Pet Insurance for Cats: How Much Do I Have to Pay?

Updated on December 16, 2017
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Having been a cat and dog lover her entire life, she has made special efforts to learn as much as she can about the animals she cares for.


Cat Insurance Comparison

Insurance Program
Per Month Cost
Toll Free Number
Pet Best Insurance Budget
1-888- 899-0402
Pet Best Insurance Level 1
Pet Best Insurance Level 2
Pet Best Insurance Level 3
PetPlan Bronze
PetPlan Silver
PetPlan Gold
Veterinarian Pet Insurance Feline Select Plan
Veterinarian Pet Insurance Economical
Veterinarian Pet Insurance Comprehensive

Should I Get Pet Insurance for My Cat?

Deciding to insure your cat is a very personal decision that no one can make for you. Your ultimate decision depends solely on your feelings towards your cat.

  • Is your cat a beloved pet or a member of the family?
  • How much are you willing to spend on your pet?
  • What are your feelings on treating a severely injured cat or a pet with cancer. Do you put it down, or try to rehabilitate it?

If your main reason for not getting pet insurance is because it is too expensive, then you may want to reconsider, because there are plans that are very low cost. Often when faced with an ill or injured cat, the cost of the treatment is the only deterrent from extending your pets life. These pets get put to sleep, because the owner cannot afford to pay for the treatment.

Unfortunately, ten dollars a month, may have caused the otherwise expensive treatment to be affordable. Insurances help pay for such things as feline leukemia, vaccines, cancer treatment, or feline fatty liver disease.

Guarantee your older cat will be covered, by insuring your kitten while he is still young.
Guarantee your older cat will be covered, by insuring your kitten while he is still young. | Source

Pet Insurance Plans

Pet Best Insurance -

Pet Best Insurance has the broadest range of insurance plans to choose from with the most flexible monthly rate, due to your ability to choose your annual coverage, which ranges from $1,000 to $20,000 and a lifetime coverage of $5,000 to $200,000.

Aside from the typical insurance programs, they also have cancer only, accident only, and feline illness only programs as well.

If choosing your coverage isn't flexible enough for you, you also can choose your deductible ranging from $0-1000 a year, as well as your reimbursement level of 70-100%.

PetPlan -

PetPlan also allows you to choose your deductible ranging from $50-200, as well as what percentage your reimbursement should be ranging from 80-100%.

PetPlan will cover everything from veterinarian expenses, kennel expenses, a payment for death due to injury or illness, as well as a payment for the loss of your pet due to theft or straying.

The programs are tiered, with the bronze program covering only vet expenses, whereas the gold covers all of the benefits listed. They have a silver package that falls somewhere in between.

PetPlan covers more conditions, treatments, and exams than most any others out there. They cover your pet's treatment for hereditary, congenital, or chronic conditions, as well as any other prescription medications. They also cover diagnostic testing, MRI, CAT scan, dental care, cancer treatments, as well as annual exams.

Veterinary Pet Insurance -

Veterinary Pet Insurance is flexible as far as what veterinarian you can use. This includes your choice of specialist and emergency providers. The maximum annual benefit starts at $7,000 on up to $14,000.

They do have programs that will cover older or ill cats, although congenital disorders and pre-existing conditions are not covered. Hereditary conditions are covered, but only under one of their more expensive programs. VPI also promises that no matter how much you use your insurance, your premium will never be raised.

Keep him happy, by making sure he is well cared for.
Keep him happy, by making sure he is well cared for. | Source

Pet Insurance Costs

When considering the cost of pet insurance, keep in mind all aspects of an insurance plan not just the monthly rate. For instance, a program that only covers routine checkups with a cost of $5.00 a month, is not nearly as good of a deal as a program that costs $10.00 a month but covers routine doctor visits, emergency visits, cancer, and prescription drugs.

Also, you want to look at the deductible. If you can have a lower deductible by paying only a dollar more per month, in the long run that insurance will be a better bargain.

How many pets you want insured also should be a determining factor. Many pet insurance companies will cut costs when you choose to insure multiple pets, whether you are just insuring multiple cats or if you are going to insure your dog and your cat.

Best Pet Insurance Reviews

Pet Best Insurance

Pet Best Insurance is thought highly of by many pet owners. Most praises posted on their website point out how quickly they process their claims, as well as their willingness to cover items that owners would not normally be able to afford. Here are two examples of praises that you can read on their website:

Thank you so much for making it possible for Gabriella to have her surgery. I received my reimbursement almost immediately and find your customer service to be excellent. What a relief it was to not have to worry when this tragedy occurred.

L. Hannigan, Las Vegas, NV

One of our cats bit the other causing a badly infected leg. I had it treated, and sent the form to you for reimbursement. I received your check just a few days later. What service! I have been recommending you to all my friends with pets ever since.

M. Julien, San Angelo, TX



PetPlan is well respected by many veterinarians and animal loving businesses. Even the CEO and President of the Humane Society of the United States praises this company when he states that he uses this pet insurance and offers it to members of the Humane Society. He proclaims:

We believe Petplan provides the most comprehensive pet insurance product available...

The strongest praise comes from the co-founder of Second Chance Rescue, Dr. Steve Weinrauch DVM, who stated:

As a veterinarian, I've worked with every insurance company. I know that Petplan not only saves lives, but makes it possible for people to afford their pets when unexpected veterinary expenses arise.


VPI Pet Insurance

VPI Pet Insurance also has lots of praise in their customer reviews. Unlike the others, they are confident enough you will be pleased with them that they allow you to see some of their less glowing reviews. Most praise consists of people who felt that the customer service representatives truly care about the clients. This owner of a Spaniel named Jagger boasts:

...After explaining my situation, my rep told me "please give Jagger a hug for me!". Thank you for making me feel as if Jagger and I are part of VPI's "family". I HIGHLY recommend this insurance company for your pet and your own personal SANITY :)

Other common praises had to do with the speed of their payment. This person had used VPI Pet Insurance for the first time and was pleased at how easy VPI was to deal with:

VPI handled the claim for Zora's surgery promptly and issued a reimbursement check within a week. They compensated me for all related costs. I have VPI for both of my dogs but this is the first time I've incurred an insured expense. I am very happy with VPI.

Choosing a pet insurance for your cat is not an easy task, as there are a lot of things to consider when choosing the best one for your household. Cost is not always the only thing to consider, as the cheapest pet insurance in the long run does not always mean the cheapest right now. It often depends on how many pets you want to insure, and what health problems your cat may face in the future. Become educated and make sure you choose the insurance that is best suited for you and your family.

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