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95 Names for Cats With Big Eyes

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Persian kitty asking for a name as big as her eyes!

Persian kitty asking for a name as big as her eyes!

The magical, mystical nature of cats resides, in large part, in their large, luminous eyes. It seems the larger their eyes the deeper the mystery; what are they thinking?

Consider one of these big-eyed inspirations for your new kitty's moniker. Choosing the right cat name will help you to solve half of the enigmatic kitty mystery.

Here you will find cat name inspirations from:

  • The Cosmos
  • Hollywood
  • Rock-n-roll
  • The Animal Kingdom,
  • Cartoons Anime and Manga

Cosmic Names for Cats With Big Eyes

"Coldhearted orb that rules the night..." these Moody Blues lyrics might well have referred to a cat's glowering eyes observed by moonlight. The stars of the night sky offer many beautiful and lyrical names for cats with large, luminous eyes.

Adding nuances of meaning, the many moons of Uranus are named after Shakespearian characters. A number of them are magical creatures from A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Tempest, many befitting the mystic nature of cats.

  • Ariel - Moon of Uranus.
  • Bianca - Moon of Uranus.
  • Caliban - Moon of Uranus.
  • Calisto - Moon of Jupiter.
  • Cordelia - Moon of Uranus.
  • Daphnis - Moon of Saturn.
  • Desdemona - Moon of Uranus.
  • Despina - Moon of Neptune.
  • Dione - Moon of Saturn.
  • Ersa - Moon of Jupiter.
  • Ganymede - Moon of Jupiter.
  • Hyperion - Moon of Saturn name your kitty Hyperion and you can call him Hyper for short.
  • Io - Moon of Jupiter.
  • Janus - Moon of Saturn
  • Juliet - Moon of Uranus.
  • Jupiter - Planet
  • Luna - Moon goddess.
  • Mimas - Moon of Saturn.
  • Miranda - Moon of Uranus.
  • Narvi - Moon of Saturn.
  • Pan - Moon of Saturn.
  • Perdita - Moon of Uranus.
  • Portia - Moon of Uranus.
  • Prospero - Moon of Uranus.
  • Puck - Moon of Uranus.
  • Titan - Moon of Saturn.
  • Triton - Moon of Neptune.
  • Venus - Planet.
Celestial kitten named Puck

Celestial kitten named Puck

Cat Names From Hollywood Stars With Big Eyes

  • Audrey - Doe-eyed Audrey Hepburn.
  • Bacall - Lauren Bacall, known for her sultry side-eye.
  • Bardot - Brigit Bardot - And God Created Kitten.
  • Bette - Bette Davis, silver screen siren known for her Bette-Davis-eyes.
  • Buscemi - Steve Buscemi, actor known for his large eyes.
  • Buster - Silent film star and comedian, Buster Keaton.
  • Dreama - Actress, Dreama Walker, known for large alien eyes.
  • Emma - Actress Emma Stone.
  • Goldie - Actress, Goldie Hawn, known for her large, doe eyes.
  • Gollum - Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
  • Groucho - Lead Marx Brother and game show host, known for his big eye rolls.
  • Harpo - The silent Marx Brother, who used his eyes to communicate.
  • Marty - Marty Feldman, a comedian known for his bulging eyes.
  • Rodney - Comedian Rodney Dangerfield.
  • Sophia - Sophia Loren, a large-eyed Italian actress.
  • Twiggy - British supermodel.
  • Valentino - Rudolph Valentino.
  • Yoda - Star Wars series.

Rocker Names

These ladies and lords of the stage make big eye makeup an integral part of their act. If you have a kitty sporting the "Persian eye," consider one of the ultra-cool rockers and shockers for your cat's new moniker.

  • Ace - Ace Frehly of Kiss.
  • Blondie - Deborah Harry.
  • Bowie - Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.
  • Boy George - Culture Club.
  • Cobain - Kurt Cobain of Nirvana.
  • Cooper - Alice Cooper
  • Curry - Tim Curry in Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  • Dee - Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister.
  • Gaga
  • Iggy Pop!
  • Jagger - Mick Jagger.
  • Jett - Joan Jett and the Runaways.
  • Madonna
  • Manson - Marilyn Manson.
  • Minaj - Nicki Minaj.
  • Ozzy - Ozzy Osbourne.
  • Prince
  • Ringo - Beatles drummer.
  • Riot - Pussy Riot, Russian girl band.
  • Simmons - Gene Simmons of Kiss.
  • Siouxsie - Siouxsie and the Banshees.
  • Sparrow - Captain Jack Sparrow.
  • Stanley - Paul Stanley of Kiss.
  • Tyler - Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.
Persian kitten with large green eyes named Bowie.

