal for cat owners with hidden cutesy impulses; Taffy, of course, stands for Totally Affectionate Kitty.
  • Number One Scratcher: This is less a cat name than it is a way to humorously apologize to your guests for the state of your furniture.
  • Mo Kat: Fits fat cats just fine.
  • Manicatti: For highly energetic cats who also like pasta.
  • Laziboy or Lazigirl: The aforementioned names are only free of trademark liability if you exclusively call the cat "Zee" during public appearances. (Doing so also protects you from cat-originated slander actions.)

Of the funny ideas for boy cat names below, which would you be proud to call your cat?

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Funny Cat Names for Male Feline Persons

Unique Male Cat Names

  • He Who Howls As a Jungle Monkey: All right, so it's a bit long. For usability's sake, you may want to use the nickname version, "Howl."
  • Quarterback: This name is evocative of a male cat's extreme agility and poise, and thus his (hypothetical) ability to balance a quarter on his back.
  • Stud Boy: You might regret this one, for reasons that hopefully need not be outlined here.
  • Gilligan: Gilligan is the ideal cat name for a goofy male cat that tries to be a lion, but isn't.
  • Sprout: Just a a good ol' boy kinda cat name, really.
  • Alfred, George, William, or Robert: Slightly boring, but, nobody will ever mistake him for a girl, now, will they?

Which is Your Favorite Female Cat Name?

What unique female cat name below would you most want to bestow upon a girl cat?

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Funny Cat Names for Girl Cats

Unique Cat Chick Names

  • Kitty Boop: This adaptation of the Betty Boop cartoon character is perfect for a flirtatious feline.
  • Gor May: This name is suited to female cats who only tolerate the finest culinary fare.
  • Heels: "Heels" is both a subtle, ironic comment on the will-not-heel-in-a-thousand-years nature of cats and, if that doesn't work for you, a tribute to your pet's extraordinary grace on those tiny little cat feet.
  • Alto Soprano: This name is for female cats whose range varies from deep alto purrs to strident soprano meows.
  • Chick: A trendy choice, only a totally hip feline dudette can carry it off with savoire faire.
  • Claudette:  Okay, this one's not so much funny as it is a unique name for an extremely pretty lady cat, after the beautiful cat-faced actress Claudette Colbert. 

Whatever cat name you choose, pick one that rolls off the tongue easily at that critical moment when you discover that your feline has rubbed his fur all over the evening outfit you were planning to wear, and pleasant to whisper when you're spending an evening of therapeutic fur-stroking.  And honestly, whatever cat name you pick, in the privacy of your own home, who's to know if you call your baby Cuddles?  As long as you feed her well, she won't tell....

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    • profile image

      tirzah 4 years ago

      My 7 year old tomcat is named Hot Stuff. Mainly because I'm a firefighter and there was a cat in a fire related book I read that was named that, but I think it was a female.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 4 years ago from USA

      One of our cats is named "George Clooney" because he is so gorgeous and has brown/grey hair. Another cat is all white and had a terrible wound when we got him so we call him "Elmer" after the glue.

    • profile image

      kia 6 years ago

      We named our ginger cat after all the orange things we could think of as well as the vampire from twilight so his name is Edward Le Ginge Orange Carrots Ronald Arthur Charlie Bill Percy Fred George Weasley Cullen, lol. He just gets called Le Ginge most times :-)

    • profile image

      tatjana 7 years ago

      okay, so we have 10 cats and had some more but who are no longer with us. Here are our names: Joy, Bolt (before the cartoon), Ewoks ( a very strange cat with ears like an Ewoks), Black Feather (indian name for very agile and hunter cat), sparrow (grey tabby), mogwai (gremlin-like features), shanti (means peace, for a very content cat), peggy, white paw (daughter of the black feather, black with a white paw), honeybun (VERY sweet cat, always up to a cuddle) there is really no limit if you are able to discern the character of a cat. no need naming them really early on, they start catching on to their names when about 10 - 25 weeks old.

    • frndlyghost profile image

      frndlyghost 7 years ago from California Wine Country

      I'm a cat. The lady I own named me Murphy, after a TV character named Murphy Brown. Apparently, this Murphy Brown person is good at letting people know what she wants and when she wants it. Just like me.

    • profile image

      A.C.F. 7 years ago

      Singer (for the cat that seems to "sing" while he /she meows around the house trying to find you). Fighter (for the cat that seems to "battle" with anything from his bowl of water to the curtains on a long window). Princess (for the cat who only let's select people pet her and is extremely picky on anything from food to toys). Window washer (for the cat who can't seem to stop licking windows).