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Updated on January 27, 2018
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Magical Cats Bring Good Fortune

Cats, especially black cats, have long been associated with magical beings and witchcraft. Cats were sacred in Ancient Egypt, and have been considered lucky household charms in Japanese lore. In 1600s Great Britain, visitors were to kiss the family cat upon their arrival to ensure a pleasant visit.

In many cultures, to do ill to cat can only bring bad luck, loss of love or death. To celebrate your new lucky talisman, consider these magical cat names from history, literature and the magician's closet.

The Magical Black Cat
The Magical Black Cat | Source

Kitty Names from Magic, Voodoo and Scorcery

Bokor: Sorcerers of Voodoo for hire. Bokors can be either male or female.

Coven: A gathering of Witches.

Grimalkin or Greymalkin: An especially evil looking female cat associated with witchcraft. In the middle ages, possession of a Grimalkin could be enough proof of an individual practicing witchcraft to get one burned at the stake.

Grimoire: Pronounced “grim-war” is a book of magic spells. These spell books typically teach the magician how to create magical objects, summon spiritual beings of both positive and negative forces and how to place charms and curses on individuals. A famous Grimoire is the Book of Shadows.

Heka: The Egyptian Magical system and the phonetic spelling of the German word for witch.

Hex: A Magick spell or curse. As a verb Hex means to spellbind, allure, beguile or tickle to death!

Imp: From German Folklore. Imps are small goblins with a mischievous nature that like to play pranks and practical jokes on their human friends. Typically they are perceived as lonely creatures in search of a friend. In order to get the attention they crave, they pester the human who either takes them in or drives them away in annoyance.

Jade: Jade is a stone used in Magick as a healing and protecting stone. Green jade is used for calming and soothing while red jade promotes friendships and prosperity. Name your kitty Jade if you want a lucky talisman to aid you in gaining friendships and amassing great wealth.

Jinx: A Magick spell or enchantment often bringing about calamity. Name your kitty Jinx if you have a vermin population that needs to be eradicated.

Juju: A lucky talisman, fetish or harm.

Kikimora: A Russian house spirit. When the home is in order a kikimora will assist in care of the household, however if the home is not in order, she will break dishes and engage in destructive behavior throughout the night. The Kikimora living in an inharmonious home spins flax at night with evil intentions for the world.

Malachite: Malachite is an opaque green stone that is used in Magick to promote visionary powers and wealth by bringing hope to its possessor. Malachite aids in courage by bringing an understanding of the source of one's fears. Additionally, malachite promotes prosperity.

Mambo: Female Bokor and priestess of Voodoo; she may practice both white and black magic to create talismans, fetishes, house spirits or zombies.

Picatrix: A famous Arabic Grimoire (book of spells) based on Astral magic. You can call your kitty Trixie for short.

Sodalite: This is a bright blue stone with crisscrossing white lines and flecks and is used in Magick to promote calmness and good digestion. It is thought to aid in sleep, lower blood pressure and bring clarity of thought to the mind. This bright stone represents the spiritual light brought by a balanced spirit and mind. Name your kitty Sodalite, then call it Soda for short.

Sorginak: The Basque name for both male and female witches. The Sorginak are said to have the ability to transform themselves at will into animals, most commonly cats.

Vamp: One who bewitches, beguiles or charms.

Wicca: A modern pagan religion revolving around ancient paganism and witchcraft. There is no central religious authority and Wicca have many denominations with their own hierarchical structures. Wicca worships both a masculine, horned god, and feminine, moon goddess.

Zemi: A good luck piece, amulet or charm.


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Magical Names for Cats from Film, TV and Literature

Ariel: The mischievous and magical spirit that is enslaved by Prospero in Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Binx: In the film Hocus Pocus, a teenager named Binx is transformed by 3 witches into an immortal, speaking cat.

Cleo: In the film The Mummy, Cleo the cat is able to ward off evil doers because cats are guardians of the underworld. In one scene, O’Connell holds up Cleo, whose hiss drives off the villain.

Dinah: Alice’s pet cat in Alice in Wonderland. Alice mentions Dinah frequently on her adventures, and her talk of Dinah’s hunting prowess cause much consternation in amongst the Wonderland residents.

Endora: Overbearing mother and witch on the TV series Bewicthed.

Jiniri: The female Jinn or Genie also spelled Jinni. It is a mighty Jinni that helps Alladin in One Thousand and One Nights also referred to as the Arabian Nights.