Persian kitten with large green eyes named Bowie.

Animals With Large Eyes That Make Great Cat Names

Like many nocturnal species, cats make the list of top twenty animals with large eyes. However, some of these critters' big eyes dwarf the average kitty eye size. They also make cute names for the ever-clever, climbing feline.

  • Baikal - Large-eyed freshwater seal.
  • Chameleon - Large-eyed lizard that can change its color to suit its surroundings.
  • Indri - Class of lemur.
  • Emu - Large-eyed flightless bird.
  • Galago - Bushbaby.
  • Harper - The Harp Seal is perhaps the most recognizable of the seals, with its large black eyes and snowy white coat.
  • Julien - King Julien, a ring-tailed lemur and king of the lemurs.
  • Lemur - Nocturnal primate with over 100 subspecies and counting.
  • Loris - The Slow Loris is a cousin of the lemur and Bush Baby.
  • Masai - Ostrich sub-species.
  • Meerkat - Large-eyed relative of the lemur.
  • Mirza - Giant mouse lemur.
  • Phaner - Lemur subgroup of fork-marked species.
  • Potto - Primate in the Lorisidae family.
  • Puma - Mountain lion.
  • Screech - Type of owl.
  • Sugar Baby - Flying Squirrel.
  • Weddell - Type of seal.

Big-Eyed Cartoon Cat Names

  • Berlioz - Duchess kitten in The Aristocrats.
  • Bizet - The Aristocats.
  • Dinah - Alice in Wonderland pet cat.
  • Duchess - The Aristocats.
  • Felix - Felix the Cat.
  • Figaro - Pet cat of Geppetto in Pinocchio.
  • Garfield - Comics cat.
  • Marie - Duchess kitten in The Aristocats.
  • Matisse - The Aristocats.
  • Mowgli - Panther in Jungle Book.
  • Mufasa - The Lion King.
  • Nala - The Lion King.
  • Romeo - The Aristocats.
  • Sabor - Tarzan.
  • Sarabi - The Lion King.
  • Simba - The Lion King.
  • Toulouse - Duchess kitten in The Aristocrats.

Anime Names

Anime characters are best known for two things: remarkable agility and their large eyes. These "cats" can really leap, fight and escape danger almost as well as the average house cat. Here we have assembled some of the top anime names for cats, from old favorites and new cartoons.

  • Eren - Eren Yeager main protagonist of Attack on Titan is a dark character, impulsive and quick to jump into a fight.
  • Itachi - The most popular character of the Naruto series; his character complex as the ideal antihero, doing wrong for the good of others.
  • Hokage - A leader of a village.
  • Kaneki - Ken Kaneki is part ghoul and part man in Tokyo Ghoul. Kaneki walks a path of pain and suffering as he resists his ghoul side in favor of his humanity.
  • Killua - Killua Zoldyck comes from a family of assassins, in the Hunter X Hunter shonen. Oddly, he shows normal emotional development, and through the course of the series, he learns to value human life, although he has few qualms about taking life early in the series. Name your kitty Killua if he enters your home a murderer, but learns to let you pet him without petting aggression.
  • Kimba - Kimba The White Lion.
  • Leo-Leo - The original name of Kimba the White Lion, in the series Jungle Emperor.
  • Manga - Japanese for cartoons, graphic novels and comics.
  • Mikasa - Mikasa Ackerman is the best soldier in the Survey Corps, in the manga Attack on Titan.
  • Naruto - Manga series that revolves around Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja who ultimately matures and achieves status as the "hokage," through tests, trials and his own hard work.
  • Rem - Female fighter in Re:Zero; she is the toughest fighter of all.
  • Saitama - The "most powerful being to have ever existed in all of the universe," Saitama is the hero of One-Punch-Man.
  • Sparky - Speed Racer.
  • Speed - Speed Racer.
  • Trixie - Speed Racer.

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