Home Remedies for Cat Eye Problems

Many cats often get a cold in their eyes, get something stuck in them, or have a small infection that makes their eyes leak. Try the following "home remedies" for a couple days (You should always speak to a vet before trying any home remedies). If they don't work, then it's a more serious matter, and you need to get your cat to the vet immediately for proper care.

Warm Compress

This is helpful if your cat's eyes are red or beginning to leak.

  1. Grab a soft washcloth.
  2. Get the washcloth wet using warm water.
  3. Gently press the washcloth onto your cat's eye and hold it there for about two to three minutes.
  4. Repeat this several times a day.

It may be a struggle to hold the washcloth in place, but do you best in order to provide the best care for your feline friend.

Eye Wash

An eye wash is helpful if something is stuck in your cat's eye.

  1. Rinse your cat's eye with saline solution.

Most saline solutions will have proper instructions detailed. It is important to follow them carefully. Some may only require you to use the drops, while others may recommend rinsing them with water afterward.

Green Tea

This is good for cats and kittens with matted eyes that are stuck shut. You may also use chamomile or other natural teas. Make tea plain; never add sugar or any other substance.

  1. Boil water, add a green tea bag, and brew. (In other words, make tea.)
  2. Once the tea cools down, take a cotton ball or soft washcloth and dip it into the tea. Ring it out. Don't ring too much of it out, however, as the tea is the solution to the eye troubles.
  3. Drip a little bit of the tea into the cat's eye and carefully wipe across and around the eye. (When wiping across, do it from the outside to the inside near the nose. You don't want to spread it through the entire eye.)
  4. Repeat a few times a day.

After You've Tried These Remedies

If these remedies either don't work whatsoever, or work, but only for a little while, there may be a more serious problem that requires attention.

First, go to your local pet store and try to find some eye drops or eye ointments that you can try. If they do not have any, or the ones they do have don't work, your only other option is to take your cat to the vet. Eye infections can be serious and sometimes even result in blindness. If your "home remedies" stop working after a couple days, go to your vet!

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FloraBreenRobison profile image

FloraBreenRobison 4 years ago

These are helpful suggestions, but I can't see Amy allowing me to have a cloth against her eye for as long as 2-3 minutes. Don't do it Mummy!:)

urgurl_bri profile image

urgurl_bri 4 years ago from Holland, MI Author

Yeah I don't think my cats would either but you can try as long as they'll let you. And if they move for a second, just re-adjust and try again for as long as you can.

teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 4 years ago

Your cats are so sweet looking! I can see where the green tea would help soothe an irritation. This is great information to keep handy in case kitty needs some first aid.

nick 45467 3 years ago

im gonna try this i hope my cat doesn't go blind

Crystal Byrd 2 years ago

My 3 week old kitten has an eye that is matted shut and idk y but how long will it take to heal up and go away

marie 12 months ago

Does it have to be green tea? Could it be normal tea bag

urgurl_bri profile image

urgurl_bri 12 months ago from Holland, MI Author

Marie, it says it could also be chamomile or another natural tea option.

Jessica 5 months ago

someone told me green tea bags are bleached and they can go blind from this.

kk 2 months ago

i wrap the kitten or cat in a towel somewhat tightly so that their legs and arms are covered (they feel secure) and i cut up a soft rag in small squares and soak the rags in warm green tea (the tea takes down swelling and also makes the mats soften and easy to remove

matt 2 months ago

Has anyone tried warm mil?. Ive done this with a dog and it worked. Dunno if it would be different for kittens.

Kevin 2 months ago

My kitten is 4 weeks and the eyes are swollen and red and it looks like it's crying ? Any suggestions ?

urgurl_bri profile image

urgurl_bri 6 weeks ago from Holland, MI Author


I would suggest trying the green tea or a warm compress. If that doesn't seem to help, the kitten should see a vet to determine if there are worse problems for them.

cyndi 13 days ago

someone told me that milk drops in the kittens eyes will help this true

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