Jinn: The male form of the Genie. They are said to have been made by Allah of smokeless fire, unlike man who was made of clay. Additionally, unlike angels, Jinn have free will to do good or evil. Jinn exist in another dimension unseen to man.

Ling-Ling: In the Bewitched TV series, Samantha the witch tries to help her husband Darrin, an advertising executive, find and exotic woman for a new ad campaign. Samantha transforms a stray Siamese cat into the exotic and seductive Ling-Ling. Ling-Ling is an advertising success, while the usual antics follow to teach us that magic is never the best solution…

Lucinda: Black cat and witches familiar in Bewitched.

Merlin: The wizard of Authurian Legend. Merlin advises King Arthur and is known to be a shape shifter that disguises himself in a variety of human forms.

Moriah: A large black cat in The Forgotten Beasts of Eld, by Patricia A. McKillip. Moriah is renowned for her knowledge of secret charms and spells.

Prospero: A powerful sorcerer and the main character of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Prospero conjures a great storm which sets the action of the play in motion.

Pyewackit: The name of the cat and witches familiar in Bell, Book and Candle. Pyewacket has been both a black cat and Siamese cat in film and stage revivals.

Sabrina: The teenage witch.

Salem: Black cat and familiar in Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Salem is also the location of the infamous Salem witch trials.

Samantha: Lead role and leading good witch on Bewitched.

Tabitha: Mischievous daughter and baby witch of Samantha and Darren on Bewitched.

Sleeping Cat
Sleeping Cat | Source

Mystical Names for Cats

Astral - The substance of a second body, that accompanies the human throughout his life. The astral may leave the body at times and travel through the universe, in astral projections. The astral survives the body at death. Name your cat Astral if you are seeking a constant companion.

Aura: Similar to a halo, an aura is a luminous field of radiation that surrounds all living things. Colors emitted from auras are said to be indicative of the mental, spiritual and physical well being of the individual.

Chakra: Chakras are meeting points or nodes in one’s energy field or “subtle body.” Chakras are the loci of life energy that keep the mental, physical and spiritual energies in balance. Some psychics read client’s chakras to determine their current state of mind and spirit, in order to advise them as to where they should focus their energies to improve their future outcomes. Name your cat Chakra if she is at the center of your sense of peace and well being.

Halo: A ring of light surround the head of a holy individual or deity. Halo’s have been used in the iconography of most world religions.

Myth - Tradition or legend especially regarding supernatural beings.

The Kikimora usually lives behind the stove, and it's head is no larger than a thimble.
The Kikimora usually lives behind the stove, and it's head is no larger than a thimble. | Source

Magicians Cat Names

Abracadabra: Term used by magicians to effect a magical turn of events. Name your kitty Abracadabra and you can call her Abra for short.

Cardini - Famous magician that invented card manipulation techniques.

Charm - A delight, trick or deception.

Hoax - A trick or a charm.

Hocus Pocus: Similar to Abracadabra, the magician waves his magic wand, and effects a change in the material world, when he states “Hocus Pocus.”

Hoodoo - A charm or spell.

Obi - Magical enchantment or sorcery.

Presto: Indicates a quick change in the material objects, such as pulling a rabbit from a previously empty hat.

Rune - A mystical saying used for casting a spell.

Sim Sala Bim - Magician Dante's magic words, taken from a Danish fairy tale, similar to Hocus Pocus.

Taboo - Supernatural power.

Voila - French for "Here it is."

Spirit and Spiritual Names for Cats

Banshee - From Irish mythology, the banshee is a member of the fairies, and she heralds death of a family member by wailing or shrieking in the dead of night.

Cherub - One of the second order of angels, an innocent being.

Chimera - A fire breathing mythical being with the body of a goat, head of a lion and serpent's tail. A terrifying creature.

Kelpie - Scottish mythology holds that the Kelpie, a water spirit in the form of a horse, foretells or warns of impending drownings.

Pixie - A mischievous Irish fairy.

Revenant - Human that returns as a spirit following their death.

Seraph - One of the celestial beings of God's throne; one of the highest order of beings.

Shade - Ghost or shadow.

Shaman - The intermediary between the natural world and the supernatural. They foretell the future and produces cures via magic.

Specter - Ghost or apparition of a terrifying nature.

Spook - Ghost, specter or spy.

Sprite - An elf, Fairy or goblin.

Wraith - The apparition of a living being, which portends their death.

All images courtesy of Wikimedia Commons [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

National Geographic - Witchcraft Myths and Legends

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